A healing spell for pets with Heramael and Marbas


The seal of Heramael from Grimoirium Verum.


Pets are like our kids. When pets become ill, we will do anything to heal them. Heramael is a demon from Grimoirium Verum and he heals all diseases.

He also provides you with a complete cure of the illness, and gives you the knowledge of what caused the illness.

Most of the demons from Grimoirium Verum come from the Qlipha of Golab (the shell of Geburah). There is no need to summon Scirlin if you want to do a healing spell with Heramael.

If you want to heal your depression, you might be interested in reading my post about demon Buer and his abilities to heal sad emotions.


I summon Heramael during Tuesdays, because this demon comes from Golab.


Also, I use the correspondences of Geburah even for Golab:

Ruling planet: Mars

Day: Tuesday

Astro hour: Mars

Paper seal: red

Metal seal: iron

Number: 5

Plant: tobacco


I have also made a video about healing spells with Heramael and Marbas (for pets), but the method shown in the video is suitable for healing adults and kids too.






You will need:


a red seal of Heramael

your pet’s feathers or fur

a napkin (to fold the “pet” poppet)

a large napkin (to fold the seal of Heramael)

a red mojo bag

a rubber band

a healing balm

a whole nutmeg

a paper poppet of your pet (or a photo)

healing herbs: mint, bay leaf, cinnamon (sticks), powdered cinnamon, thyme

herbs for stress management: chamomile and lavender

oils for the seal: mint, cinnamon, sandalwood and pine

Of course you should call upon Lucifer first and then upon Heramael. Present the seal of Heramael to the four Elemental forces (the Quarters for example) or to the Elemental representations on your altar.

The evocation of Heramael:

” I evoke and conjure you Demon Heramael. I am in great need of your help. My pet has injuries due to a fall. Help me to know if I need to call upon a vet or no.

Heramael, my pet is in pain. Please grant my pet your painkillers, heal the wings and tail.  Stop the feather plucking and the panic attacks. Heal the pain and the fears in my pet.

Also teach me how to keep my pet safe from further injuries.”

Apply the oils to the seal of Heramael. Place the pets feather (fur) on its representation (the “pet” poppet) and apply the healing balm on the poppet.

Carefully wrap the “pet” poppet into the napkin. Fold the seal of Heramael once and place the parcel (“pet” poppet wrapped into a napkin) in between the two halves of the seal.

Place the seal with your pet’s poppet on the large napkin. Add the herbs and the whole nutmeg. Wrap and secure with a rubber band.

The spell with Heramael works super fast. You will see results after 3-4 days and the pain will decrease.

Heramael taught me that red clover reduces inflammation in the body tissues. Its safe to brew such a tea for pets, but doses must be very small.

Also chamomile reduces inflammation and helps to reduce the panic attacks. Its also safe for pets as a tea, but again doses must be very small.

I dared to mix these teas into the drinking water and my pets are safe + daily Reiki music for my pets as soul therapy.

I noticed that my pet wanted to listen to only one Reiki track: that of 417 Hz, which was pointed out by Heramael.

I also summoned Marbas and asked him to heal my pet. The difference between the healing done by Marbas and Heramael are such:

Heramael provided me with the herbal cure of the inflammation, and even gave my pet relief from pain. The panic attacks became mild and few per day.

Marbas helped my pet to fix the feathers in the wings. The little fractures were healing.

How often should you do such demonic spells on your little pet. Begin with 2 spells, and then pause for 2 weeks. Observe the results and then do more spells. The demons are safe for pets.



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