Astrological magick: the Fixed stars and their correspondences


This is the sigil of the demon of the Algol stars (Medusa).



Below you will find a chart with correspondences for magick with the spirits of the fixed stars. I find such charts very helpful and I have constructed a chart for myself (for magickal use), because I am into astrological magick.

I took the information from a wonderful website: The astral magick school. Krasi Attasio hosts The astral magick school website and she is very experienced in astrological magick.

I visited Krasi’s websites and also watched her videos when I was learning how to do magick with Medusa (the Head of Algol).

I also frequented Christopher Warnock on his websites and on his Youtube. Christopher has a wonderful video about the Medusa talisman on his Youtube.

At last, I figured out how and when to summon Medusa and did the ritual. The ritual with Medusa caused me problems with my internet, exactly as it was written/ said by Christopher Warnock (on his website and Youtube).



Royal star Position Function Gem Quality Herb
Aldebaran 9 Gemini Riches/Money Ruby Mars/Venus Milky thistle
Pleades 0 Gemini For good eyesight Rock crystal Moon/Mars Fennel
Summon demons Frankincense
Summon the dead
Raise storms
Hack secrets
Find lost objects
Algol 26 Taurus Vengeance Diamond Jupiter/ Saturn Black hellebore
Protection Wormwood
Capella 22 Gemini Rich friends Yellow sapphire Jupiter/ Saturn Horehound
Money mint
Success wormwood
Heals toothache mandrake
Sirius 14 Cancer Favours from people Beryl Mars/Jupiter Savine Juniper
Peace between man and woman Aquamarine Wormwood
Procyon 25 Cancer Witch power Agate Mars/Mercury Heliotrope
Health Pennyroyal
Regulus 0 Virgo Heals anger and grief Granite Jupiter/Mars Celandine
Favours Wormwood
Algorath 10 Libra Causes nightmares Black onyx Saturn/Mars Burdock
Protects against demons
Spica 24 Libra Gain of riches Emerald Venus/Mercury Sage
Victory in court cases Periwinkle
Arcturus 24 Libra Stops bleeding Jasper Venus/Jupiter Plantain
Chills down fever
Alkaid 27 Virgo Against bewitchment Magnet Venus/Moon Chicory
Safe travels Wormwood
Alphecca 12 Scorpio Friendships Yellow topaz Venus/Mercury Rosemary
Antares 10 Sagittarius Wisdom Amethyst Mars/Jupiter Birthwort
Good memory Sardonyx Yew
Vega 15 Capricorn Banishes fears Chrysolite Venus/Mercury Savory
Deneb Algedi 23 Aquarius Gain of riches Chalsedony Saturn/Mercury Marjoram
Win court cases



The planetary talisman of Saturn and how it can help you







The planetary talisman of Saturn is described in the books of H. C. Agrippa.



The planetary talisman of Saturn is described in the book “Three books of Occult Philosophy” written by H. C Agrippa. This book is very valuable, because it contains lots of information.

The Magus written by Francis Barrett also contains descriptions of the planetary talismans. Below you will find a mix of information about the planetary talisman of Saturn.




The talisman of Saturn



“Now this table being with a fortunate Saturn, engraven on a plate of lead, helps childbirth; and to make any man safe or powerful; and to cause success of petitions with princes and powers; but if it be done, Saturn being unfortunate, it hinders buildings, planting, and the like, and casts a man from honours and dignities, causes discord, quarrelling, and disperses an army.”

Francis Barrett, The Magus



This is the planetary talisman of Saturn with the seals of Saturn, Agiel and Zazel.



The picture above shows the planetary talisman of Saturn. The talisman contains:

the square of Saturn

the seal or character of Saturn

the seal of Agiel (the Intelligence spirit of Saturn or the mind of Saturn)

the seal of Zazel (the spirit or demon of Saturn)

The sum of the numbers in each row of the square is equal to 15. The whole sum of the numbers in the square is equal to 45.

The sum of the numbers in the name Agiel is 45. The same can be said about Zazel.

The sigils of Agiel, Zazel and Saturn are obtained from the square of Saturn. The numbers in the square are actually numerical equals of Hebrew letters. The original square of Saturn consists of Hebrew letters.

