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Court magick


Demon Belial is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.
Demon Belial is described in the Goetia and this is his seal. Belial helps to obtain justice.



I want to tell everybody that demons are real and they are willing to help if you ask. Recently Lucifera asked the demons Lucifer, Belial, Eligos, Surgat and Andromalius, and also the dead lawyer to help me with a court case, and they did help me.

I was awarded a favourable ruling. Everything was against me and it was only possible with the demons stepping in and helping. I want to thank and praise each and everyone of them.

I want the world to know that the demons are not as evil and bad as we have been taught. I want the world to know: the demons will help you if you ask.

Believe in them, talk to them and they will listen to you. I want the world to know that Lucifera is the real deal, and she can help you too. Thanks to the demons, praises to the demons and thanks to Lucifera.

J. L from USA





A protection spell

& a curse



Demon Andromalius is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.
Demon Andromalius is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.


“I want to give a huge Thank You to Bonnie, the demons Andromalius, Lucifer and Belial, and the dead soldier who died 1943 during WW2. They all helped me and solved my problematic life situation.

While I myself am a very experienced practitioner of the Occult, I was having a difficulty with a private life situation. It was hell. So, I contacted Bonnie and together we did magick to resolve my situation.

The demons and the dead soldier worked to remove me and my children from a toxic situation and the source of the problem (a human) is now continuing to come across road blocks and stagnation, while I have improved the quality of my life.”

M from USA




A healing spell with

Marbas & Heramael


Demon Heramael is described in the Grimorium Verum. This is his seal.
Demon Heramael is described in the Grimorium Verum. This is his seal.


Hi Bonnie, I hope everything is going well for you. It has been a few months and I wanted to update you about everything that was happening after your healing spell on my grandma.

The spell you did for my grandma worked really well. She finally found a doctor who could give her the best possible medication and now she feels very good and she has no problems anymore.

The medication has no side effects for her, unlike all the other options that she had before you did the spell.

SA from Germany



The Exam spell

with demon Marax



Demon Marax is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.
Demon Marax is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



Hello Bonnie,

I wanted to give you a little feedback regarding the spell you did for me to pass the exams. Well, I did graduate. The 10 months training went well and I did very well on the exams.

Thanks a million Bonnie for everything! I thank Marax very much for his help. Without his help, the training and exams would have been difficult.

There were moments of discouragement. But Marax was there. The situation became much clearer each time. He is very strong and powerful, Marax!

A great teacher, Expert, Academician! I know that it is the spirits who pushed me to follow trainings to obtain a higher level diploma. Thank you so much again Bonnie.

You are a great practitioner with great gifts. And your spells are very powerful.

Best regards,






A break up spell

with Bucon and Belial



Demon Bucon is described in the Grimorium Verum and this is his seal.
Demon Bucon is described in the Grimorium Verum and this is his seal.



I want to thank Bucon and Belial for helping me out with a really complex situation. They have helped me a lot not only by achieving the desired result within a short period of time, but they also managed to show me how powerful they really are by turning tables when the situation seemed quite hopeless to me.

I am grateful to Bucon and Belial, and I am sure that they will assist me even more in the future. They control every situation and remove effectively every obstacle standing in the way of achieving your goal.

Hail Bucon! Hail King Belial!

Kind regards,

K from Germany




A court case spell :

Lucifer, Belial, Surgat, Eligos

and the dead lawyer



Demon Belial is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



I had a big problem with a company, which had not complied with a billing agreement, and was threatening me to remove a device. I asked Mrs. Bonnie to help me and she did this job, and we managed to get that company to respect the agreement.



This is a court case spell.
This is the court case spell. The end goal of this spell is the attainment of justice.



I didn’t lose my device. To believe, and to have faith, in the potential of the entities, in the demons and the results will appear, remembering that entities are no joke, if you respect them they will be your friends and will help you, if you are playing they will not help you. Everything is achieved with respect and honesty.

Anonymous from Switzerland



A break up spell with Bucon



Demon Bucon is described in the Grimorium Verum and this is his seal.



Thanks for the help Bucon. I was in love with a guy I dated for a long while, then he stopped contacting me. I was told that he has gone back to his ex. I was angry with him for lying to me, and I wanted revenge.

I turned to Lucifera and demon Bucon, and wanted to split him and his ex. I wanted to hurt him. Now about 6 months later he is single and he contacted me. You’re the best Bucon!

Anonymous client from Sweden




A money spell with Bune



Demon Bune is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.


Ms Lucifera!

Money has been showing up in my bank account from old employers, I’ve been finding gift cards, I got a large refund from the government, I been making sales, I got a raise, I have so many business ideas to build my empire and most importantly I’ve already opened a Roth IRA and placed $600 in it in a month!!
Thank you for all that you and Bune did!

Anonymous from USA





A money spell for a company



Demon Bune is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



Dear Lucifera, I am your follower. You are so powerful. You have helped me a lot. Thank you for your money magic for the family business. Bune has created many business opportunities and miracles, and customers and orders have increased. A lot of money! In the period of economic stress, the income was not bad, so I changed a car. I really appreciate Bune.

