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This is the seal of Zepar from Goetia. Zepar is the demon of lust, sex and love.


Black magick love spells are considered unethical, but they are ethical depending on a persons life situation. I cast love spells: demons and also a dead soldier participate in my love spells.

This main page about Love and Romance has given birth to several baby pages. I do all sort of spells for everybody. Please read my Disclaimer before you contact me.







My services and rituals are not meant to serve as legal advice or as a solution to all your life problems.

Please remember that you are paying for a service, and NOT FOR THE END RESULT. Because of this, no refunds are offered on services rendered.

Descriptions provided on services are for their intended result and do not indicate a definite end result.




The many flavours

of love magick




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My consultations


My consultations via e-mail cost 50 USD. I charge money for my time online with you. A Tarot reading is not included into the consultation.

 My Tarot readings are very detailed and I provide you with a double check of information presented in my Tarot spreads.

The events in one Tarot spread align well with the events in the second Tarot spread. Such a Tarot reading assisted by Sagatana costs 120 USD. 

You must be aged 24 + and be able to make authorised PayPal payments (with your own card or from your own bank account).

Once you have paid the fee, you and I will discuss your situation. When I have learned about your situation and if you want to book a ritual (magic), we can do it. If you want to know what the magic will cost you it is good to read about my prices here.



I accept payments via PayPal. Please ask me to give you a payment link. You must be aged 24 + and be able to make authorised PayPal payments (with your own card or from your own bank account).




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