Daemon Naberius and demon Bune: eloquence spell for a public speaker









Demon Naberius is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.
Daemon Naberius is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



Daemon Naberius from Goetia can help public speakers and project leaders to silence their fear of speaking in public. If you are very afraid of speaking in front of many people, you can also summon demon Bune.

Naberius has a very structured energy and you will feel this during the spell. His energy is that of a school rector.





Daemon Naberius: Goetia



Naberius is the 24th spirit and he is a Marquis. He shows up in the form of a black crane fluttering about the ritual circle. He speaks with a hoarse voice.

He makes people very knowing and competent in all arts and sciences, but especially in rhetoric. Naberius restores lost dignities and honours.

19 legions of spirits obey Naberius.

Source: Goetia





Demon Bune: Goetia



Demon Bune is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.
Demon Bune is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



Bune or sometimes also called for Bime, is the 26th spirit of Goetia. He is ranked as a Duke. Bune appears in the form of a dragon with three heads.

His first head is that of a dog, the second is like of a Gryphon, and the third head is that of a man. Bune speaks with a high and calm voice.

This spirit changes the place of the spirits of the dead people, and causes the spirits under his command to gather upon your grave.

Bune makes people rich and wise. He is trustworthy and gives true answers unto your demands. Bune commands 30 legions of spirits and he has two seals.

Source: Goetia





The Eloquence spell timing



Daemon Naberius



This is the Tree of Life.
The Marquises of Goetia come from the shell of Yesod. The shell of Yesod is Gamaliel and it is ruled by the planet Moon.



Naberius is a Marquis and the Marquises of Goetia come from the shell of Yesod. The shell of Yesod is Gamaliel. In my magick with the Marquises of Goetia, I use the correspondences of Yesod:

Ruling planet: Moon

Day: Monday

Astrological hour: Moon

Paper seal colour: purple

Candle colour: silver or purple

Metal: silver

Number: 9

Gem: clear quarts

The best day for magick with Naberius is a Monday. You can fine tune your magick by doing it during the astrological hour of the Moon.

If you want to summon Naberius and Bune together, you can select the astrological hour of Venus during a Monday. You can also select the astrological hour of the Moon during a Friday.



Demon Bune



This is the Tree of Life.
Bune is the spirit of Harab-Serapel or Netzach. The sphere of Netzach is dominated by the planet Venus.



Demon Bune belongs to the Duke group of Goetia demons. Bune is the spirit of Netzach (or Qlipha Harab Serapel) and the correspondences are:

Ruling planet: Venus

Day: Friday

Astrological hour: Venus

Metal seal: copper

Paper seal: green

Scent: sandalwood (oil for example)

Plant: rose

Number: 7 (7 coins)

The best day for rituals with demon Bune is Friday. You can fine-tune your magick by selecting the astrological hour of Venus.





Daemon Naberius & demon Bune:

the eloquence spell




You will need:

the seals of Naberius and Bune

a white candle (paint it with sunflower oil and roll it in sage and cinnamon)

a paper doll (the doll will represent you)

napkins and wrapping paper

honey and the following ingredients: bay leaf, mint, sage, lavender, cinnamon, ginger and orange peel





The ritual



This is an eloquence spell with the demons Naberius and Bune from Goetia.
This is an eloquence spell with the demons Naberius and Bune from Goetia.



Please summon Lucifer, Naberius and Bune. Explain the purpose of the spell and ask the demons to help you fight your fears of speaking in public.

Baptize the paper doll and place it on a napkin. Paint the doll with honey and pour out the other ingredients on the surface of the doll. Speak your witch spell over the doll 3 times.

The seals of both demons are added and all this is wrapped into the napkin. You can even wrap this small package into wrapping paper.





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The Olympic spirit Och and how he can help you









The Olympic spirit Och is described in the Arbatel De magia veterum and this is his seal.



The Olympic spirit Och is described in the Arbatel De magia veterum. In this post you will find information about the best times for rituals with Och, information about the correspondences and about the abilities of Och to help you.