Anonymous client





Demon Bune is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



Ms. Bonnie,


I hope you find yourself well and safe. I am reaching out to you because I need your services. There are what I would categorise as 2 things in my life that I need assistance with and one is more pressing that the other.


Over a year ago I found you online. I contacted you, we discussed my situation at that time and I eventually received a mojo bag (custom money spell with Bune) for financial / career opportunities.


Well things moved fast. The current job that I am at now has given me some financial breathing room (as I was drowning financially) and allowed me to leave the lousy job I had at that time. In general I was so busy trying to survive that I felt lost and just didn’t know how to get myself out of that situation. This current job has given me many opportunities but one of the most important ones has been the opportunity to as they say “stop and smell the roses”. I have the ability to see clearer and put some things in perspective.


With that I am so grateful to you and to Bune for opening this door for me but now I feel I am at the end of this road/chapter and need to move onto something more substantial. I find myself at a crossroads and need your guidance / assistance on how to best move forward or as I like to think of it as TIME TO LEVEL UP.


J. M from USA






A protection spell with a dead lawyer, Belial and Andromalius



Demon Andromalius is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



Hi Bonnie how are you doing? I hope all is well on your side and you are being safe with the covid. Just wanted to say hi and update you about things.

Since you had done the spell for me things have improved a lot. Those people who were the bullies are no more in the hospital where I work. They are in the clinic instead so I rarely see them.

About two months ago (Sept and October) I had to work in the clinic where most of them are based. And nothing happened that was bad. As a matter of fact there have been issues with a special doctor who has been against them.

She has treated them badly due to their behaviour and I myself have witnessed one of them getting told off by her in front of my eyes. It was very satisfying to see how they are getting punished for their behaviour.

I still hear stories about multiple issues and multiple people against some of them and they are getting hauled into meetings to face the repercussion of their behaviour.

Anyway I just wanted to thank you again Bonnie for the help.

Anonymous from UK


A court case spell: Lucifer, Belial, Eligos, Surgat & a dead lawyer




This is a very powerful court case spell! I am in a shock, because of the good results!

Hey Bonnie,
Hope you’re doing well. Just wanted to tell you they reduced my DUI charge down to reckless driving so there will be NO jail time. I still have to pay fines, court costs, driving school, etc but NO jail!!! I would call that a success although a dismissal would have been even better. I mean somebody drugged me…!!!! I was doing rituals too so something definitely made it through.
Anonymous client

By publishing this happy story, I want to honour you, my dear dead friend Ulf (Ulf G. H who died on the 25 of August 2014 right in front of my eyes). I miss you. You are the best dead lawyer, you were the best when you were alive, and you are still the best lawyer among the dead.

You have helped so many clients from the USA and many of them burn grave candles in your memory on your birthday. Special thanks go to demons Lucifer, Belial, Eligos and Surgat.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Here you can read more about this particular court case spell.





Finances and mortgage


Hello, Bonnie

I just want to thank you and praise Lord Lucifer and King Belial. You did a pact for me back in December of 2019, Financially I was in a really bad situation to the point that there were days we did not even have money to eat.
I was working and so was my boyfriend but for some reason we could not keep any money in our pockets. We were at the point that we were going to lose our home.
This week I found out that the bank adjusted our mortgage and we will not be losing our home.  Money has been steady and coming in with Covid I was not able to do events for my side job that I have.
I had to refund people money since everything was cancelled, but the demons did not fail me. The money came in from different places to pay back everyone that was owed. They protected me from everyone that was coming after me.
I am so thankful and grateful. Praise Lord Lucifer! Hail King Belial! Praise  Andromalius!
And a huge Thank you to you Bonnie for helping me and checking on me along the way.







A money spell with Belial & Bune



Demon Belial is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



I did a money spell with Bune and Belial for my client, because the client wanted a promotion at work. Reed the conversation below and you will understand that the demons are helping the client to qualify for a promotion and a better work position.


My returning client:

“Hello Bonnie, thank you for the answer. Sorry for the delay of my answer. I have been training in accounting since September 1st, which will be validated by a professional title (a certificate) recognized by the [Country] State and accounting professionals. The courses are online.

The exams will be done online and in two steps: – – I have to take assessments no later than 2 months before the final exams. The marks obtained from the assessments count for 40%. – I must take the final exams in June 2020. The marks obtained from these final exams count for 60%.

The courses are composed only of accounting and tax practices (taxes and duties…). Is Marax the best demon for success in studies and exams?

It is said that he is good but also very strict, is he not going to push the student too much to the extreme? Here is a short summary of my training and the exams I have to pass. What do you think Bonnie? Thank you.”




“Oh, very good! I can see that the Bune and Belial spell is already in progress now, because they want you to climb upwards in your career and that is why you are doing these accounting courses.

Marax is a very good demon for serious students of any subject. He is strict and will demand a lot of discipline from his students, but he knows the abilities and capacity of each of his students.

