A money spell with the seal of Archangel Tzadkiel and the hybrid seals of Jupiter


The seal of Tzadkiel is drawn using the Rose Cross lamen of the Golden Dawn.


צדקיאל is the Hebrew spelling of the name Tzadkiel. The sound “a” between tzadee and dalleth is omitted, because Hebrew lacks vowels. This spelling of the name Tzadkiel is taken from Agrippas “Three books of Occult philosophy”

There is another seal of Archangel Tzadkiel to be found in the Armadel. Which seal you use is a matter of taste, but this seal works too.



When to summon Tzadkiel?


The money magick with the seal of Tzadkiel is performed during a Thursday (during the waxing moon and/or during the full moon night). Try to aim for a Thursday as close as possible to the night of the full moon.


Archangel Tzadkiel rules the Sephira of Chesed on the Tree of Life. This Sephira is ruled by the planet Jupiter.


The correspondences of Chesed are:

Ruling planet: Jupiter

Day: Thursday

Astrological hour: Jupiter

Colour: blue

Paper seal: blue

Candle colour: gold or blue (white in case you dont have blue or gold)

Number: 4 (use 4 coins)

Herbs that attract money: cinnamon and nutmeg

Gems: sapphire, amethyst or blue gems

Oils for the seal: mint, because mint attracts money very strongly (jasmine is optional)

Money oil for the candles: olive oil with crushed mint in the oil (roll the candle in the money powder too, see the description of cinnamon/nutmeg powder below).



24 hours before your ritual

Place paper money under the blue seal of Tzadkiel 24 hours prior to your ritual. Cover the seal with money too. Arrange a small cup and mix cinnamon with nutmeg (2 parts powdered cinnamon: 1 part powdered nutmeg).

Drop some coins, silver items, paper money, etc. into this cup. Mix! Let the powder cover the money.



Before and after your main ritual with Tzadkiel

Of course, you should do the LBRP before and after your main ritual.



During the ritual

Activate the seal of Tzadkiel with Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Speak your evocation words to call upon Tzadkiel. Place the seal on a plate and arrange the four coins on the seal. Powder the seal with your money mixture (the cinnamon/nutmeg powder). Apply mint oil to the seal too.

Ask Tzadkiel to open avenues for the inflow of money. Say your spell 3 times. Raise power and project it into the seal.

Thank Tzadkiel and give licence to depart. After you have finished your ritual go place the 4 coins under your entrance door carpet. You can also place the coins into your fridge to attract money for food.

Carry the seal of Tzadkiel in your purse along with a little bit of your magickal cinnamon/nutmeg powder. Or place the seal in your cash box in your home. Renew this spell often. When you renew your spell, use a new seal of Tzadkiel.

The money will be supplied in time. Do not forget to thank Tzadkiel for the money!



Hybrid seals of Jupiter


You can also use hybrid seals or planetary seals of Jupiter. The method of the spellwork is the same. Below I provide you with some seals you can use to attract money.


A hybrid seal: Tzadkiel, seal of Jupiter (controls the forces), Mind of Jupiter seal (Jophiel) and spirit of Jupiter Hismael.


Some seals are complex and you end up summoning a whole army of spirits. In this case it is very important to give a firm licence to depart. You are in charge! It is very important to form a circle! Do not skip this step!


A hybrid seal: seal of Jupiter (controls the forces), planetary Angel of Jupiter Sachiel, Jophiel (the Mind of Jupiter) and the spirit of Jupiter Hismael.



The 1st pentacle of Jupiter: central disc + 4 seals of spirits (Parasiel, Netoniel, Tzedeqiah, Devachiah).



The 3rd pentacle of Jupiter controls the spirits of the 1st pentacle of Jupiter.



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Increasing your Witch power: seal and chain method

Satanic witchcraft_Luciferian witchcraft_seal of Lucifer_häxkonst


You have to be in good condition all the time. Sometimes our reserves of Witch power become empty due to worry, stress and battling with enemies. When you have done may spells to defend your interests, that is, you may feel like your fuel tank is empty, it is time to do spells to fetch occult power from our egregore. The Satanic egregore is a large energetic structure and is fed with occult power by multiple sects all over the world. Link to this structure to fill your fuel tank to the brim.