The Arbatel: Och



Och is a solar spirit, because he is connected to the Sun and to Tiphareth.



Och is strongly connected to the Sun and to Tiphareth. This spirit can give you good health and a long life. It is said in the Arbatel that Och is able to prolong human: he grants 600 years of life.

The Olympic spirit Och makes people wise, provides familiar spirits and teaches the art of healing. Och can help you to increase your income and become successful in life.

Och has a very high status and you must always treat him with respect. He commands 36 536 legions of spirits.

Source: Arbatel De magia veterum






the best time for witchcraft




This is the Tree of Life.
This is the Tree of Life with the 10 worlds. Och comes from Tiphareth.



In my magick with solar spirits, I use the correspondences of Tiphareth. You can use other items too: dolls of yourself, powders (money powder, commanding powder), petitions, honey, seeds, money, jewellery, etc.

The correspondences of Tiphareth are such:

Ruling planet: Sun

Day: Sunday

Astrological hour: Sun

Paper seal colour: yellow

Metal seal: gold

Candle colour: yellow (gold)

Number: 6

Plant: Sunflower (use seeds)

Gem: Topaz

The best day to summon Och is a Sunday. You can fine tune your magick by doing it during the astrological hour of Sun.





Similar spirits



The planetary talisman of the Sun can help you to achieve success in life. Demon Belial from Goetia can also help you to achieve success in life. Doing magick with the spirits of Arbatel is easy.

I have done a lot of spells with Hagith, Bethor and Aratron and obtained good results. Below you will find a video about the planetary talisman of the Sun.






Demon Belial: Goetia



Demon Belial is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



It is said that King Belial was created after Lucifer. Belial was cast down to Earth first and he was of the worthier sort.

Belial is constrained by the name of God, and when he is given offerings and sacrifices, he does speak the truth. But he will deceive and tell lies if he is not constrained by Divine power.

He appears in the form of a beautiful angel sitting in a flaming chariot. If asked, he distributes high titles of senatorship, and grants favours of friends and enemies.

Upon request, Belial gives very good Familiar spirits. Belial rules 80 legions of spirits.

Source: Johann Weyer, Pseudomonarchia Daemonum





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來自Goetia的Demon Andras:一種在欺負您的人之間引起爭論的咒語

























安德拉斯的咒語適得其反的風險有多高? 50/50!但是,當Andras站在您這一邊時,結果通常會在3或4個月後顯現出來。Andras是在您的工作中在兩個人之間造成衝突的合適惡魔,但您必須非常小心,並始終對每個人都表現得禮貌。





惡魔Bucon:Grimorium Verum



Grimorium Verum中描述了Demon Bucon,这是他的印章。



Grimorium Verum中对Demon Bucon的描述如下:“ Bucon引起异性之间的仇恨和强烈的嫉妒。”

资料来源:Grimorium Verum





Bucon是一個類似的惡魔,但他更適合將戀人彼此分開,因為他會引起嫉妒和仇恨。用Bucon進行的咒語也會引起非常嚴重的“逆火”反應。 “適得其反”的風險是50/50。








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再次感謝您/ M來自瑞典! ”
















黑色或白色蠟燭 (用葵花籽油塗蠟燭。在蠟燭上塗上紅辣椒粉。一支蠟燭就足夠了)。
































Demonen Andras från Goetia: magi som skapar argument mellan de som mobbar dig









Demonen Andras från Goetia



Demonen Andras finns beskriven i Goetia och detta är hans sigill.



Demonen Andras från Goetia är den 63dje ande och han är en Markis. Han sår bråk och osämja. Om du inte är försiktig kommer Andras att göra slut på dig och dina vänner.

Andras styr över 30 legioner av demoner.

Källa: Goetia



Ritualer med demonen Andras skapar bråk och ibland också slagsmål, men de kommer sannolikt att slå tillbaka om du inte är försiktig. Om du utför en ritual med Andras för att få två människor att hata varandra, se till att du är väldigt lugn.

