How to repel financial disaster during the Ostara Sabbat



I love Easter and the Sabbat (Royalty free picture from Pexels).


It’s Ostara soon (22-23 Mars). Ostara is the lesser spring Sabbat and I celebrate it. I celebrate even the Othodox Easter a bit later. This month the Catholic and Protestant Easter almost coincide with Ostara, and this is good.

You may be wondering if spells are done during the Easter Sabbat. Right? Yes, you can do spells. I do not waste my time on useless celebrations and always do a couple of spells.

I devote myself to the worship of Lucifer daily so I don’t have to worship him formally all evening during the Sabbat party.


The seal of Lucifer from Grimoirium Verum.


Some people have other patrons they worhip. For example Papa Legba.


The Veve of Papa Legba.

What is a Voodoo Ve-ve? It is a seal of a Loa/Orisha (god force). Sometimes I actually do rituals and call upon Baron Samedi (Baron Saturday) and Papa Legba.

My tradition (style) of Witchcraft is a mixture of Hoodoo magick and Goetic magick. I also summon Archangels, Angels and the spirits of Arbatel.

As a Witch with Russian roots, I go to the cemetery to fetch home graveyard dirt and purchase candles for my necromantic rituals (at the cemetery chapell or church).

I also bake a Russian traditional Easter cake on Ostara (and also during the Orthodox Easter). How about the eggs? I use both cooked eggs and raw eggs in my magick. Although, these days I do not dye the eggs.

In older days I used to dye the eggs with a strong solution of tea, and of course with dried onion peel. Today, I just don’t bother to dye the eggs.

Anyway, the eggs will be used in rituals and then rot away. Eggs rot away and take care of problematic issues in our lives.



A spell with eggs

(prevents financial disaster)

I am going to describe a spell  to prevent financial disaster (using eggs).

You will need:

one black candle

some money oil

4 raw eggs (don’t cook them, because the cooked will smell awful)

a black permanent marker

Write with a black marker pen on each egg: FINANCIAL DISASTER CANCELLED OUT

Form your ritual circle and open the four energy portals. Call forth the powers of your choice (for example Lucifer).

Present each egg to the elemental powers on your altar or to the gardians at the gateways into the elemental kingdoms.

Place the eggs around the black candle. Light the candle. Say your spell to prevent and repel financial disaster far away from you. Raise power and project the raised power into the eggs.

After you are done with your ceremony place each egg into each corner of your home. Let the eggs begin to rot.

In total you will have to keep the eggs in your home during 7 days. On the eight day break each egg into the toilet and flush. The shells should be discarded into trash.

After you have placed the eggs in each corner of your home, it’s a good idea to chaise away stagntant Chi energy.

Do this by walking counter clockwise in your home. Use a bell to chaise away stagnant Chi energy or you could use incense. Fumigate well in the corners where energy easily becomes stagnant.



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