Financial pacts with Lucifer, Lucifuge Rofocale & Mephistophilis: concerns, problems & solutions









Financial pacts with Lucifer, Lucifuge Rofocale and Mephistophilis are very powerful. They bring in the money.



Financial pacts with Lucifer, Lucifuge Rofocale and Mephistophilis are very powerful. They bring in the money according to your will and determination to achieve your financial goals.

The money will not pour from the sky while you do nothing at all in order to achieve financial security. The demons usually show what to do and give the inspiration to act upon your dreams.

The drawback of such pacts is: a mad obsession with work and creative projects. The obsession becomes so mad that other aspects of your life will suffer.

Lucifer, Lucifuge Rofocale and Mephistophilis are said to be the most powerful demons for making money pacts. But such demons want a payment from the Witch.




A warning about pacts: Grimorium Verum



Demon Lucifer is described in the Grimoirium Verum and this is his seal.



“In the first part of Grimoirium Verum are contained various seals and instructions for invoking the Devils, to make them come and bring whatever you ask them to bring.

These sorts of creatures do not give anything for nothing. Spirits do not give you their services for free. They always want some payment.

The spirits serve only their intimate friends. There are two kinds of pacts: the tacit (a silent pact) and the apparent (worded pact).

There are different types of spirits: some are good and some are bad. When you make a pact and have to give something to the spirit (something that belongs to you), you have to be careful.”

Source: Grimoirium Verum




I sold my love life



This is the seal of Lucifuge Rofocale from the Grand Grimoire.



I sold my love life in exchange for money. I had made many such pacts with Lucifer, Lucifuge Rofocale and Mephistophilis and the speed of these spells is huge by now.

I wanted to focus only on my business and work. Love relationships are a huge distraction and it takes a very long time to find the absolutely right life partner.

After I concluded several pacts with Lucifer and his demons, I became very busy with improving my SEO scores. After I improved my visibility on Google, the money started to show up all the time.

The demons guard my love life closely and they have kept me single for 10 years. It seems that the demons feed on this energy of a single woman.

It is also true that the demons cleared my life path and made it sterile with regard to potential lovers. I was frequenting many dating sites during these 10 years and found no match at all.

I did not care about love, because I was very busy with my own business. I also enjoyed my freedom, because being in a relationship would limit me with regard to money and work.




What if you meet your Prince?



Demon Mephistophilis is described in the Black Raven and this is his seal.



I have had some input from like minded people about such pacts, concerns, problems and solutions. We came to a conclusion that financial pacts are a very serious matter.

If you would like to go from single status into a love relationship, there are some things you can do with regard to your financial pacts (if you sold your love life to the demons).

It is wise to summon these three demons and explain the situation, and also ask permission to change the pact. You could trade something non physical in exchange for financial support.

This “something non physical” can be an idea (a plan to do something) or a feeling, because emotions are raw in their energy and are said to be like food for the demons.

Also, people who were in such financial pacts observed that whenever they fell in love with a human being, the inflow of money stopped at once.

I am seriously worried about my pacts now. I had no plans to meet anybody nice until my death. So I made pacts with Lucifer, Lucifuge and Mephistophilis and I sold away my love life to them in exchange for money.

I also told the demons, that I am willing to be with you and I promise to be loyal, because we are now like partners. And they agreed at once, the money started to show up all the time and non stop.

I don’t think I can go into a love relationship with a human due to this pact. What if the demons get mad at me? They will destroy me…This is what bothers me the most these days.

Demons are like an insurance company. They do not distinguish between people and objects, that is, the money might stop coming in.

The energy of the pact works like this: when someone or something else new is around us, it automatically includes it as a liability or an asset, and the money is decreased. But sometimes you can have that same person or object in a different place and everything stays the same as it was before it was there.

But some like minded people told me that financial pacts can be reshaped and reworded. And moreover, these people were of the opinion that, financial pacts become stale with time and must be renewed.

You can make a new pact and sell your ability to love a man or a woman. Your partner will understand this, if he knows the mechanics of pacts with demons.

I made such a pact with Lucifer and Dantalion, and I sold my ability to love a man. Then after some days I had a dream: I and the man are in bed, he loves me but notices that do not respond and starts to beat the bed and the pillows and screams at me.

He asks me: how much do you charge for a love spells on us both? He gave me 1000 USD to do several spells so I could love him back.





Clogged energy stops money



I also noticed this: I have my bathroom in the career sector (Feng Shui). In September 2019, I had to place a huge spare parrot cage into the bathroom for about 2 months.