Andras kan skapa en speciell situation för dig och försöka involvera dig i verbala konfrontationer och till och med till knytnävestrider. Du måste vara väldigt lugn och för att undvika kraftiga verbala konfrontationer kan du göra detta:

undvik att svara på samtal från människor

var mycket noggrann och uppmärksam när du svarar på e-post

om en vän börjar bråka med dig kan du tillfälligt stänga av din vän (för att undvika konflikter)

om du står inför en våldsam verbal konfrontation kan du låtsas gråta och tyst gå bort (tystnad är guld värt!)

var mycket artig med alla du träffar varje dag

Hur hög är risken att en ritual med Andras kommer att slå tillbaka? 50/50! Men när Andras är på din sida manifesterar resultaten oftast efter 3 eller 4 månader.

Andras är en lämplig demon för att skapa konflikter mellan två personer på ditt jobb, men du måste vara mycket försiktig och uppträda väldigt artigt gentemot alla hela tiden.





Demonen Bucon: Grimorium Verum



Demonen Bucon är beskriven i Grimorium Verum och detta är hans sigill.



Demonen Bucon finns beskriven i Grimorium Verum och det sägs så om honom: ”Bucon kan orsaka hat och spetsig svartsjuka mellan medlemmar av motsatta kön.”

Källa: Grimorium Verum





Bucon är en liknande demon, men han är mer lämpad för att skilja älskare från varandra, eftersom han skapar svartsjuka och hat. Ritualer med Bucon kan också slå tillbaka mycket dåligt och risken för ”backfire” är 50/50.

Men när Bucon skapar svartsjuka, hat och konflikter, gör han sitt jobb mycket bra. Det tar 3 eller 4 månader för magin att skapa konflikter mellan målen av din magi. Efter sådana konfrontationer blir människorna nästan som fiender.

Du måste undvika all kontakt med dina fiender. Om du inte följer mitt råd kommer Bucon att få dig att lida. Demonen kommer att göra dig väldigt svartsjuk, ledsen och arg, och också involvera dig i svartsjuka konfrontationer.

Min svenska klient M är väldigt tålmodig och hon följer alltid mina råd. Under nästan fyra månader undvek hon all kontakt med målen av Bucon ritualen och demonen tog hennes sida: han separerade hennes fiender från varandra.





Demonen Bucon: en kundhistoria




jag vill berätta om hur Bonnie hjälpte mig när jag var otroligt nere och djupt förälskad i en person som avsluta oss utan förklaring och sedan fann personen en annan.

Jag var så låg och visste inte vad jag skulle göra, jag började googla på allt möjligt och på något sätt fann jag Bonnies sida och tog kontakt med henne.

Jag berättade om min historia och berättade att personen jag var förälskad i funnit en annan och hur jag mådde. Bonnie var verkligen hjälpsam och föreslog att göra en breakup spell först.

Hon ordnade en ritual med demonen Bucon. Bucon skulle fixa en breakup mellan paret och Bonnie och Bucon lyckades med detta, efter ett tag fick jag reda på att paret splittrades och gått skilda vägar.

Bucon lyckades verkligen med denna breakup spell så att dessa 2 människor gick isär från varandra. Jag förklarade för Bonnie att det verkligen fungerade och att Bucon lyckats separera dom.

Så jag måste bara säga att dom verkligen lyckades med detta. All tack för detta Bonnie och än idag har du kontakt med mig vilket är guld värt för mig, och du lyssnar även om jag har något att säga!

Jag rekommenderar verkligen Bonnie om någon är i behov av hjälp för hon är en fantastisk människa med hjärta av guld.

Tack än en gång / M från Sverige!”





Demonen Andras från Goetia:

ingredienser till ritualen




Detta är en ritual med demonen Mephistophilis från den Svarta Korpen.
Jag bränner mina framställningar i en liten metallpanna. Sådana stekpannor används i Indien för matlagning.




