Demon Marax from Goetia: a spell to help you pass your exams









Demon Marax is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



Demon Marax from Goetia can help you pass your exams. I offer you a spell to help you study passionately and prepare for your examination.

Ghosts of dead soldiers are very good support in life. You can program a ghost to help you achieve your dead lines and goals.

But there are dangers involved: the ghost may push you to exceed your limits, and you may collapse. The exam spell with Marax is safe, because there are no ghosts involved.

S. Connolly warns that Marax expects the student be very serious and hard working. This demon does not like lazy people.




Demon Marax: Goetia



Demon Marax is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.




Marax is the 21st spirit. He is both an Earl and a President. Marax makes people very knowing in astronomy and all other liberal sciences.

Marax can give good Familiars, and wise, knowing the properties of herbs and gems.

Source: Goetia





Demon Marax:

exam spell ingredients



You will need:

offerings to Lucifer and Marax

a small candle (paint it will olive oil and roll in instant coffee)

a paper doll of yourself

honey (for good luck)

1 teaspoon instant coffee (for hyperactivity)

1 bay leaf (for victory)

cinnamon sticks (for intuition and connection to Marax)

ginger (for passionate studies)

high John the conqueror (for victory over difficulty)

sage (to keep bad luck at bay)


wrapping paper






Demon Marax:

how to do the spell



Well, you can begin with declaring the purpose of your spell to Lucifer and Marax. Then you can light the candle. The doll is baptized and placed on the napkins.

The doll is painted with honey and all the herbs and coffee are poured out on the doll. The spell is spoken 3 times. After this, the doll is wrapped into wrapping paper.

Power is raised inside the circle and projected into the package with the doll.





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