Your power will be restored over one moon cycle. I advice to repeat this particular spell regularly some 5-10 times until you feel that your powers are restored. You will feel when to stop filling your tank with occult power. Should you leave your physical body often during slumber and your experiences feel lucid to you, then you know, it is time to stop filling your tank.

The best time to do this spell is the full moon and the period of 5 days to the full moon night. You will need:

a black candle

some oil to rub the candle with (Marsian oils come to mind: iron in olive oil)

a book about Voodoo, Witchcraft or the Goetia

a photo of a Witch inside the book is good to have (you will place your jewelry on this photo)

your occult jewelry: pentacle, inverted cross or ankh…

the seal of Lucifer

Place the jewelry on the photo of the magickal practitioner and cover with the seal of Lucifer. Close shut the book. Do this 24 hours before you plan your ritual. In this way you are charging your jewelry. When you do your ritual you should consecrate the seal and the jewelry by calling the four Princes of Hell and asking them to grant you more occult power. Use the book during your sorcery as a source of occult power. And so shall it be. Wear the jewelry all the time. The egregore will help you to restore your powers.

The Hebrew Alphabet and the Qabalistic Seals

The Rose Cross lamen of the Golden Dawn

This page will be dedicated to seal and sigil creation. To summon Qabalistic entities succesfully you will have to understand how to create your own sigils. There are ready made seals and sigils found in books, but it is a pleasure to understand the process of sigil creation.

I am myself fascinated with the rituals of Ceremonial Witchcraft, but the only thing I don’t like is the Egyptian pantheon in the teachings of Golden Dawn. Therefore I follow the Satanic ritual structure while summoning the Qabalistic entities. Maybe someday, I will restructure my rituals and perform them in Hebrew.

Below comes a Rose Cross lamen that is used by followers of Ceremonial Arts. It is therefore important to know the Hebrew alphabet and the sound of each Hebrew letter in order to spell the entitie’s name correctly in Hebrew, and then draw lines in this Rose Cross lamen.

Hebrew letters_Qabalah_satanism_voodoo_häxkonst


The Hebrew Alphabet and the sound of each Hebrew letter







Value of each letter:

Aleph = 1

Bet = 2

Gimmel = 3

Dallet = 4

Heh = 5

Vahv = 6

Zy-in = 7

Chet = 8

Teht = 9

Yud = 10

Kaph = 20

Lahmed = 30

Mehm = 40

Nun = 50

Sah-mech = 60

Eye-in = 70

Peh = 80

Tzah-dee = 90

Koph = 100

Resh = 200

Shin = 300

Tahv = 400

Image result for shemhamforash meaning

Read from right to left: Yud Heh Vah Heh (the 4-fold name of God, that is, Tetragrammaton or Solomons pentacle) = 10 + 5 + 6 + 5 = 26

Additional letters if they occur at the end of the word complicate sigil creation, because one has to know Hebrew very well. I am learning the Hebrew alphabet and words for the purpose of performing my rituals in Hebrew.

5 additional letters in Hebrew


Exception to the rules (see the two photos here):

1. The letter with the value 500 is actually Dalleth that turns into Kaph, because it is found at the end of the word.

2. Final Mehm = value 600/ has another appearance if at the end of word

3. Final Nun = value 700/has another appearance if at the end of word

4. Final Peh = value 80/has another appearance if at the end of word

5. Final Tzah dee = 900/has another appearance if at the end of word

Totally = 5 letters that complicate the process of sigil creation, because they change their appearance if found at the end of the word.

Hebrew is read from right to left

Know the Hebrew name of the entitie. This is not easy for the student. This is what I feel. I wish I had a Rabbi who would teach me the secrets of practical Qabalah. For now I educate myself, by searching in online occult sources and also by following in the footsteps of famous Ceremonial magicians.

As an example I want to show you how one can create the seal of Phorlakh (used in money spells). We need to know the Hebrew name of this Angel Phorlakh (belongs to the Element of Earth/probably from the Sephira of Malkuth).


Hebrew is read from right to left: Peh-Vah-Resh-Lahmed-Aleph-Kaph (Daleth changes into Kaph with value 500/ end of the word!).

So you begin drawing straight lines to join the hebrew letters in the Rose Cross lamen. I will continue, because I will take pictures of my seals.