The money stopped at once and I got worried. Then I moved that cage into another area: after 1,5 months the money started to flood my life again. So, the furniture placement can block the flow of cash too.

As you already know placement of objects in our home is part of our magick.





Methods: reshaping pacts



Demon Dantalion is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



Dantalion is the 71st spirit and he is ranked as a Duke. He shows up in the form of a man with many faces (all men’s and women’s faces) and he holds a book in his right hand.

Dantalion can teach you any arts and sciences and he will also declare to you the secret counsels of any person. Dantalion knows the thoughts of all men and women and he can change them as he desires.

This spirit can cause love. Finally, Dantalion rules 36 legions of spirits.

Source: Goetia

Dantalion can help you to reverse your thoughts and feelings towards your love partner, if you want to trade the ability to fall in love with your partner in exchange for financial support.



Demon of Mars, Barzabel, is described in The three books of Occult philosophy by H. C Agrippa. This is the planetary talisman of Mars.



You can certainly do spells with Lucifer and Barzabel to chill down your feelings. Such spells should take the form of secondary pacts. The primary pacts are financial pacts with Lucifer, Lucifuge Rofocale and Mephistophilis.

Dantalion is a very good demon. He can cause obsession with a love partner and also the opposite effect. Be aware though, that the brainwashing is a gradual process and it takes one year or more to loose the feelings of love for a love partner.

To love a man is so dangerous, because love can kill. That is why I was in a hurry and during a pact I sold my ability to love a man.

This is only good for a relationship, because the relationship will be based on trust and respect. Things get bad in relationships because of sharp emotions like love, lust…all this turns into resentment with time, then both start to fight and hate.

I dont want to ride that road. I want to feel pleasure in the relationship, better to love a partner as a closest friend, and the relationship will last longer I think. And if it wont last, then I wont burn up to ashes, I will survive.




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Your guide for making pacts with Lucifer, Lucifuge Rofocale and Mephistophilis









The seal of Lucifer from Grimoirium Verum.


In the first part of Grimoirium Verum are contained various seals and instructions for invoking the Devils, to make them come and bring whatever you ask them to bring.

These sorts of creatures do not give anything for nothing. Spirits do not give you their services for free. They always want some payment.

The spirits serve only their intimate friends. There are two kinds of pacts: the tacit (a silent pact) and the apparent (worded pact).

There are different types of spirits: some are good and some are bad. When you make a pact and have to give something to the spirit (something that belongs to you), you have to be careful.

Source: Grimoirium Verum


These are the seals of Lucifer and Clauneck from Grimoirium Verum.


In this post I want to explain how to make a short time pact. What is a pact? Its a business relationship, a business deal and a mutual agreement that benefits both you and the spirit of your choice.

First, it is important to become friends with the spirit to know what to expect. You can do this by making regular offerings to the spirit and by doing magick together.

I call upon two spirits at once to make a pact with both: Lucifer and Lucifuge Rofocale (Tarchimache) or Lucifer and Mephistophilis.



The seal of Lucifuge Rofocale from Grimoirium Verum.


I simply want my main patron to witness my pact with the other entity and to keep an eye on my pact (for reasons of safety).






Why make pacts with two demons at once?


It would be rude of me to not invite Lucifer to be present during my ritual. By the way, Lucifer appeared to me in a form of a handsome male (he did not scare me at all).

I asked Lucifer: “Can you explain the symbolism on your second seal with the triangle and the sun?”



The second seal of Lucifer from Grimoirium Verum. I thought that these were symbols of 3 suns.


When I started to meditate inside my ritual circle, an image appeared out of the blue. I saw my fake eyelashes floating in the air right in front of me.

Suddenly I realised that the symbolism of the second seal of Lucifer was about eyes (with eyelashes) in a chalice of water.

It is safe to make pacts with two demons at once. You can draw their sigils on the same paper and call them together. Offer each a candle as a gift.



The seal of the demon Mephistophilis from Faust’s Black Raven.



The duration of your pacts


I advice to make short time pacts with realistic goals, good planning and realistic expectations (with the duration of 3 to 5 years).

There is no point in making pacts with unrealistic and unclear goals, and with the expected duration of 20 years. Such pacts do not produce the expected results fast.



What do the Demons want from you?



The seal of Lucifer in Europe. Grimoirium Verum.


Lucifer is a very intelligent spirit. Most of the spirits want our attention, devotion and praise, and also some sort of sacrifice. The demons may want you to produce some art for them.

