Amprodias and Set’s tunnel 11: a dream spell that warns about danger









Amprodias is a spirit who inhabits Set’s tunnel 11.


Amprodias is a spirit who lives in Set’s tunnel 11. This tunnel joins Thaumiel and Chaigidel. If you know the Tree of Life, well, then this is tunnel 11 that joins Kether and Chokmah.




Amprodias: Set’s tunnel 11



“This spirit grants precognitive dreams and knowledge of things secret. Amprodias holds the secret of the Qlippoth realm and its magic. This spirit grants the power of manifestation and amplification of magick.

This spirit is connected to issues of immortality. Amprodias helps with divination to see outcomes and has the capacity to manipulate thoughts, memories and the mind.

Amprodias can help with the power of suggestion, power over the mind and consciousness, remote viewing and to see anything in existence.

This spirit is good at the task of transporting energies from one place to another, distorting perception and reality. Symbolic messages are found here, in this tunnel.

Amprodias can help to reverse spells and situations, and to bring imbalance to anything. This spirit can aid you in sucking energy or knowledge from others, and also in wind magick.”

Source: Occult Research




Set’s tunnel 11: the correspondences


I took the correspondences for Set’s tunnel 11 from the book of Donald Kraig. The correspondences for path 11 that joins Kether and Chokmah can be used in magick with Amprodias.



This is the Tree of Life.
Path 11 joins Kether to Chokmah. Path 11 also joins Thaumiel to Chaigidel.



But I do not follow the correspondences strictly, because the ritual ingredients (correspondences for path 11) are almost impossible to obtain in Sweden.

According to Kraig, the correspondences for path 11 are:

Letter: א

Value: 1

Tarot: the Fool

King Scale colour: bright Pale Yellow

Animal: eagle

Plant: aspen

Gems: topaz and chalcedony

Scent: galbanum

I had none of these ritual ingredients. I used herbs and oils in my dream spell. After finishing the ritual, I placed the seal of Amprodias and the herbs into a dish.

The same seal and the same herbs can be used many times if you wish to repeat the spell everyday. This spell brings dreams that warn about eventual physical dangers.

This spell also exposes people with criminal mentality and their thoughts (Amprodias will deliver news). You will have to word the spell accordingly.


The importance of meditation



It is also very important to meditate at least 2 or 3 times per week. Meditation calms the mind and you will start to dream often.

If you have pets or infants who cry during nights, do some sleep spells to make them sleep like dead during nights. Demon Huictigaaras can help.

I have a phobic Rose breasted cockatoo and this bird is worse than an infant. I used to run to his room all nights long to cuddle him. Spells with Huictiigaras made my bird sleep.



This is the seal of demon Huictiigaras from Grimoirium Verum.


During some days I experience an immediate need to meditate. As soon as I sink into my meditation, I see my astral body rise by itself and walk all around my home.

My astral body sits on the sofa and gazes at the burning candles. As soon as I realise that my astral body has left my physical body without my permission, I call it back.

Meditation as a practice, develops your intuition and calms your mind. You will see visions during meditations and your sleep will become very peaceful and deep.




Amprodias: spell ingredients


So, you will need:

a tea candle (use rose oil on the tea candle)

the seal of Amprodias

oils for the seal: cinnamon, lavender, jasmine, mint and rose (dreams, psychic abilities)

herbs: Valerian, chamomile, lavender, rosemary, thyme, wormwood, yarrow, cinnamon sticks, anise and mint



The herbs are poured out on the seal of Amprodias.
The herbs are poured out on the seal of Amprodias.




My exploration of tunnel 11



I went into a deep meditation when I was doing the ritual and I fell asleep. My “journey” through the tunnel was very unpleasant.

I found myself sitting on a huge rock on a side of a highway tunnel. It was dark and wet inside. I was all alone among scary aliens and I saw huge green turtles crawl before me.

Amprodias is an Octopus and this spirit can crawl on hard surfaces with the help of the tentacles. I received no audible messages.




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Malkunofat and Set’s tunnel 23: my explorations of the tunnel and money magick










Malkunofat is an entity who has its residence in Set’s tunnel 13/23 or tunnel 23. Set’s tunnel 23 runs from Samael and towards Golab. If you know the Tree of Life, then tunnel 23 runs from Hod and towards Geburah.




The tree of Qliphoth



Tunnel 23 runs between Samael and Golab (Golachab). This tunnel is blue and it is filled with water.





The Tree of Life



This is the Tree of Life.
Tunnel 23 runs between Hod and Geburah. This tunnel is blue in colour and it is filled with water.




Path 23: the correspondences


The correspondences of tunnel 23 can be found in Modern Magick (Donald Kraig). But I could use such correspondences, because I could not obtain the items needed.

The correspondences for path 23 are such:

letter: mehm (מ) with the value 40 and meaning water

Tarot card: The Hanged Man

King Scale colour: deep blue

Animal: eagle, snake or scorpion

Plant: lotus

Gems: beryl, aquamarine

Scent: onycha

I could obtain a blue scarf to cover my altar. I used water in a glass instead of a lotus.



Malkunofat: how he can help you


There is very little information available about Malkunofat and only V.K Jehannum has this information on his website. So, briefly speaking, I picked up Malkunofat for magick, because he can help with the following:

gain of money and wealth

reduction of deep seated fears

reduction of the need to control life

exposure of deceptions

gain of prophetic dreams

gain of psychic powers

reduction of anxiety

gain of a sharp mind

I also found this information about Malkunofat online at Occult Research:

“Malkunofat: Energies of poltergeist activities, dissolution of actions, dark matter and its hidden energies, the unknown, to keep something silent, multiplying something and creating abundance in any form, power of scrying, make things come to an end, to consume spells cast, to destroy others magick, rain energies to overwhelm and flood.”




