Demon Sabnock: why I invited him to live with me







Demon Sabnock is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



Demon Sabnock: Goetia



“The Forty third Spirit is called Sabnock. He is a Marquis. He appears in the form of an armed soldier with a lion’s head, riding on a pale-coloured horse.

His duty is to build high towers, castles and cities, and to furnish them with armour, etc. He can afflict men for many days with wounds and with sores rotten and full of worms. He gives good Familiars and commands 50 Legions of Spirits.”

Source: Goetia






Demon Sabnock:

Goetia & Daemonolatry Goetia



Summon Sabnock if you want to build up your defence. Anyone who sends you a magickal attack will suffer due to illness. The illness will persist until they cancel out the magickal attack they sent to you.

Source: Goetia & Daemonolatry Goetia by S. Connolly

You will find more information about the Marquises of Goetia here.







Sabnock: how I found him



Demon Morail is described in the Grimorium Verum and this is his seal.



It was demon Morail from Grimorium Verum who led me to Sabnock. Morail teaches protection magick on an advanced level.

You might be interested in knowing more about demon Morail. This demon makes anything invisible if you desire so: he can hide you away from your enemies, hide away unwanted facts from your past, documents, etc.

I have also made a small video and show you a very simple spell with demon Sabnock. In the video I show how you can summon this demon to protect you and your home from magickal attacks.

Check out also the return the curse to sender Egg spell with Sabnock.








Sabnock: the best time for witchcraft




This is the Qliphotic Tree.
Sabnock comes from the Qlipha of Gamaliel (ruled by Luna). The corresponding Sephira on the Tree of Life is Yesod.



I use the correspondences of Yesod even for Gamaliel:

Ruling planet: Moon

Day: Monday

Astrological hour: Luna (Moon)

Paper seal colour: silver or purple

Metal seal: silver

Candle colour: silver or purple

Gems: clear quarts

Number: 9 (gems for example)

The best day for rituals with Sabnock is Monday. You can fine tune your magick by selecting the astrological hour of the Moon.

You will feel when Sabnock arrives. It is that of absolute power and his energy is that of an UFO! He will be the one who guards your home from incoming magickal attacks.





If one such magickal attack comes in someday (or somebody casts a spell on you), you will know it. You will be protected by Sabnock, and the curse or the spell will have very little effect on you.

But you should reverse the curse to send it back or at least use the energy of the curse to fuel your life dream.





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