For example, I felt compelled to produce this video for Lucifer (as a thank you for his patronage). See my Lucifer Megamix below.





Many of my pacts and spells with Bune, Lucifuge Rofocale and Lucifer came true, because I sacrificed money: I burned small amounts of money as payment for their services (3 USD per spell).

The ashes were placed on the seals of the demons as payment. So, before you make a pact, you can ask your chosen spirit about the payment (if burned cash is what they want as payment).

There is no point in selling your soul to Lucifer. This is an old fashioned idea and also a dangerous thing to do, because you could lose your life.




A pact can take on a form of a spell


I have made several pacts with Lucifer, Mephistophilis, Lucifuge Rofocale and also with Bune. I know Lucifer since long time back and trust him.

To be honest, I made a worded pact with Lucifer (with the help of a servitor doll). The doll represents me. I asked for financial support in life and for protection from a mans love that causes emotional pain and strife.



This doll is me. She is wrapped into the seals of Mephistophilis, Lucifuge Rofocale, and Lucifer (I applied my blood to the seals), and holds cash in a bag. She is powdered with cinnamon.



I also stated that I have nothing against staying single for the rest of my life if Lucifer is willing to support me financially. I will be happy to be on my own, because relationships with lovers cause more emotional pain than joy.

My pacts are realistic (with a duration of a couple of years) and as soon as I finished my ritual I went into a deep meditation. And Lucifer spoke (telepathic messages) to me in several languages. His logic and intellect are astonishing.

In my meditation, Lucifer was giving me his instructions in a foreign language, showing me Google and also a website on Yandex.

I was translating his telepathic messages into English and suddenly understood what he was teaching me. The next day I knew what to do.

I gave away my love life to Lucifer, because I don’t even want to be together with a man (a relationship is a huge emotional burden for me).

You can trade away something that is burdening you, but do not sell your soul. This could be dangerous: your body houses your soul. A body without a soul is a dead body!




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How to understand Goetia if you are a beginner



The Goetia and Grimorium Verum: best demons who grant Familiar Spirits









The Goetia and Grimorium Verum contain descriptions of very useful and powerful demons. This is the seal of Lucifer.



The best patron demons can be found in the Goetia and also in the Grimorium Verum! I have a special relationship with Lucifer and this relationship is life long. Lucifer is my life partner, adviser, main God and also my Familiar Spirit.

Yes, Gods can become your private Familiar Spirits. They will offer their services to you if you love them passionately. You define the relationship you want to have with a God who wants to become your Familiar Spirit.

Demons feed on the life force contained in blood and also on your personal energy. This is the danger when a demon wants a close relationship with you: you might stay single for the rest of your life, because the demon will not allow a physical partner into your life (you will loose interest in dating and focus on work).

Lucifer grants Familiar Spirits and he may also want to serve you as your Familiar Spirit. He sent me his demon Sustugriel to teach me the magick of Arbatel. Below you will find the Goetia demons who grant familiar spirits.







Demon Paimon from Goetia grants Familiar Spirits.


Paimon from Goetia rules over 200 legions of Spirits. He also grants very good Familiar Spirits that can teach all arts and sciences.








Buer gives good Familiar Spirits.


Demon Buer from Goetia heals addictions and gives good Familiars. Buer heals depressions in animals and also in humans.







Demon Purson gives good Familiars.



Purson is the 20th Spirit of Goetia. He gives very good Familiars. Purson is mainly the Demon of divination, but he can also help you to discover a source of income.








This is the seal of Marax from Goetia.



Demon Marax gives good Familiar Spirits. Marax will make you very knowing in astronomy and can teach you everything you desire to learn. Marax can help students to fix their exams.








This is the seal of Ronove from Goetia.



Demon Ronove teaches foreign languages and rhetoric. He gives good Familiar Spirits.








Malphas is a very clever Demon.


Demon Malphas will help you to know who recently cursed you and what type of spell the enemy did on you. Malphas gives good Familiars.








Demon Sabnock is my patron too.


Sabnock is one of my favourite demons after Lucifer, who is ranked as number 1. Sabnock will protect you and shield you from magickal attacks.

Anyone who attacks you will become ill at once and remain ill until they cancel out the attack. Sabnock gives very good Familiars who will protect you.








This is the seal of Alloces from Goetia.


Alloces gives good Familiars upon your request. He teaches astronomy and all sciences.








This is the seal of Amy from Goetia.



Demon Amy gives good Familiars. This Spirit teaches astrology and all sciences.








This is the seal of Belial from Goetia.