The ritual outline: meditation & magick


I climbed the Tree of Life starting from Malkuth. I reached Yesod and climbed towards Tiphareth. I continued to climb towards Daath.

Note, that I am very modern and very fond of military paraphernalia and medieval costumes. When I go on my creative visualisation trips I almost always end up in luxurious medieval castles, military bases and old boats.



This is the Tree of Life.
I started from Malkuth, passed Yesod and Tiphareth, and reached Daath.




Malkuth – Yesod



So, I was listening to soothing meditation music and imagined that I was driving a golden car. I was still driving on Malkuth and I drove into a tunnel. The tunnel ran between Malkuth and Yesod.

I imagined Yesod as a purple planet and I stopped the car. I opened my eyes and gazed at the sigil of Archangel Gabriel. I spoke my evocation to Gabriel:

“Dear Archangel Gabriel, ruler of Yesod, please come to me and be my companion on my journey towards Tiphareth. Take your seat in my car and lets drive towards the Sun.”



This is the seal of Archangel Gabriel, ruler of Yesod.



I imagined Gabriel (or saw him appear) as a handsome man in a silver uniform. He looked almost like a fireman to me. Gabriel was friendly and took his seat beside me in my car.



Yesod – Tiphareth



We drove towards Tiphareth and stopped at the gas station. I thought that the gas station was connected to demon Sorath. I do not know why. We met Archangel Raphael there. Raphael was very handsome and he wore a golden suit.

I opened my eyes and gazed at the sigil of Raphael. I spoke my evocation:



This is the seal of Archangel Raphael, the ruler of Tiphareth.



“Dear Archangel Raphael, ruler of Tiphareth, please come to me and be my companion on my journey towards Daath. Take your seat in my car and lets drive towards Daath.”




Tiphareth – Daath



We stopped our car at a military base Daath. We left our car and took a helicopter flight down towards Nahema. We left the helicopter.


Nahema – Samael: path 31



I gazed at the sigil of Nahema and called her. I asked her to open the gates into Hell. Nahema had some automatic device in her hand and the gates of the highway opened.

We all followed her a little bit, and then again entered an underground tunnel. I started to drive fast like crazy.

We were now in tunnel 31. We left Nahema behind.

I found this information about tunnel 31 on the website Occult Research:

The 31st path is called Shaligu (letter shin ש). It is the source of Draconic Qliphotic energy and a sphere of chaos of Qlippoth form, to draw from it, and consume, the pathway of the dragon, the forces they govern, the Qlippoth Dragons as a whole, their existence, the fire of their creation, destructive while creative, strength and power to gain, divine judges and police, to be honored.

So, Shaligu rules here and I called upon Shaligu by gazing at this entity’s sigil.

“Shaligu, please come to me. I need to pass your tunnel. Please guide me towards Samael.”

We reach Samael with the help of Shaligu. We say thank you to Shaligu and continue our journey towards Golab. This is a tunnel filled with water.



Samael – Golab: path 23



Malkunofat is an entity who has its residence in Set’s tunnel 13/23 or tunnel 23. Set’s tunnel 23 runs from Samael and towards Golab. If you know the Tree of Life, then tunnel 23 runs from Hod and towards Geburah.

Archangels Gabriel and Raphael stood beside me. I opened my eyes and started gazing at the sigil of Malkunofat and called him.



The evocation of Malkunofat



“Dear Malkunofat, I have travelled here to meet with you. I became drawn to you, because I had a dream and a voice told me: “Soon you will be doing the magick of Dragon Rouge.

I became very scared in my dream. I replied: “No, I do not want to do that magick, I fear internal change.”

So, Malkunofat, I call you forth in the name and by the authority of Lucifer. Please come to me. I need your help, because I want to battle down my desire to control the run of my life.

I also desire to become wealthy. I want to accumulate lots of money, exactly as men do. I want to feel in control of my life and very relaxed, knowing that I am able to manifest my money goals with ease.”

I closed my eyes and imagined that I was observing fish in  a huge aquarium. Suddenly my visualisations took me on a journey.

I was standing on a shore of a lake. I was somewhere in Poland and I was navigating a boat towards a medieval castle. When I reached the shore, I secured my boat and started to walk towards my castle.

It was my castle, and I was the wife of rich knight. I entered my castle with confidence and climbed the narrow stairs. Soon I was in a room with many chests.

The chests were filled with money and golden treasures. I picked up a golden crown and put it on my head. As I looked into the mirror, I was dressed into a medieval dress. I was stunning.

When I looked out of the window, I discovered that I was on great heights and it was morning. I looked around and saw weapons and armour.

Suddenly, I was sitting on a throne and men were kissing my hand and standing on their knees before me. The surroundings were somehow barbarous, because I was aware of swords and axes near me.

I opened my eyes and started to do money magick.


Malkunofat is the entity of the 23td tunnel on the Qliphotic tree.
Malkunofat is the entity of the 23rd tunnel on the Qliphotic tree.



I did an ordinary money spell and poured out cinnamon mixed with nutmeg on the seal of Malkunofat. Later this powder was poured out on the carpets and rugs in my home.

When I had raised power and charged the powder, I closed my eyes and started to navigate the boat towards the shore. My journey came to an end.

I took the trip back to Malkuth: from Golab towards Geburah, from Geburah towards Hod and from Hod towards Malkuth. This time I was flying a jet and drinking champagne.




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