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This is the seal of Zepar from Goetia. Zepar is the demon of love and sex.




A manipulative love spell

with two Voodoo dolls



This is a love spell with Voodoo dolls.
This is a love spell with Voodoo dolls.



How to return a lover? Is it possible to return a lover? Yes, it is possible to return a lover! I can offer my clients manipulative love magick to:

force a straying husband to return to his wife and kids;

bring two lovers together once again;

Matters of love are very complex and usually, in lucky cases of healthy relationships, there is approximately 80% chance of success in the task of reuniting a couple.

But my clients know me so well: I never want to promise any particular outcome of a spell. Please read my disclaimer before you pay for the ritual service.





Love magick:

behavioural patterns



The success of love magick depends on many factors like your destiny and karma versus the other person’s destiny and karma, and also upon the “root” of the trouble in your relationship.

But I agree that it hurts like Hell when love ends. Sometimes it is helpful to get your natal charts done by an astrologer to see what the stars say.

My Tarot readings are very detailed and I provide you with a double check of information presented in my Tarot spreads.

The events in one Tarot spread align well with the events in the second Tarot spread. Such a Tarot reading assisted by Sagatana costs 120 USD. 

The success of love magick to reunite a couple also depends heavily on the thinking and behavioural patterns of the target. If heavy addictions like addiction to sex, alcohol or drugs are present, you might need to consult a family therapist first of all.




Love spells:

why some spells don’t work



In some cases, love spells will not work. There are many reasons for this. Let us examine different situations when a spell to return a lover or to make someone love you, will fail.



Your lover has high protection



I had one client come up to me and he asked me to cast love spells on a Witch, because he was in love with the beautiful woman. She was uninterested in him.

When I saw her pictures, I understood that she has protection. She had very specific Tattoos. I told my client: the Witch has a patron and the archetype protects her.

My client was stubborn and insisted on a love spell. The love spells on the Witch did not work, because they bounced back to me.

I saw the Witch in my dreams. She was friendly and shared her bread with me. My client began to have nightmares: he was fighting the Devil in his dreams (the Devil figure had huge horns).

My client payed me more money for the next love spells. None of my spells worked. Each time I did the spells, they bounced back to me.





You and your lover had many fights


Your relationship is destroyed, because you and your lover had malicious fights. The memory of the fights and bitter grudges towards you will act like a poison in your lover’s psyche.

My love spells to return your lover may fail, because your lover will actively resist them. In fact, your lover may be done with you once and forever.




Your lover has met a new partner



Your lover has met another partner. Such a case is a very difficult one and may need several love spells and also some break up spells.

The break up spells are done after love spells and when you see that the love spells are pulling your partner towards you, but the third party is persistently clinging to your partner.




Your lover is very stubborn

and done with you



Suppose you had an unhealthy relationship and fought often. Maybe you were unfaithful too.  If your lover is very stubborn and has decided to go forward in life, the love spells may fail. Your lover will resist my spells.





Your lover is married



Love spells on a married person will fail, because married people will resist. There are financial interests involved in a marriage. Financial interests are stronger than a desire to have a love affair on the side.

Below I offer you a video about love spells and explain why some spells fail.









Love spells: about them


If you are sure that you want to hire me for a manipulative love spell, then I will tell you more about such spells. Below is a video about a complex love story that led to marriage.





During my love spells I use two dolls (one doll will represent you and the second will represent your lover), two candles, love herbs. I summon demons Sallos and Dantalion from Goetia.

During my ritual I burn candles, program the dolls and help the dolls to become a pair of lovers. I will show you pictures of the ritual.

The phase of the moon is very important to consider for such rituals: the moon should be almost full. The waning phase of the moon is not suitable for love magick.




Demon Sallos from Goetia



Demon Sallos is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.


The 19th spirit is Sallos. He is a Duke and appears in the form of a Soldier. Sallos rides upon a crocodile and he wears a crown upon his head. He comes in a peaceful way.

Sallos causes love between a woman and a man. This spirit rules over 30 legions of lesser spirits.

Source: Goetia




Demon Dantalion from Goetia



Demon Dantalion is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



Dantalion is the 71st spirit and he is ranked as a Duke. He shows up in the form of a man with many faces (all men’s and women’s faces) and he holds a book in his right hand.

Dantalion can teach you any arts and sciences and he will also declare to you the secret counsels of any person. Dantalion knows the thoughts of all men and women and he can change them as he desires.

This spirit can cause love. Finally, Dantalion rules 36 legions of spirits.

Source: Goetia





Love spells:

the time frames





Love spells work at different speeds and last different periods of time. The time frames of love spells depends upon many factors like:

the type of relationship you have or had with your lover

if your lover is able to forgive you or not

if your lover is romantically involved with another

if your partner was just interested in a couple of flings with you

Not all men want to continue a love relationship with a woman. People enter and exit romantic relationships as they please, because there are no laws that force people to commit to each other.

Usually, if a person had been chasing you and you ask me to cast a love spell, the person will pursue you with passion. In cases when it is you doing the chasing, you will see signs within 3 months.

The first signs of a love spell in progress are such:

the target of the spell takes frequent contact with you (phone calls, face to face meeting)

the target of the spell sends you messages (texts you)

the target of the spell wants to meet with you (tries to book you for a date)

the target of the spells looks into your eyes all the time (during time together)




My consultations



My consultations via e-mail cost 50 USD. Once you have paid the fee, you and I will discuss your situation. A Tarot reading is not included into the fee for the consultation.

My Tarot readings are very detailed and I provide you with a double check of information presented in my Tarot spreads.

The events in one Tarot spread align well with the events in the second Tarot spread. Such a Tarot reading assisted by Sagatana costs 120 USD. 

When I have learned about your situation and if you want to book a ritual (magic), we can do it. 



Please book a consultation with me, before you pay for a ritual service. The consultation costs 50 USD.

I accept payments via PayPal. Please ask me to give you a payment link. You must be aged 24 + and be able to make authorised PayPal payments (with your own card or from your own bank account).

The price for this love spell is 380 USD (inclusive 25 % VAT). 

Such price, because this particular spell is very malicious, it violates another persons will and freedom.






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