Demon Belial knows what justice is and his duties are all about politics, laws, justice, social status, success and popularity, and good reputation. Belial gives very good Familiars.







This is the seal of Amdusias from Goetia.



Amdusias gives good Familiar spirits. He can help you to banish troublemakers and can be asked to aid you in cursings.





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King Lucifer and demon Clauneck from Grimorium Verum: a money spell









King Lucifer and demon Clauneck are mentioned in the Grimorium Verum. This is the seal of Lucifer.



King Lucifer and demon Clauneck are mentioned in the Grimorium Verum. Clauneck is said to be the favourite demon of Lucifer and he can help you to improve your finances.

I have done spells with Clauneck and also with Bune. The demons had kept me very busy and I had no time for writing. Clauneck, Lucifer, Asmoday and Bune helped me so much during these months.

Clauneck and Lucifer taught me all about webshops and even about codes. I had to delve into areas I never studied, but with Lucifer all things are possible. Below I offer you a video about a money spell with Clauneck.







Asmoday kept me half awake during many nights. Well, I thought I was sleeping, but I was not. During the late night hours tutorials were delivered to me by this demon. I was educated on a subconscious level, and my Photoshop skills became very good just in a couple of weeks.

I will describe a spell with Clauneck and Lucifer. Of course, this is a money spell.




This is the second seal of Lucifer from Grimorium Verum.



But it is my experience that Clauneck is a teacher too and he will force you to learn new skills. Then he may delete everything you have created while learning. After a while you will understand why Clauneck insisted on those learning lessons.

According to Grimoirium Verum by Alibek, most of the spirits and also Clauneck come from the Qlipha of Golab (the shell of Geburah). Therefore, the seal of Clauneck can be red. I offer you a video about Clauneck:






Do this spell during the whole waxing moon period and also during the full moon night.





You will need:



1 white candle

money oil + money powder (charge all this with coins and paper money 24 hours prior to your rite)

The traditional money attractant herbs in the practice of Witchcraft are: cinnamon, nutmeg, mint and parsley. Prepare your money powder by mixing 1 tea spoon of each herb.

the seals of Clauneck and Lucifer



These are the seals of Lucifer and Clauneck. The seal of Clauneck is at the bottom of this picture.



mint oil for the seals

your blood to place on the seals

Activate both seals with Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Summon Lucifer along with Clauneck.

Apply the money oil to the candle and light the candle.



This is the seal of Lucifer in Europe. Grimorium Verum.



”I evoke and conjure you Emperor Lucifer, the ruler of the Kingdom of Hell. Come to me my Lord. I call you Lucifer, the King of Hell.”

“Best friend of Emperor Lucifer, demon Clauneck, please hear my call to you. Come to me Clauneck, the demon who holds the keys to never ending abundance of all that is good and loved by me.”




My altar with the seals of Lucifer, Bune (the upper frames), the sigil of Baphomet and the sigil of Lucifuge.



Then say your spell while you place your blood unto both seals. Dab a few drops of mint oil on the seals and pour out the money powder on the seals too.

After your ritual is over you should let the candle burn out until its gone. Collect the money powder from the surface of the seals and spread it in your home:

on the carpets

in your shoes and bags

at your main door

Good luck!

As I have worked with Clauneck, I have gained some insights into the nature of this being. Clauneck is very intelligent and he helped me to install the automatic VAT (tax) calculations for my webshop.







Before this, Clauneck took me “by my hand” and instructed me to build a demo webshop for the purpose of training. I was made understand what the VAT taxes are, how they are calculated and who pays the VAT taxes.

Clauneck helped me to find special charts with taxes and then he also helped me to adjust the VAT tax calculations in my own webshop when it was ready.

I advise that you work with Clauneck and Bune if you are “stuck” with regard to “earning making”, because these spirits are smart!






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Servitors as teachers and sources of Occult power


The seal of Lucifer from Grimoirium Verum.


“The Kinds of Spirits:

In regard to spirits, there are the superior and the inferior. The names of the superiors are: Lucifer,
Beelzebuth, Astaroth.

The inferiors of Lucifer are in Europe and Asia, and obey him.

Beelzebuth lives in Africa, and Astaroth inhabits America.

Of these, each of them has two who order their subjects all that which the Emperor has
resolved to do in all the world, and vice-versa.

The Visible Appearance of Spirits.

Spirits do not always appear in the same shape. This is because they are not themselves of
matter or form, and have to find a body to appear in, and one suitable to their intended
manifestation and appearance.

Lucifer appears in the form and figure of a fair boy. When angry, he seems red. There is
nothing monstrous about him.”