He will not push you to your limits and you will be safe with Marax.”


My client:


“Thank you for the answer. Yes, I too believe and I am sure that it is the spirits Belial and Bune who pushed me to take the course.

Obtaining this diploma or professional title in addition to my experiences will allow me to apply for higher positions or functions… and will open me to other horizons…. I need the help of Master Marax. Please Bonnie I want to order the ritual.”


Healing with Marbas & Heramael




Demon Heramael is described in the Grimorium Verum and this is his seal.



I highly recommend Bonnie’s services, her skills are incredibly effective and very insightful. My cat was suffering from urinary tract infection and I was desperate for help. We are living in a very critical times which inhibited me from visiting a veterinarian, so I decided to reach out to Bonnie and let her know what the issue was that I was facing.
She got right to the point and told me that she would be more than willing to help and the type of ritual that she was going to perform, she even sent photos to prove that the rite was executed.
The results are undeniable, my cat is in good health and has no urinary issues! Bonnie is very caring and has a very loving energy, she even checks up on my cat from time to time and is authentic about it.
I recommend her services to anyone who is thinking about reaching out to her especially in the department of healing a pet, you won’t be disappointed.
Special thanks to the spirits: Marbas & Heramael for the healing energies! Thank you eternally Bonnie! You truly are special! Hail Lucifer!

Anonymous pet owner from USA





I did 2 spells for the above mentioned cat. The cat’s owner loves the cat very much and I admire such pet owners. I and the owner of the cat have kept in touch now and then.

Recently, I was trying to find a particular message in my inbox and suddenly saw my correspondence with the owner of the cat. I sent a message to check upon the cat.

So, I wrote: “Hello, kitty, how are you?” The owner gave me a full update about the cat’s health status.



“He’s been excellent Bonnie! Thanks for asking. He has not suffered from any urinary problems, which of course is a blessing! Weight wise I’ve seen drastic changes in a good way because I figured out a diet that works best for him the way I petitioned in the ritual!”



“Aah this is very good! I was checking my messages today on Facebook and as I scrolled by all the contacts, I saw you. Of course, its the demons who put this idea about the diet into your head and helped you to implement it. I am very happy that the nasty urinary infection or whatever it was has gone away. Now I even offer spells with Barzabel for pets to make them brave haha 🙂



“Yeah, it’s been a while since we spoke but things have been running quite smoothly which of course is excellent especially during these times of uncertainty with this quarantine nonsense.

Yeah! It has been a formula composed of wet and dry food so the results have been miraculous. Huge respect to the demons for their influences!!! My cat has also been behaving with bravery now that you mention it, he’s been very protective and observant by my bedroom window and even though no-one can reach us he does hiss at some people going by at times, he’s very protective! 💖



I think that Marbas influences the cats natural instincts to hiss at people. A cat should protect its owner and he feels how much you love him.

When you paid for the healing spell, I understood that you love your cat a lot. Other people do not love animals, they give them away to other people, to shelters, etc.”



“He is! My green eyed monster, as I like to call him 🥰

I believe that and I’m thankful to Marbas and Heramael too. I love this creature so much, there’s no way in hell that I would give up on him especially when the possibility of magic exists.

I’d rather fail trying than to just give up without making any form of effort to cause change. People who give up their animals to shelters never cared for their animal in the first place, to me he’s my family, my kid, my baby. 💖





A complex love story & complex rituals




Demon Dantalion is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



My client was already divorced. She was depressed, because she loved her husband very much and was unwilling to let him go free. She spent lots of money on my rituals.

There was negative pressure from the husband’s relatives too, because they disliked my client. The relatives literally ruined my client’s marriage.

I did three love spells with Sallos and Dantalion. I also did one ritual with demon Sabnock to protect my client and her husband from manipulative spells (the relatives master Witchcraft).

So, this is what my client wrote to me after four months:



Hej 🌺 just nu går det bra, vi har inte bråkat en enda gång.. Vi har haft sex till och med… 🙈🙈🙈

Hello, everything is fine now, we did not fight even once. We even had sex….

Han vill vara nära mig.. Men han har inte ännu sagt att vi ska bli vi två igen eller gå tillbaka..

He wants to be around me all the time, but he has not been talking about the future engagement yet..

När han kom förra vecka på morgonen, han ville inte sitta ifrån mig… Han sa han har saknat mig jätte mycket, han kramade sönder mig… 

When he came to me last week, he wanted to sit close to me all the time. He told me that he missed me a lot and he kept hugging me all the time.


Vi har haft sex hela tiden 😂

We have sex all the time, haha 🙂

Nej jag bråkar ej, tar dtt lugnt med honom.

No, we do not fight at all.


The purchase of a house

Demon Dantalion is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.




Hi Bonnie,

We bought a home in the area we really want and we sold our old home for a really good price. I believe from the bottom of my heart that the demons helped us because we bought our home for a dream price. Thank you so much for all your help.

Leila from Sweden



My blog


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