A meat curse with the seals of Aratron, Saturn, Agiel and Zazel


A hybrid Saturn planetary seal for use in curses. 



This spell is for those cases when you are innocent, but blamed for “every single thing that is wrong in the world” by a blame addict and on a constant basis.

I had done similar spells in my past and got inspired to throw this curse at the troublemaker after reading the Liver spell on The Sorcerer’s blog.

Sometimes we cannot cancel out our social interactions with malicious people and just say: “Good bye, I don’t want to be with you here in this place!” We cannot kick them out from “this place” either, fast and with ease.

Absolute state of RAGE is required. You must have had enough of the verbal “shit” tossed at you. If you feel that you simply cannot tolerate the malicious person anymore, then this spell is for you.

This spell is done when the moon is full, waning or dark. The day should be a Saturday. The Spirits of Saturn are called during the astrological hour of Saturn.




What can the Olympic God Aratron do for you?



The seal of Aratron from the Arbatel.



Aratron is connected to the planet Saturn and to all matters that have a connection to the magick of Saturn. Aratron can do the following things for you:

he can convert any thing into a stone very fast (be it animal or plant), while retaining the same object to the sight

he can convert treasure into coal and coal into treasure

he can give you Familiar spirits

he can teach you magick

he can make you go invisible and protect you

he gives a long life and helps in matters connected to fertility

Source: Arbatel De magia veterum



How to work with hybrid seals?


It is important to understand how to work with complex planetary seals and I will explain how I was taught to summon planetary spirits by Sustugriel.



Agiel directs Aratron and Zazel, while the seal of Saturn draws in the forces of Saturn (Azazel) into the circle.


Summon all four Spirits at once: Aratron, Azazel, Zazel and Agiel. Perhaps it is not required to ask Agiel to direct Aratron and Azazel, but I ask Agiel to add some “speed” to the curse.




From where do the Saturnian spirits come?



Binah is ruled by the planet Saturn. Agiel, Zazel, Azazel and Aratron are all planetary spirits of Saturn.


I use the correspondences of Binah for this spell:

Ruling planet: Saturn

Day: Saturday

Astrological hour: Saturn

Seal colour: grey

Altar cloth colour: grey and black

Number: 3

Gem: pearl

Metal: lead

Scent: myrrh



You will need:


1 black candle (coat with cemetery dirt or crushed garlic)

Well, if you want to burn 3 candles, then go ahead!

a grey hybrid Saturn seal (Aratron, Agiel, Azazel and Zazel)

patchouli and pine oils for the seal

a small plastic box (with a firm lid) or a glass jar with a screw lid

enough minced meat, sliced meat or a piece of liver (200- 300 grams)

your urine (1 coffee cup)

2 table spoons of Goofer dust (graveyard dirt, snake shed, black pepper, cayenne pepper, dry mustard powder and sulphur)

the person’s handwriting or some other taglock (write out the person’s [Name Surname] + [phone number] + [e-mail address], etc.)



The ritual


Activate the hybrid seal with Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Summon Aratron, Agiel, Azazel and Zazel:

” I evoke and conjure you Aratron, the Olympic ruler of Saturn. I call you forth in the name and by the authority of the Universal power, which rules our Universe. Please be willing to hear my requests.”

Then explain to Aratron what is going on in your life. Summon Agiel, Azazel and Zazel in the same manner.

Place the targets taglock between the two slices of meat. Powder lavishly with the Goofer dust. Cover all this with more meat. Jam!

Pour out your urine over the meat. Read your spell 3 times. Close the box.

Apply your blood to the hybrid Saturn seal. Apply also patchouli and pine oil. Ask Aratron to make you go invisible. By the way here is a small list of other protective oils you can use on this seal:


bay leaf



Offer the Spirits gifts (offerings). Raise power and project it into the malicious box and also into the seal.

Thank the Spirits for their help and give them licence to depart. Finish the rite and let the black candle burn out.

Carry the seal in your handbag or purse everyday to the place where you have to interact with the idiot. You can burry the meat and let it rot or just throw it away. The troublemaker will soon understand that “their pathetic idiotic majesty is damn cursed”.



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