Grimoirium Verum



How to take charge of your thoughts?


Lucifer has taught me methods which enable me to change my own thinking and feeling patterns. I manipulate my own thoughts by inserting written phrases on tiny slips of paper into the head cavity of my own doll.

If you want to empower yourself, rid yourself of your first romantic feelings towards some person, or have the demon take you deeper and deeper into the Occult and teach you magick, then use this spell.

In this spell, the seal of Lucifer will serve as a blue print of a servitor (an astral entity). I always use the seal of Lucifer as the seal of my personal spirit.

And by the way, I have never seen Lucifer as an angry boy. This entity is a mature male (of an age between 35 and 48).

You can use any other seal and give the entity your instructions. Or you can create an artificial servitor of your own composition and give it tasks.

The best time to do this spell is the full moon of course.



You will need:


a pentacle jewelry (place it into a magickal book a couple of hours prior to the spell)

the seal of Lucifer (place it into the book and let it cover your pentacle jewel)

a black candle

your own doll

a tiny slip of paper with written thoughts (which you want to implant into your deep mind)



The ritual: 


Light the black candle. Consecrate the seal and the chain with Air, Fire, Water and Earth. State that the chain is a link to your servitor.

Summon Lucifer and ask him to become your personal servitor. This is a sort of pact and of course there is a price to pay (you promise something).

Name the issues you need help with. You might want to create a small list like this:

protect me from “this thing”, because I don’t want this to happen to me

teach me “this and that”

do this and that for me

Activate your own doll with Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Give it instructions and open the head cavity. Insert the tiny slip of paper with the written phrases into the head of your own doll. Read the “thoughts” to your doll.

State that you are in charge of the servitor and that it may not rule, pull or drag you around when you are out of your body.

Finally, wrap the seal of Lucifer around your doll and secure you two with a ribbon (around your doll’s waist). It is done!

During the nearest few months, you will change your thinking and feeling patterns, and the servitor will be protecting and helping you all the time.

You will move deeper and deeper into the Occult and it will feel as if you already know a lot from your past life. I repeat this spell often and have multiple seals of Lucifer wrapped around my doll.



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Pacts with demons to make: The Goetia and Grimorium Verum









This is the seal of Lucifuge Rofocale from the Grand Grimoire.
The Goetia and Grimorium Verum contain many demonic seals. This is the seal of Lucifuge Rofocale from the Grand Grimoire.



Pacts with the demons of Goetia and Grimorium Verum are a hot topic! The Goetia and Grimorium Verum come in several versions. Each version of Grimorium Verum contains many additional seals of demons.

I like to do spells with different versions of the demonic seals until I find my favourite seals. The practice of witchcraft is addictive, but at the same time very inspiring.

I am involved in darker practices of Witchcraft. The demons appear in my dreams, guide me, offer me advice regarding solving everyday problems, and show me more seals.



This is the seal of Lucifer from Grimorium Verum.





Pacts & the three superior demons of Hell



The names of the three superior demons are:


1. Lucifer, the Emperor



This is the seal of demon Lucifer from Grimorium Verum.
This is the seal of Lucifer from Grimorium Verum.


Lucifer is one of most powerful demons. You can sign financial pacts with Lucifer and also with other demons. Ask Lucifer to help you or show you a way to increase your income.

The money will not fall from the sky. I do not believe in lottery luck. You will have to market your services and run your business full time. Lucifer will help.



2. Beelzebuth, the Prince



This is the seal of demon Beelzebuth from Grimorium Verum.
This is the seal of Prince Beelzebuth from Grimorium Verum.





This is said to be the seal of Beelzebuth from Grimorium Verum.



3. Astaroth, the Grand Duke



This is the seal of demon Astaroth from Grimorium Verum.
This is the seal of demon Astaroth from Grimorium Verum.





This is the seal of Astaroth from Goetia.



Here you will find more information about Astaroth.





Pacts & the six intermediate demons



These three superior demons, that is, Lucifer, Beelzebuth and Astaroth, rule the following inferior demons:



Lucifuge Rofocale, the Prime Minister



This is the seal of the demon Lucifuge Rofocale.
This is the seal of Lucifuge Rofocale.



I was given another blue print of the seal picturing Lucifuge Rofocale. I made my own version of the seal and feel a deep connection to the Prime Minister of Hell.

Lucifuge Rofocale is also a very good demon for signing financial pacts. This demon is very helpful.




This is the seal of Lucifuge Rofocale from Grimorium Verum.