It is believed that Agiel is benevolent while Zazel is malevolent. Agiel is the mind of Saturn and directs Zazel, therefore it is important to summon both Agiel and Zazel during one and the same ritual.

Agiel must be given proper instructions or a task of directing and controlling Zazel.



The Saturn talisman without the square of Saturn.



The seal (character) of Saturn invites the essence or the energies of the planet Saturn into your life when you create a Saturn talisman for yourself.

If you want to use the Saturn talisman with maximum benefits, it is wise to get your natal chart done for you.

In your natal chart you will be able to see if you lack the energies of Saturn (in your character).

Was planet Saturn in a beneficial position in the sky at the moment of your birth? The positions of the planets at the moment of our birth define us as people.

I strongly believe that planetary talismans must be tailored to suit each of us. Natal charts do play a role, because they can show us if Saturn was fortunate or unfortunate at the moment of our birth.

The impact of Saturn in a good or bad position at the moment of our birth can be seen in the events of our lives (obstacles and limitations).

Also, the planetary retrogrades in real time have to be considered (not only in the natal chart). If you create the talisman of Saturn, you have to consider this:

the phases of the moon

lunar mansions

the day of the week (Saturday)

the correspondences of Binah

if Saturn is in retrograde or not

It is believed that if Saturn (in your natal chart and also during the creation of the talisman) is fortunate, the talisman of Saturn will help you to feel and be safe, and to feel and be a powerful person. You will become successful in life.

If Saturn is unfortunate (in your natal chart and also during the creation of the talisman), the talisman will not be very effective. It may create loss of dignity, obstacles and discords in your life.

I read about some talismans in the Picatrix. I understood that natal charts do play a role in defining our character (strong traits and weak spots).

If we are not observant, the planetary talismans may accentuate our weak spots instead of enhancing our strong traits.

If you do not know the exact time of your birth and cannot obtain an accurate natal chart, I advice to do only one ritual with the planetary talisman of Saturn (to begin with).

Observe your life and the events that follow. If you are happy with the results, you can repeat the spell one more time. It is enough to do 2 spells per year.

The planetary talisman of Saturn, as shown below, can be used in rituals with the spirits of Saturn. This seal (shown below) can control the spirits of Saturn during your evocations.



The Saturn talisman (Azazel, Zazel and Agiel) can control the spirits of Saturn during rituals.





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The superior Demons of the Grimorium Verum and how they can help you







The superior demons of Grimorium Verum are few. These are the seals of Lucifer and Clauneck from the Grimoirium Verum.



The superior demons of Grimorium Verum are few. In regard to spirits, there are superior ones and inferior ones. The superior spirits (according to the Grimoirium Verum) are:




This is the second seal of Lucifer from Grimorium Verum.



Lucifer can empower you and make you brave. This spirit is very intelligent and steps in right when you need his help.

Pacts for more money are very suitable to agree upon with Lucifer. Demon Lucifer will protect you from dishonest people and also from all kinds of harm and dangers.

He will step in or show you dreams with warnings and reveal the dangers in due time. Charge your pendant on the seal of Lucifer and wear the pendant day and night.




This is the seal of Beelzebuth from Grimorium Verum.



Beelzebuth helps students of biology to find spiders and flies for their laboratory experiments. This spirit helps to transform the body too and makes you fit.




This is the seal of Astaroth from Grimorium Verum.



Astaroth has another seal too. That seal is found in the Goetia and the duties of Astaroth are also described in the Goetia.



This is the seal of Astaroth from Goetia.



Duke Astaroth rules 40 legions of Spirits. If you do magick with Astaroth, he will give true answers of things you want to know about the past, present and future. This Spirit can reveal all secrets to you and will make you very knowing in all sciences.

The above stated and also a Demon of love and friendship according to S. Connolly.

Source: Goetia & Daemonolatry Goetia by S. Connolly





I summoned Lucifer,

Astaroth and Beelzebuth



I summoned all three spirits: Lucifer, Beelzebuth and Astaroth during one and the same ritual. This was long ago.



This is a ritual with Lucifer, Astaroth and Beelzebuth.
I held a ritual with Lucifer, Astaroth and Beelzebuth.



The spirits helped me to start a creative project and to finish it too. Today, I still earn money from that project.

Moreover, they handed me many versions of Grimoirium Verum and also some versions with rear seals. I started to really “study” the Grimoirium Verum.





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