Spells to attract new love








A love spell with two Voodoo dolls



This is the seal of Zepar from Goetia. Zepar is the demon of love and sex.





Spells to attract new love are not manipulative. They do not target a specific person. Such spells will help you to find your future partner.

I will cast a love spell with the purpose of helping you to meet your future mate. During such spells I use two dolls and call upon Goetia demons Sallos and Dantalion.

These Spirits are compatible with each other and they work well as a team. Moreover, these two demons vibrate at the same energy level and frequency, because they come from the same place on the Qliphotic Tree (from the sphere of Harab Serapel).




Both Sallos and Dantalion come from the area of Harab Serapel. This place is ruled by the Archdemon Baal and also by planet Venus.
Both Sallos and Dantalion come from the area of Harab Serapel. This place is ruled by the Archdemon Baal and also by planet Venus.



One of the dolls will represent you and the second doll will represent your future mate. During my ritual I use love herbs, burn candles and read your love list to the demons, program the two dolls and help the dolls to become a pair of lovers. I will show you pictures of the ritual.



This is a love spell.
This is a love spell with the participation of Sallos and Dantalion.






Demon Sallos: Goetia



This is the seal of Sallos from Goetia. Sallos is also the demon of love and sex.




The 19th spirit is Sallos. He is a Duke and appears in the form of a Soldier. Sallos rides upon a crocodile and he wears a crown upon his head. He comes in a peaceful way.

Sallos causes love between a woman and a man. This spirit rules over 30 legions of lesser spirits.

Source: Goetia





Demon Dantalion: Goetia



Demon Dantalion is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



Dantalion is the 71st spirit and he is ranked as a Duke. He shows up in the form of a man with many faces (all men’s and women’s faces) and he holds a book in his right hand.

Dantalion can teach you any arts and sciences and he will also declare to you the secret counsels of any person. Dantalion knows the thoughts of all men and women and he can change them as he desires.

This spirit can cause love. Finally, Dantalion rules 36 legions of spirits.

Source: Goetia





Love spells: the time frames






It takes time to meet a nice and serious person. There is no guarantee that you will meet your true love after I cast a spell for you. Be aware that today love does not last long. That old and conservative generation of past centuries is gone.

You may meet someone who desires a short term romantic relationship, because nowadays people enter and exit relationships as they please. It is up to you to make the relationship last longer.

If you date actively, you will meet your romantic partner within a year.





Love magick: your love list



Below is a video that will help you to formulate your “love list” correctly. In this video I also explain why such love spells can fail: if you have too high demands or if your desires are unrealistic.

Once a client handed me her love list. She wanted a to meet a young man (aged 20) and she wrote: “I expect him to be able to earn 225 000 USD per year.”

I replied: “Your wish is unrealistic, unless you want to be involved with a famous drug dealer or a criminal. Young boys of this age still go to the University. They don’t make any money while they study.”











I don’t want to promise you 100% success of my magick, because it is known that sometimes spells can fail. Before you contact me it is a good idea to read my disclaimer.






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My consultations via e-mail and via Facebook chat cost 50 USD. A Tarot reading is not included into the fee for the consultation. My Tarot readings are very detailed and I provide you with a double check of information presented in my Tarot spreads.

The events in one Tarot spread align well with the events in the second Tarot spread. Such a Tarot reading assisted by Sagatana costs 120 USD. 

Once you have paid the fee, you and I will discuss your situation. When I have learned about your situation and if you want to book a ritual (magick), we can do it. 

You must be aged 24 + and be able to make authorised PayPal payments (with your own card or from your own bank account).







Please book a consultation with me before you pay for this ritual service. The consultation costs 50 USD.

I accept payments via PayPal. Please ask me to give you a payment link. You must be aged 24 + and be able to make authorised PayPal payments (with your own card or from your own bank account).

The price for this love spell is 260 USD (inclusive 25 % VAT). 

Also please pay in advance.








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