This is also the seal of Lucifuge Rofocale (Dukante sigil).



Look at the seal of Lucifuge Rofocale and draw your own conclusions about “who” this Lucifuge Rofocale is.





Grimorium Verum:

pacts & the 6 minor demons



There are many demons in Hell, among them Mammon and Clauneck. It is not mandatory to sign pacts with demon Clauneck, because this demon is a minor demon.

But Clauneck is very helpful and you can do money spells with this demon.




These are the two seals of Clauneck from Grimorium Verum.





In this video I demonstrate a money spell with demon Clauneck from Grimorium Verum.






Satanachia is a Great General. This demon can make a woman look very young or very old. It is mostly women who cast beauty spells, because they want to look pretty for their men.

You can make pacts with Satanachia, but signing contracts with this demon is not mandatory. It is enough to do frequent beauty spells with this demon.



This is the seal of demon Satanachia from Grimorium Verum.








Agaliarept is a General (this demon has 2 seals). This demon is like a spy. He reveals secrets, but on a society level. I think that it is important to sign pacts with this demon.



This is the seal of demon Agalierap from Grimorium Verum.



This is the second seal of Agalierap from Grimorium Verum.








Fleruty is a Lieutenant (this demon has 2 seals too)



This is the first seal of Fleruty from Grimorium Verum.



Fleruty causes unstable weather with hail and storms.



This is the second seal of Fleruty from Grimorium Verum. Fleruty brings hail and storms.








Sagatana or Sargatanas is a Brigadier (the demons are assigned titles). There is no need to sign pacts with this demon, but if you want to sign a contract with Sagatana, you can do it.



This is the seal of Sagatana (Sargatanas) from Grimorium Verum.



Sagatana reveals all sorts of secrets. He can teach you necromancy and divination too. Sagatana can protect you from your enemies and he can make you undetectable for their eyes.

You can read more about the demons of Grimorium Verum in my post: 11 + seals from Grimoirium Verum.







Nesbiros is a Marshal



This is the seal of Nesbiros from Grimorium Verum.



Nesbiros is the demon of necromancy and divination. This demon will protect you from your enemies. Call upon Nesbiros for execration magick and bindings.





The above mentioned 6 minor demons of Grimorium Verum (Clauneck, Satanachia, Agaliarept, Fleruty, Sagatana and Nesbiros) have power over the following 18 inferior spirits:


Pacts & Bael

(The need to sign a pact: No)


Read the post about Bael here



This is the seal of Bael from Goetia.



Pacts & Agares

(The need to sign a pact: No)


Read the post about Agares here



This is the seal of Agares from Goetia.



Pacts & Marbas

(The need to sign a pact: Yes and No)


Read the post about Marbas here



This is the seal of Marbas from Goetia.





Pruslas is most probably Purson. Read the post about Purson here



This is the seal of Purson from Goetia.



Pacts & Amon

(The need to sign a pact: No)


Read the post about Amon here



This is the seal of Amon from Goetia.



Pacts & Barbatos

(The need to sign a pact: No)


Read the post about Barbatos here



This is the seal of Barbatos from Goetia.



Pacts & Buer

(The need to sign a pact: No)


Read the post about Buer here



This is the seal of Buer from Goetia.



Pacts & Gusion

(The need to sign a pact: No)


Read the post about Gusion here



This is the seal of Gusion from Goetia.



Pacts & Botis

(The need to sign a pact: No)


Read the post about Botis here



This is the seal of Botis from Goetia.



Pacts & Bathin

(The need to sign a pact: No)


Read the post about Bathin here



This is the seal of Bathin from Goetia.




Eligor (most probably Eligos in Goetia)




Pacts & Valefor

(The need to sign a pact: No)


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Demon Valefor is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.







Pacts & Naberius

(The need to sign a pact: No)



This is the seal of Naberius from Goetia.



Pacts & Glasya- Labolas

(The need to sign a pact: No)


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This is the seal of Glasya- Labolas from Goetia.




Who commands who?



Lucifuge Rofocale commands and directs Bael, Agares and Marbas



This is the seal of Lucifuge Rofocale from Grimoirium Verum.



Satanachia commands Pruslas, Amon and Barbatos


This could be the seal of Satanachia (Satanachi). Grimoirium Verum.



Agaliarept commands Buer, Gusion and Botis

Fleruty commands Bathin, Hursan and Eligor

Sargatanas (Sagatana) commands Loray, Valefor and Farai

Nesbiros (Nebiros) commands Ayperos, Naberius and Glasia-labolas





Lucifuge Rofocale



This is the signature seal of Lucifuge Rofocale.



