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Demon Sagatana (Sargatanas) is described in the Grimoirium Verum and this is his seal.



Demon Sagatana is described in the Grimoirium Verum. He is also known as demon Sargatanas. This demon reveals all sorts of secrets, and teaches you necromancy and divination.

Sagatana also helps you go invisible when you desire to vanish. His ability to make you invisible to the eyes of your enemies can be compared to the abilities of Bael from Goetia and to the abilities of Morail from Grimoirium Verum.

Source: The Grand Grimoire & Grimoirium Verum




Demon Sagatana: ritual timing



This is the Tree of Life.
Sagatana comes from the shell of Geburah, that is, from Qlipha Golab. Both places are ruled by planet Mars.



Tuesday: Mars



The energies of Mars will help you to protect yourself from your enemies.



If you want Sagatana to protect you from your enemies, the best day for such rituals is of course a Tuesday. You can use the correspondences of Geburah in your spells.

The Earls of Goetia come from Golab too. One famous demon that comes from Golab is Andromalius. Sagatana can be summoned together with the spirits of the dead and Andromalius.

The correspondences of Geburah are such:

Ruling planet: Mars

Day: Tuesday

Astrological hour: Mars

Altar cloth colour: red

Candles: red, black or white (use white candles if you cannot obtain red or black candles)

Number in magick: 5 (5 candles for example)

Metal: iron (use a hammer or steel coins, because steel contains iron)

Herb/plant: tobacco


Saturday: Saturn



Archdemon Lucifuge Rofocale rules Qlipha Satariel. You can summon Sagatana together with Lucifuge for protection spells.



If you want to do necromantic magick of any type, that is, divinations assisted by the spirits of the dead, or you want to charge your Tarot cards with cemetery dirt, then summon Sagatana during Saturdays.

If you want to curse enemies with the aid of the dead or if you want to do necromantic court cases and protection spells, you can do your magick during Saturdays.

Archdemon Lucifuge Rofocale rules Qlipha Satariel (the shell of Binah). You can summon Sagatana together with Lucifuge Rofocale.



Lucifuge Rofocale rules Qlipha Satariel. This place is the shell of Binah. Both Binah and Satariel are ruled by Saturn.



In the table below you will find the correspondences of Binah. These same correspondences can be applied to magick with the demons of Satariel.


Qabalistic correspondences for spells
Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Sephira Yesod Geburah Hod Chesed Netzach Binah Tiphareth
Ruling planet Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun
Archangel Gabriel Khamael Michael Tzadiqel Haniel Tzaphqiel Raphael
Angel Gabriel Zamael Raphael Sachiel Anael Cassiel Michael
Seal colour Purple Red Orange Blue Green Dark grey Yellow
Seal metal Silver Iron Mercury Tin Copper Lead Gold
Gem Quartz Ruby Quartz Amethyst Emerald Pearl Topaz
Number 9 5 8 4 7 3 6





The necromantic Tarot spell: ingredients


So, you will need:

the seal of Lucifer


Demon Lucifer is described in the Grimoirium Verum and this is his seal.


the seal of Sagatana

graveyard dirt from the dead (choose trusted and safe contacts)

oils for the seal of Sagatana: jasmine, cinnamon, mint, pine and necromancy oil

your blood for the seal of Sagatana

herbal mix: anise, chamomile, mint, rose, rosemary, Valerian, cinnamon, thyme, wormwood (a necromancy herb), yarrow, sage and bay leaf

a white grave candle (pour in some necromancy oil into the candle)

a tarot card

aluminium foil

a plastic bag




Demon Sagatana: the evocation


Of course, first I summon Lucifer. Then I summon Sagatana and speak my evocation while I gaze at his seal:

“Dear Sagatana, I evoke and conjure you now. I call you forth in the name and by the authority of Lucifer. Please come to me my dear Sagatana and please help me.

I want to be assisted in my Tarot divinations by my dead relative [Name and Surname]. I want to learn necromancy and necromantic magick on a level unknown to me before.

Dear Sagatana, please teach me to hear and to see the spirits of the dead.”



P.S: You will start hearing the dead, and this is very scary!!! If you summon dead soldiers regularly like I do, you may have shocking experiences. These beings are very exact and inform about the coming events and also about the secret thoughts of others.



Demon Sagatana: the evocation


” Dear Sagatana, please keep me safe from not so friendly spirits. Please teach me to communicate with the spirits of the dead.”




P. S: Dead soldiers will predict your future contacts and draw into your experience dead Generals. Some of these entities are known as war criminals today and they commanded divisions within the army (thousands of soldiers!!!)

For example:

a dead Colonel General can have commanded a Panzer Division and the [number] and [number] Army Corps

a dead General of the Infantry can have commanded the [number] Infantry division and the [number] Army Corps

a dead General of a particular Panzergrenadier Division can have commanded thousands of soldiers

You have to be very careful, because soldiers are very dominant and they will force you to summon dead Generals. Summon the war criminals with great caution (let demon Murmur be present).

Give expensive offerings and ask the war criminals if you will be safe in their company and if you should continue to forge your friendship with them.

You will receive a clear sign or a guidance from these dead war criminals. If the sign is positive, you may develop your friendship. Such dead criminals are very helpful spirits for protection magick.

Perhaps now you wonder who lead me to necromantic magick with dead soldiers and dead war criminals? It was demon Barzabel.




Demon Sagatana: the ritual…do this


Summon Lucifer and Sagatana. Light the grave candle and begin summoning the dead.



This is a picture of one of my rituals with Sagatana.
This is a picture of one of my rituals with Sagatana.


Place a drop of your blood on the seal of Sagatana and cover this drop with graveyard dirt. Place the Tarot card on the seal of Sagatana. Add the herbal mix and the oils.

Say your spell 3 times and raise power. Project the power into the seal of Sagatana. After you are finished with the ritual, pack everything (the seal of Sagatana, graveyard dirt and herbs) into the aluminium foil.

Place this package and the Tarot card into a plastic bag and tie a knot. Keep this package together with your Tarot cards.

If you are afraid to summon Sagatana, you can summon Bune. Watch the video below.






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