Creating the seal of Phorlakh

Step 1:


Write the name Phorlakh in Hebrew from right to left 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Note that the 6th letter Dalleth is at the end of the name. In this case Dalleth turns into Kaph with the value 500 (see exceptions above, point 1 ).

Step 2:


Draw the lines starting with Peh. At Peh make a small circle. This will mark the beginning of your seal drawing. Continue drawing through the letters in the following sequence: Vah-Resh-Lahmed-Aleph-Kaph.

Step 3:


Step 4:

Choose green or olive coloured paper. This is because Malkuth is divided into 4 Elemental spheres:


Air = yellow

Fire = Red

Water = black

Earth = green/olive colour

I had no green paper at home. Therefore I choose some “yellow mud” coloured paper to demonstrate my seal.






Ready. You may decorate the seal with Phorlakh written in Hebrew. When you perform your ritual its important to consecrate the seal with Air, Fire, Water and Earth on your altar. Stare at the seal and read the conjurations to Phorlakh. Have your mirror positioned outside your circle. If you see nothing, don’t get upset. Do a spell with the seal.

The purpose of summoning entities is also to obtain favours from them. Make talismans when the moon is waxing and full to draw things towards you. Make amulets when the moon is full and waning to repel things from you.

The Qabalah, the Goetia and the 72 infernal spirits



The Sephirotic Tree of Life with each Sephira ruled by an Archangel. I imagine the shells right behind each Sephira. The shells and the paths then are homes of the demons.


I am mapping the homes of the Goetic spirits on the Tree of Life, because I am a student of Qabalah. Israel Regardie recommended to make lists of correspondences so that each spirit, angel, god energy, herb, smell, and gem finds it’s right place on the Tree of Life.

This chart will hopefully give you information regarding the most suitable times to call forth the Goetic spirits during your rituals.

I also include some more information like seal color and the color of candles for the summoning ritual, because it is expensive to make the seals in metals such as gold, silver and copper. But metal seals can be worn as necklaces instead.


The Qliphotic Tree of Life with the “shells”.


Among my pages you will find some charts, which include information about Arhangels. It is a fact that I work with both angelic and demonic forces.

Of course, I will be posting spells and some rituals as I go deeper and deeper into my studies of Qabalah. So, I begin with the Sephira of Binah (the Qlipha called Satariel).

There are no planets associated with Kether and Chokmah, because these two Sephiroth represent the first swirlings of the Cosmos, that is, the Big Bang, or the shrinking of gases and their explosion to build our Universe.



Sephira number 3/ Binah/Shell: Satariel


Ruling planet: Saturn

Meaning of Binah: death, reincarnation, silence, eternity

Features of Saturn: constriction, destruction, shrinking of problems

Number in Qabalistic magick: 3

Astrological symbol of Saturnus:

Bildresultat för saturn symbol


Goetic spirits belonging to the Sephira of Binah (shell: Satariel): Knight Furcas.

God name in Hebrew to vibrate during your ritual: Yod Heh Vah Heh Elohim

Seal color if you use hard quality paper: dark grey

Candles: black or grey

Metal for the seal according to Goetia: lead

Qabalistic gem magick: pearl or sapphire

The most auspicious time to summon Furcas: Friday to Saturday night after midnight and until sunrise.

Astro hour: Saturn



Sephira number 4/Chesed/shell: Gamchicoth


Ruling planet: Jupiter

Meaning of Chesed: generiousity of God

Features of Jupiter: drawing forth abundance to people, new opportunities for money making, jobs

Number in Qabalistic magick: 4 (use four coins in money magick while summoning entities)

Astrological symbol of Jupiter:

Image result for symbol of jupiter


Goetic spirits belonging to the Sephira of Chesed:

Princes and Prelates:



The seal of Vassago.




The seal of Sitri.



The seal of Ipos.




The seal of Stolas.



The seal of Orobas.



The seal of Seere.

Preferable seal color: blue

Candle color: blue

Seal made of metal: Tin

Gem: sapphire and amethyst

God name to vibrate during your ritual: God El

The most auspicious time to summon these Goetic spirits of Chesed: Wednesday to Thursday night after midnigt and until sunrise.