Lucifer gave power to Lucifuge Rofocale over all worldly riches. Summon Lucifuge Rofocale when you are in need of money. You can sign financial contracts with the demons.

You may get what you think you want, but in another way. Be wise and think about how you want your desire to manifest. Then go ahead and make a pact.

You can make a blood pact with Lucifuge Rofocale. Clauneck and Bune too, are the so called “money” demons and they can help you to increase your income.

If you lack some professional skills, you might want to ask the demons to help you.




This is the seal of demon Bune from Goetia.



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Money Witchery for lean times and Feng Shui


Tarot_Häxkonst_wicca_voodoo hoodoo_magi_kärleksmagi


When times are lean for you there is one thing to do: silence your fears for survival! Also, know, that you can begin to direct the flow of money towards you by using Feng Shui together with Witchcraft.

First of all: you will have to repel trouble (like harassments if you owe money to some people), silence your deep seated fears, and do money spells to attract better circumstances. Use affirmations on a daily basis too.

If creditors are a problem for you (and they don’t understand that you went broke), curse them as troublemakers using a Hoodoo method. The circumstances will begin to change to the better for you and these annoying people will become restricted in their powers.

Your fears are partly due to your debts, and partly because you are aware that living without cash is dangerous for you.



Sour Hoodoo against creditors and vampires in your life


Tarot_Häxkonst_wicca_voodoo hoodoo_magi_kärleksmagi


You will need such ingredients for your ritual:

1 black candle

1 lemon

graveyard dirt (2 tablespoons)


2 coffin nails

the logo of their business/office adress/names of the people

lots of salt

lots of vinegar

1 glas jar with a lock


Place the logo and the names into the lemon (make a cut in the lemon and push in the paper). Lock the lemon with coffin nails by positioning the nails in such a manner that they resemble the letter X.

Drop the lemon into the jar and pour in all other remaining spell ingredients. Seal the jar and never open it. The spell will take care of the trouble.



Money powder your home every full moon


Bune is my patron. I ask him to pay my rent, feed me and shop clothes and cosmetics for me.


You have the power over the situation! Begin by doing money spells very often. Prepare money powders, which you charge with the seals of Bune, Mammon, Lucifuge, Clauneck, Tzadkiel, Bethor and Maguth. Spread these powders in your home: on the carpets.

When you have used these powders during one year, I can promise you that you will have enough money for food and rent on a continual basis. Your fears will become silent too.

Before beginning the ritual place the money into the herbs for a couple of hours. Prepare this money powder inside your ritual circle.


The seal of Mammon.


Ask the powers to bring money for food and rent, relief from fears and uncertainty, new hope for a better future and so on.

They hear and the money will come in time to supply you with food and cover upp the rent. After you have prepared this money powder during your full moon ritual, spread it overall in your home.

Do not vacuum clean the carpets often. Let it be a little dirty, but your aura will be in contact with this powder very often.

You will come to know that a higher power takes care of all your needs in time. When money ends, the powers will send messengers to you from all corners of the world to provide you with food and meet your immidiate needs.


The seal of Lucifuge Rofocale (the Prime Minister of Hell).


All will be well if you do money spells often…

One more thing: do not direct your spells too much. Do not ask for a job if you have been unemployed long enough and you have tried to get a job one million times. It’s useless to ask for such a thing.

Ask so: “I need money for food and to cover up my rent. Draw to me enough money for comfortable living!” If you suddenly get a well paid job then it’s fine, if you don’t, then the money will come through other avenues.


Collect all the money in the home on the full moon and do a ritual


Tzadkiel is very helpful and has helped me a lot. He is wise too.


All money needs to be charged inside the ritual circle once per month (if you are experiencing a sharp trouble with the inflow of money). This charging has to be done during the night of the full moon.

I know that similar practices exist in some sects of Buddhism. Also, money magick is very common in Russian Witchcraft. Collect all the change (coins) in your purses, bags, jewelry boxes and elsewhere.

Then do a ritual using the money together with the money powder. When you are done with the ritual, the money should be placed in strategic places.

Place some charged coins on the stove inside pots. This practice is Feng Shui and the pots are a powerful symbol of abundance in your home. Besides, you know, that the coins are coated with a charge from your ritual.

Also, you can place a small mirror on your stove to reflect the pots with food. This is a Feng Shui money cure and is used with the purpose of attracting more money.

Place also some coins in your fridge and plenty of good food will come as by magick after a while. But the most important thing is this: your worry will become silent.


