Demon Buer from Goetia: a spell for healing depressions in pets and in humans









Demon Buer from Goetia can heal all illnesses of the soul. This is the seal of Buer from Goetia.



Demon Buer from Goetia is a healer demon. He can help to heal physical injuries faster and he can heal the illnesses of the soul too.

I have a cockatoo whom I love very much. My bird is 14 years old and I consider him to be my child. Unfortunately pets can get ill and also become depressed.

It is for the sake of my bird that I delved into the art of healing and started to summon Heramael from Grimorium Verum and Marbas, along with Buer from the Goetia.

After several spells done with Heramael and Marbas, my bird’s wing fractures had healed. The physical pain was over thanks to the demons.

The feather plucking had stopped too, and new feathers are now growing out very fast. I expect my bird to be able to fly next summer.

All this thanks to Lucifer and his demons. When you do your healing spells, I advice to call upon Lucifer first and then also upon the particular demons of your choice.



Demon Lucifer is described in the Grimorium Verum and this is his seal.




This seal of Lucifer from Grimorium Verum is very good.



If you are interested to know more about my spells with Marbas and Heramael, you are welcome to read about a healing spell for pets with Heramael and Marbas.

I also offer you a video and show you how you can collaborate with Marbas and Heramael to heal your children and your pets.



In this video I demonstrate a healing spell with the demons Marbas and Heramael.


I am also close friends with demon Sabnock. This demons is our protector and I have asked him to protect my pets too.

Sabnock can protect you, your children and your pets against magickal attacks. You can make a Witch’s bottle for your pets with the seal of Sabnock.



Demon Sabnock is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



The safety of the ill patient is very important. Human factor accidents happen in hospitals and also at home. It is therefore I went an extra step forward and summoned the angels Kerub, Seraph, Ariel and Tharsis.

These angels guard the ill patient day and night and protect from all kinds of dangers. So, I also made a Witch’s bottle with the 6th pentacle of Jupiter from the Key of Solomon.



This is the 6th pentacle of Jupiter from the Key of Solomon.



But its a sad fact that birds get depressed and especially cockatoos are prone to being attacked by depressions and anxiety.

It is for this reason I started to collaborate with demon Buer. Only 3 days had passed since I summoned Buer and asked him to heal my bird’s anxiety attacks and depression.

And WOW! My cockatoo started to once again sing nursery rhymes accompanied with his funny body dance, laugh and talk (he was silent during many months).

Buer pointed out the root of the trouble with my bird: separation anxiety due to the early separation of small birds from their parents.

It is a sad fact that breeders sell small birds (they are infants) in order to make money, but the small birds get traumatised due to the rapid separation from their parents.

Buer can help you to heal your own depressions, sad mood, anxiety and also panic attacks. Buer heals all emotional discords and most illnesses of the soul.





Demon Buer: Goetia



Demon Buer is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



The 10th spirit of Goetia is Buer and he is ranked as a president. He teaches philosophy, logical arts and also reveals the properties of herbs and plants.

Buer heals all distempers in man and gives good familiars. He rules over 50 legions of spirits.

Source: the Goetia






the best time for witchcraft



I read online about magick with Buer. In one blog, the practitioner referred to Aleister Crowley and one of his books. According to that blog, it was best to summon Buer during a Thursday. According to Goetia, Buer is a president.

Presidents are assigned to the sphere of Mercury on the Tree of Life or on the Qliphotic Tree. The spheres are Hod (on the Sephirotic Tree) and Samael on the Tree of Qliphoth.



This is the Tree of life.
Buer is assigned to Hod. Summon him during a Wednesday and during the astrological hour of Mercury.



Some of the correspondences of Hod are such:

Ruling planet: Mercury

Day: Wednesday

Astro hour: Mercury

Paper seal colour: orange

Candle colour: orange (you can use yellow or white if you cannot find orange)

Number in magick: 8

The best day for rituals with Buer is Wednesday, You can fine tune your magick by selecting the astrological hour of Mercury.





A spell with demon Buer

to heal a pet’s depression

(apply the same principle to heal your depression)



You will need:



the seal of Buer (orange colour)

a feather from a pet

a paper doll of the pet

a healing balm to bring the body into a good condition (applied to the doll and to the feather).

a white candle (paint with olive oil and powder with powdered garlic)

The herbs that chill sharp emotions are: rose, mint, lavender and chamomile

1 crushed tablet of Valerian (fights anxiety)

1/2 tea spoon of powdered ginger (fights apathy)

1/2 tea spoon of crushed dried sage (for psychic protection of the pet)

1/2 tea spoon of yarrow (grants optimism)

1/2 tea spoon of thyme (grants optimism)

1/2 table spoon of honey (for a sweet mood)

1/2 tea spoon of vanilla sugar (for a sweet mood)

some cinnamon sticks (to ensure good health)

1 bay leaf (for the healing to occur)

1 nutmeg (for the healing to occur)

The herbs that help to obtain a peaceful mind are: basil, cardamom, dill, poppy, rosemary and red clover

Oils for the seal: olive, pine, mint and jasmine



The spell



During the ritual demon Buer is summoned. The paper doll of the ill patient is activated and instructed to heal itself. Also, the healing balm is applied to the paper doll.

The honey and some herbs like vanilla sugar, Valerian, rose, basil, chamomile are mixed into a dough. The dough is formed into a small pillow, which is wrapped into a napkin.

The doll of the ill pet (or patient) is placed unto this sweet healing pillow and then wrapped into the seal of Buer. The rest of the herbs are added too and all this is wrapped into a napkin, and then into a small pouch.

The spell will be active during a couple of years.





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