Astro hour: Jupiter




Sephira number 5/Geburah/ shell: Golab


Ruling planet: Mars

Meaning of Geburah: Power

Features of Geburah: brutal force, enormous power, courage, resiliens

Number in Qabalistic magick: 5

Astrological symbol of Mars: I will make the symbols…


Goetic spirits

Earls and Counts:









The seal of Vinea.




The seal of Bifrons.



The seal of Andromalius.


Seal color: red

Candle colou: red

God name: Elohim Giboor

Gem: Ruby

Goetic seal if made in metal: Iron

The most auspicious time to summon these spirits: the night between Monday and Tuesday after midnight and until sunrise.

Astro hour: Mars




Sephira number 6/Tiphareth/shell: Thagirion


Ruling planet: Sun

Meaning of Tiphareth: the mind of God (Buddha consciousness), unconditional love, altruism

Features of Tiphareth: love and beauty, healing on the soul level, forgiveness

Issues: money magick, creativity, confidence, success

Number in Qabalistic magick: 6

Astrological symbol of the Sun:

Image result for astrological symbol of the sun


Goetic spirits belonging to the Sephira of Tiphareth (Thagirion):





The seal of Bael. The spirit Bael is a very helpful spirit in hiding you away from danger.



The seal of Paimon.



The seal of Beleth.




The spirit Purson from Goetia.



The seal of Purson.



The seal of Asmoday.


Vine (inhabits Sephirah of Geburah (the shell Golab) too for unknown reason according to Goetia)





The seal of Belial.


Seal color if you use paper of hard quality: gold or yellow

Candle color: yellow or gold

Seal in metal: gold

Gem: topaz

God name to vibrate during summonings: Yod Heh Vah Heh Eloah Vdaath

Yod Heh Vah Heh is written usually as YHVH and because Hebrew lacks wovels this YHVH translates into the 4- fold name of the Jewish God Elohim.

Shemhamphorash, a word strongly associated with Satanism and suspicion towards Satanic sects and the horrors of Ceremonial magick displayed by Hollywood moviemakers  who film the Ouija bord horrors, means nothing more than Yod Heh Vah Heh, that is, the 4- fold name of the Jewish God.

The most auspicious time to summon these Goetic spirits of Tiphareth (Thagirion): the night between Saturday and Sunday after midnight and until sunrise.



Sephira number 7/Netzach/ shell: Harab Serapel


Ruling planet: Venus

Meaning of Netzach: rising sun, glory, love, human feelings, the fire in human souls, desire, pleasure

Features of Netzach: love, all sort of human feelings

Number in Qabalistic magick: 7

Astrological symbol of the Venus:



Goetic spirits belonging to the Sephira of Netzach:




The seal of Agares.



The seal of Valefor.




The seal of Barbatos.



The seal of Gusion.




The seal of Zepar.




The seal of Sallos.




The seal of Bune.




The seal of Astaroth.








The seal of Murmur.










The seal of Haures.





Seal colour: Green

Candle colour: green

Seal in metal: Copper

Gem use in your spells: emerald (I think that green gems can be used too/green jade)

God name to vibrate during ritual: Yod Heh Vah Heh Tzva-hoht

The most auspicious time to summon these Goetic spirits of Netzach is: the night between Thursday and Friday after midnight and until sunrise.

Astrological hour: Venus



Sephira number 8/Hod/shell: Samael


Ruling planet: Mercury

Meaning of Hod: the intellect, the brain, human thought, logical thinking

Features of Hod: logic

Number in Qabalistic magick: 8

Astrological symbol of the Mercury:

Image result for astrological symbol of mercury


Goetic spirits belonging to the Sephira of Hod:




The seal of Marbas.



The seal of Buer.












The seal of Amy.




Seal colour: Orange

Candle colour: Orange

Seal made of metal: Mercury

Gem: Quartz

God name: Elohim Tzva-hoht

The most auspicious time to summon these Goetic spirits of Hod is: the night between Tuesday and Wednesday after midnight and until sunrise.



Sephira number 9/Yesod/shell: Gamaliel


Ruling planet: Moon

Meaning of Yesod: the astral plane, the unconscious mind

Features of Yesod: magick, deep mind

Number in Qabalistic magick: 9

Astrological symbol of the Moon:


Image result for astrological symbol of moon

Goetic spirits belonging to the Sephira of Yesod (shell Gamaliel):





The seal of Samigina.