The seal of Bethor for money spells.



Plant the bewitched coins in you Wealth sector


feng-shui-bagua_Tarot_Häxkonst_wicca_voodoo hoodoo_magi_kärleksmagi


Have you located your money sector? What’s there? Clean your money corner and grow green plants instead of rubbish. After doing the ritual of charging the coins it makes sense to plant the coins inside the pots with plants. Store your charged money talismans in the Wealth sector.

I do not know for certain if Feng Shui can help you to eliminate troublemakers from your life (who harass you so much that your hair turns grey due to worry). Perhaps, if one uses arrows, weapons and reflective surfaces such as Bagua mirrors in specific rituals during the full moon. Well, this perhaps is a secret to be kept inside the sects.



Get rid of the clutter if you have problems with money


The clutter adds to the confusion, which is accompanied by fear of the unknown future, uncertainty and not knowing what to do. There is usually no need in purchasing new stuff for your Feng Shui practices.

Start by throwing out old newspapers and stuff you have not used in 10 years. This is all garbage. Broken items, like a broken bed in the relationship sector will not attract new love at once even if repaired. They are indicators, or signs of disorder in that area of life. In this case, repair the items so you can use them. In other case, throw away the old.

Match the Bagua map to your home to start making an astral circuit of energy flow. Look at the sector that’s responsible for the flow of money if you are having money problems.

The dominating elements (energies) in the Money sector are Wood and Water. Wood in the form of plants and trees represent lavish growth of your money. For the plants to grow you will have to add symbols of water. Feng Shui influences your subconscious mind.


A Chinese wealth symbol.


What do you see in your Money sector? The items that are very effective as a Chi boosters in the money sector are the following:

green plants

mirrors that reflect and double the coins and plants

pictures of water and of forests


The seal of Lucifer from Grimoirium Verum.

statues of your Gods

all things shiny and of golden/silver color

coin jars

wooden furniture

beautiful purses

illuminate your economy with a lamp (to raise the Chi energy)

Money must be earned and you do it by having a job or some kind of business. For this reason you have to build an energy circuit by anchoring two more sectors in your Feng Shui work.

Check the career sector and also the Fame sector. By examining the symbols and items in these two sectors, you will know for certain what the root of your problem is.

Many people are experiencing problems these days due to the crisis. This is out of your control. Feng Shui can’t help to change the economical development in the world, increase investments that lead to the birth of more jobs.

So, you see, if you depend upon todays poverty striken labour market and are unemployed, then, it’s best that you concentrate your powers on the money sector. Money is money, and in this case just accept the way money comes to you.

But, for your own sake, do some spells to bring clarity to yourself, so that you can begin something new in life. At least, you will realize what the situation looks like for you.

Clean out the career sector and after a couple of months you will begin dreaming. The dreams come from the subconscious and they will show you how your life path looks like.

Sometimes, it’s best not to look back upon the past, and just move on in life to something new that will hopefully produce a good income.

Here are good choices for your career sector:

black furniture


bowls and vases (symbol of the Water Element)


häxkonst_wicca_voodoo hoodoo_magi_tarot_kärleksmagi


pictures of running waters

things made of metal (the preceeding Element of Metal activates the Water Element)

symbols of your dream work

Declutter also the Fame sector to bring success to you. My definition of success is this: As long as I am happy with what I do, I am a success. Sadly, most people work because they have to. Very few are thrilled with their jobs. If your work sucks, there is no need to activate the Fame sector to bring more failure to you.

In this case, a hobby is a pleasant thing to have, and you can really become a professional in your chosen area. Yes, now it makes sense to activate the Fame area.

The Fame sector should be a symbol of what you dream of in life. Apply red and orange colors to activate the element of Fire in this sector. Add green plants (the Element of Wood to give fuel to the Fire of your fame) and things that grow upwards.


häxkonst_wicca_voodoo hoodoo_magi_tarot_kärleksmagi


Good things to have in your Fame sector:

red roses and peacock feathers

the accomplishments you are proud of

red furniture, curtains, carpets, pictures and tablecloths


designs that are vertical

Illuminate your success with a lamp (to raise the Chi energy)

If you find yourself at a crossroads and feel confused for the moment, do spells to bring clarity and new opportunities to you. In my opinion one should combine Feng Shui with Witchcraft and daily affirmations to bring about a change in destiny.

You become what you think about all the time. So, Feng Shui will help you to change the direction of your thoughts and find a solution to your problems. It’s your subconscious that is affected with the Feng Shui cures.