Demon Bune from Goetia: a simple money spell









Demon Bune is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



Demon Bune from Goetia is very helpful and benevolent. This demon has two seals. Both seals are very good and I like to use the simple seal variant, which you see above.

In this post you find a simple money spell with demon Bune. If you want to start a business, you can use this spell and ask demon Bune to show you your path towards prosperity. Bune will guide you.






Demon Bune:

a necromancy demon



I hesitated to work with the Duke Bune, because a while ago, very experienced mages warned me that I should be careful while holding rituals with this spirit.

They told me that I will become greedy, but this is not true. But Bune is the spirit of necromancy. If this fact makes you scared, then you are not yet ready to hold rituals with Bune.

I know for sure that the spells with the spirits from Goetia and with the spirits from Clavicula Salomonis influence me in a very powerful way. After a while the pulling power of such spells becomes very strong.



This is a ritual with demon Bune from Goetia. I also summoned angel Haaiah to constrain demon Bune.
These seals belong to demon Bune and angel Haaiah. Angel Haaiah constrains demon Bune.



Bune is a very powerful spirit. I understood this when I fell asleep after summoning him. I was dreaming the whole night and saw Bune showing me my worded desires.

But the dreams felt weird because Bune had power over my speech in the dream state: I could not talk in my dream.

When I tried to answer his questions, I was lucid dreaming and talking to Bune. My physical ears could hear my physical mouth answer the questions Bune was asking me.

Lucid dreams accompanied with sleep paralysis can happen after magick with Bune. Lucid dreams happen to me often, but they are pleasant during most of the time.





Demon Bune: a money spell



In the video below I demonstrate a money spell with Bune. This spell is very powerful and you will begin seeing improvements in your finances after 6 months or so. You will be on your way towards earning money.



In this video I demonstrate a money spell with demon Bune from Goetia.





A simple Money spell

with Bune and Haaiah



This is another variant of the money spell. You will need:

your hair

the seals of Bune and Haaiah

your blood (a small drop)

7 coins

sandalwood oil

cinnamon sticks, parsley, dill, nutmeg and basil

a small pouch

Give very accurate instructions to Bune. Glue your hair to the seals of Bune and Haaiah or place some drops of your blood on the seals.

Fold the seals and stuff 7 coins into the folds along with cinnamon, parsley, dill, nutmeg and basil. A drop of sandalwood oil will enhance the spell.

Pack the folded seals into a paper napkin and then into a small plastic bag. Stuff this parcel into a small textile bag. That’s it!

Do a spell, and release the outcome. Allow the spell to manifest results (this may take some time, so be patient).





Demon Bune: Goetia



Seal 2. This is the second seal of Bune. It does not matter which seal you use. Bune responds to both seals very well.



Bune is the 26th spirit and he is a Duke. He changes the place of the dead and causes the spirits which be under his rule to gather on the graves.

Bune makes a person rich and wise. This spirit is trustworthy and he gives true answers to your questions and demands. Bune commands 30 legions of spirits.

Source: Goetia





Affirmations for wealth



Before I explain how Bune looked in my lucid dream, I want to insert my latest Demon Bune Mega mix into this post, because this video is my gift to Bune.

This video will help you to attract bounty into your life, because it contains some of my most powerful money affirmations.



This video contains prosperity affirmations.






Demon Bune:

a military man from north Africa



So, how did Bune look in my dreams? He was a man in green military clothes and he had black hair. His beard was green.

Moreover, Bune showed me in a metaphoric form my next day. Everything that was shown to me was correct.

It was Frater Parusha who taught me how to summon Bune correctly by calling upon an Angel who constrains the demon.

This binding Angel is Haaiah. Even the Testament of Solomon (edited by Steven Ashe, 2008) contains some lines, which describe the so called frustrating Angels who constrain “dangerous” spirits.

But in reality, Bune is a harmless spirit. He is benevolent.



In this video I talk about demon Bune from Goetia. 



I saw Angel Haaiah appear in my dream. Haaiah was sitting near Bune. This Angel wore a green military uniform, but he was silent (he was just observing Bune and me).



I use this (first) seal of Bune. This seal works very well!



Bune is the spirit of necromancy and according to lore he guards the entry to Hell. I strongly advice to summon the dead along with Bune, because the dead who loved us will protect us and “constrain” Bune to keep us safe (so we do not become greedy).

I did so and saw how the photo of my dead ancestor began changing to reflect smiles directed towards me.

I experienced such peace during and after my ritual that I refrained from performing the LBRP at the end of my ritual.

Bune and the summoned spirit of the dead lulled me into a peaceful nirvana. I loved the feel of the cemetery during my ritual and had an opportunity to express my love for my ancestor.



This is a ritual with demon Bune from Goetia.
This is a ritual with my blood line ancestor and demon Bune. I offer tequila and tobacco to both. 





Arrange the Witch altar




In this video I talk about the importance of setting up a magickal shrine.





Demon Bune:

the best time for witchcraft



Bune is the spirit of Netzach (or Qlipha Harab Serapel) and the correspondences are:

Ruling planet: Venus

Day: Friday

Astrological hour: Venus

Metal seal: copper

Paper seal: green

Scent: sandalwood (oil for example)

Plant: rose

Number: 7 (7 coins)



This is the Qliphotic tree.
Demon Bune is assigned to the Qlipha of Harab-Serapel. This place is ruled by the demon Baal.



The best day for rituals with demon Bune is Friday. You can fine-tune your magick by selecting the astrological hour of Venus.





The secret words

that bring in the money



Below I offer you a video. In the video I talk about the importance of choosing the right words and using money affirmations.




In this video I talk about the importance of using the right words and using affirmations.






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