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Demon Bune is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



Ms. Bonnie,


I hope you find yourself well and safe. I am reaching out to you because I need your services. There are what I would categorise as 2 things in my life that I need assistance with and one is more pressing that the other.


Over a year ago I found you online. I contacted you, we discussed my situation at that time and I eventually received a mojo bag (custom money spell with Bune) for financial / career opportunities.


Well things moved fast. The current job that I am at now has given me some financial breathing room (as I was drowning financially) and allowed me to leave the lousy job I had at that time. In general I was so busy trying to survive that I felt lost and just didn’t know how to get myself out of that situation. This current job has given me many opportunities but one of the most important ones has been the opportunity to as they say “stop and smell the roses”. I have the ability to see clearer and put some things in perspective.


With that I am so grateful to you and to Bune for opening this door for me but now I feel I am at the end of this road/chapter and need to move onto something more substantial. I find myself at a crossroads and need your guidance / assistance on how to best move forward or as I like to think of it as TIME TO LEVEL UP.


J. M from USA






A court case spell: Lucifer, Belial, Eligos, Surgat & a dead lawyer




This is a very powerful court case spell! I am in a shock, because of the good results!

Hey Bonnie,
Hope you’re doing well. Just wanted to tell you they reduced my DUI charge down to reckless driving so there will be NO jail time. I still have to pay fines, court costs, driving school, etc but NO jail!!! I would call that a success although a dismissal would have been even better. I mean somebody drugged me…!!!! I was doing rituals too so something definitely made it through.
Anonymous client

By publishing this happy story, I want to honour you, my dear dead friend Ulf (Ulf G. H who died on the 25 of August 2014 right in front of my eyes). I miss you. You are the best dead lawyer, you were the best when you were alive, and you are still the best lawyer among the dead.

You have helped so many clients from the USA and many of them burn grave candles in your memory on your birthday. Special thanks go to demons Lucifer, Belial, Eligos and Surgat.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Here you can read more about this particular court case spell.





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