The seal of Leraje.











The seal of Andras.




Seal colour: violet

Candle colour: violet

Metal seal: Silver

Gem: Quartz

God name: Shadai El Chai

The most auspicious time to summon these Goetic spirits of Yesod is: the night between Sunday and Monday after midnight and until sunrise.

Astrological hour: Luna



The rituals of summonings are very long. You dont have to arrange the Solomonic ritual circle, speak Hebrew and use a ritual sword. But it is good if you can obtain a sword.

Your most important tool will be your black mirror. Place it outside your ritual circle and never cross the circle boundary while you perform your ritual of summoning.

Aromatic smoke will stimulate your unconscious mind and enable you to see. Use only candlelight during these summoning rituals. It should be quite dark in your ritual space.

Don’t get scared if you suddenly start to see scenes in the mirror. But most probably this won’t happen at once. You have to be in a very relaxed condition. Most importantly, you have to get rid of your expectations and fears of seing someone terrible in the mirror.

Just do ritual after ritual. If you don’t see anything at one occasion or even several occasions, do spells with the seals of the chosen entities.

In the first hand choose to work with spirits that influence you in a good way. Avoid those ones that can manifest quarells, diseases and detremental behaviours in you (Valefor may cause you to act out something undesirable).

If you are angry at somebody, you should refrain from working with Andras. Just a good advise.

Don’t be surprised to hear the voice of the spirit you summon and to see something related to your spell with the seal of a particular Goetic spirit. This will happen and shock you. Then you will know that your spell is successful!

Some demons from The Goetia and how they can help you



The seals of Goetia influence our subconscious mind. Therefore, you must know yourself, your thoughts and feelings.

The spirits of Goetia are partly good and partly evil. I do not like the word evil for there is no evil in this world. All is neutral and relative.

Humans label spirits as being good or evil. The evil ones will act to boost and accentuate your psychological complexes, thats it. Your addictions may become more pronounced if you do spells with some spirits.

One should not be afraid to work with infernal beings, but it is wise to approach this area of the Occult with some caution.

Do not experiment just for the sake of fun with the “evil” infernal spirits of Goetia in combination with the curses of Voodoo (involves doll magick and cemetery dirt) in an attempt to punish your enemies.

The attack you send forth will be powerful, but it will come back to you sooner or later. Experienced practitioners of Hoodoo magick know about this, and this is the only reason they refrain from revenge in the form of a death curse or some magick in that style.

When you summon some demons from Goetia, you will notice that you have stirred chaos in your life. The events of your life may undergo a rapid change and you will try to catch up with the rapid changing circumstances of your life.

Do not panick though. Your life will become normal after some time. Change is a good but also a traumatic thing.





The seal of Bael from Goetia.


The Goetia tells us that Bael rules 66 legions of Spirits. His office is to make you go invisible by hiding you away from your enemies.

According to S. Connolly, Bael can help to spark your creativity and even give advice in matters of the heart. Also, you can seek Bael for wealth magick, if you are involved in creative projects, and plan to earn money by selling your creativity.

Enn: Ayer Secore On Ca Ba’al

Bael is a very helpful spirit and he helps you to literally vanish so that your presence is undetectable. This is my personal experience. If you want to hide from danger, then use this seal.

Call forth Bael using a spoken invitation to Bael. Gaze at the seal during a couple of minutes while you invite Bael.

Glue your hair and also apply a drop of your blood to the consecrated seal of Bael during your ritual. You should say a spell to give Bael very clear instructions.

Charge the seal. Give Bael the licence to depart before you close your circle. Keep the seal with you at all times.

There is no need to summon Bael to visible appearance using plant drugs, although this kind of experience can be very shocking and frightening.

Spirits may come making noise (speaking and making other noises). This is frightening and I always experience a light shock.

You might also want to read about Morail, a demon just like Bael, but from Grimoirium Verum.

It is very important to form a protective circle when you do your ritual. You should be inside the ritual circle and not allow the summoned forces cross the boundaries of your circle.

If you wish to communicate with the spirits while observing them appear in your black mirror, yes, then you will probably need some substance to sink into a deeper state of conciousness.





The seal of Agares from Goetia.


Summon Agares if you want to learn a foreign language fast. Spells with Agares will make you very fluent in a foreign language.

If you are stuck and your creativity has left you, Agares can push you forward. So, yes, Agares can show you how you can make money if you are an artist.

Well, Agares is capable of destroying the reputation and even the business of your enemy. I believe that the “earthquake” is a metaphor for a huge shocking change or demolition.

Source: Goetia & Daemonolatry Goetia by S. Connolly

Enn: Rean ganen ayar da Agares





The seal of Vassago from Goetia.


Vassago is of a good nature and he can tell you about things of the past, and also predict your future. He can also discover secrets, things hidden and lost.

If you suspect that your enemy has cursed you, then you might want to summon Vassago, because he will tell you the truth. This spirits can also give you advice when you are dealing with difficult people.


Goetia & Daemonolatry Goetia by S. Connolly



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How Lucifer can protect you from love that hurts



The seal of Lucifer from Grimoirium Verum.


This type of magick is done in emergency situations when you need to stand strong in your decisions: when “the beginning of love” ends and you need to go on with your life.

Allas, you thought it was true love! It was not love at all and it is good that you did not allow youself to fall in love.

After this ritual you will not be able to feel anything romantic towards men (or women, if you are a male). For a while of course, and until you find a better partner.

When to perform this ritual? Do this ritual during the waxing moon or during the fullmoon. Any day of the week is suitable, but Tuesdays are best (it is the day of Mars).




This is what you will need:


You will need:

a black candle (paint it with olive oil and roll it in crushed bay leaf and crushed sage)

the seal of Lucifer

a chain (a necklace)

an occult book like Goetia (your ritual book is also suitable)

You will need the book, because you will need a source of occult power. Store the seal and the chain in Goetia some hours before your ritual of bonding with Lucifer.

So, form your ritual circle. Call forth Lucifer while you gaze at his seal:

“I call you Lucifer. Please come to me. In your name Lucifer, the ruler of Earth and the King of our Universe, I command the forces of the pit to bestow their infernal powers upon me!

Open the doors that lead to Hell and come forth to love your beloved Witch. Grant me resiliens and immunity towards a man’s love so I am unable to fall in love with a man made of flesh.

Lucifer, I have taken your image and power as a part of me. By the joys of the life contained in the Hell, I demand that immunity be granted to me and immediately.

Love me Lord Lucifer, and I will love you back. Protect me from love that hurts. I offer this chain as a link to you!”


My self empowerment ritual with Lucifer.


Consecrate the seal and the chain with Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Ask Lucifer, Satan, Leviathan and Belial to witness your bonding with Lucifer.

Raise power and charge the seal and the chain. Wear the chain daily and you will fall out of love fast.



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Book review by a Witch (Author Ebbe Schön: Witchcraft and Love magick)

Tarot_Häxkonst_wicca_voodoo hoodoo_magi_kärleksmagi
Witchcraft and love magic by Ebbe Schön.

I am very fond of books about Witchcraft. The picture above shows a book written by a Swedish author Ebbe Schön. This book takes the reader back into the era of Witch persecutions in Sweden and is a wonderful history of Swedish Witchcraft. The book is skillfully written and contains real documents that support the facts of history.

I understood at once that the author is not a practitioner of the Occult Arts, because he describes some Witch rituals without believing in their effectiveness. If I had done these rituals I would succeed. Some sigills in this book are found in the Medieval books like Clavicula Salomonis.

The book contains copies of Witch trials which were held before the Witches were executed. The trials and tortures of Witches are a direct evidence of the fear that paralyzed the Swedish society. People were brainwashed by the Church to fear and hate Witches. Today most Sweeds are atheists and I am safe among them.

But I do not believe that real Swedish Witches were persecuted and killed. Why so? The Witch has familiar spirits, Witch bottles and other protection devices that will signal danger when the Witch is in danger. A Witch can go invisible among the masses or simply dissapear and become persona ing´cognito in the society.

It was easy to blame innocent people of things they did not do. Problems begin when people become fanatic regarding their way of life and beliefs. I also suspect that human greed was a hidden motif in case of persecutions of people. Perhaps, history is repeating itself once more today. Our world today is unsafe because of wars between nations. This is so sad.

In conclusion, Häxkonster och Kärleksknep by Ebbe Schön is a wonderful book to read. It was a pleasure to read your book Ebbe 😉