Du kommer behöva:

sigilllen av Andras och Lucifer

gåvor för demonerna

ett svart eller vitt ljus (måla ljuset med solrosolja och rulla det i rött chilipulver)

en burk med skruvlock

digitala foton av målen

pappersdockor av målen

din framställning till Andras (skriv den på papper)

vinäger, citronsaftkoncentrat (av 32 citroner), rött chilipulver (2 msk), jord från kyrkogården

tändare och en liten bricka (panna) för att bränna framställningar





Demonen Andras: ritualen



Det här är magi med demonen Andras från Goetia.
Det här är magi med demonen Andras från Goetia.



Du bör kalla på Lucifer först och sedan också kalla på Andras. Ge gåvorna åt demonerna och förklara syftet med din ritual. Det chili-belagda ljuset tänds och pappersdockorna av målen döps.

Framställningen läses upp för Lucifer och Andras och sedan reduceras den till aska. Askan hälls ut i glasburken. 2 msk chilipulver tillsätts tillsammans med 1 msk jord från kyrkogården. Pappersdockorna placeras också i glasburken.

Vinäger och citronkoncentrat tillsätts och allt detta blandas med en sked. Burken stängs och förvaras på en mörk plats. Det finns inget behov av att skaka burken flera gånger om dagen (nybörjare gillar att skaka).





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Dämon Andras aus Goetia: Ein Zauber, der Streit zwischen denen schafft, die dich schikanieren









Dämon Andras wird in der Goetia beschrieben und dies ist sein Siegel.



Dämon Andras ist der 63. Geist und er ist ein Marquis. Er sät Zwietracht. Wenn Sie nicht aufpassen, wird Andras Sie und Ihre Freunde töten. Andras regiert über 30 Legionen von Geistern.

Quelle: Goetia


Zauber mit Dämon Andras führen zu Kämpfen und Auseinandersetzungen, aber sie können nach hinten losgehen, wenn Sie nicht vorsichtig sind. Wenn Sie mit Andras einen Zauber wirken, der zwei Menschen dazu bringt, sich gegenseitig zu hassen, stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie sehr ruhig sind.

Andras kann eine besondere Situation für Sie schaffen und versuchen, Sie in verbale Konfrontationen und sogar in Faustkämpfe zu ziehen. Sie müssen sehr ruhig sein und um laute verbale Konfrontationen zu vermeiden, können Sie Folgendes tun:

Vermeiden Sie es, Anrufe von Personen zu beantworten

Seien Sie sehr genau und aufmerksam, wenn Sie E-Mails beantworten

Wenn ein Freund einen Kampf beginnt, können Sie Ihren Freund vorübergehend stumm schalten (um Konflikte zu vermeiden).

Wenn Sie mit einer gewalttätigen verbalen Konfrontation konfrontiert sind, können Sie so tun, als würden Sie weinen und lautlos weggehen (Stille ist Gold wert!).

Sei sehr höflich mit jedem, den du jeden Tag triffst

Wie hoch ist das Risiko, dass ein Zauber mit Andras nach hinten losgeht? 50/50! Aber wenn Andras auf Ihrer Seite ist, manifestieren sich die Ergebnisse normalerweise nach 3 oder 4 Monaten.

Andras ist ein geeigneter Dämon, um Konflikte zwischen zwei Personen an Ihrem Arbeitsplatz zu erzeugen, aber Sie müssen jederzeit sehr vorsichtig und höflich zu allen sein.





Dämon Bucon: Grimorium Verum




Dämon Bucon wird im Grimorium Verum beschrieben und dies ist sein Siegel.



Dämon Bucon wird im Grimorium Verum wie folgt beschrieben:

“Bucon kann Hass und boshafte Eifersucht zwischen Mitgliedern des anderen Geschlechts verursachen.”





Bucon ist ein ähnlicher Dämon, aber er ist besser geeignet, Liebende voneinander zu trennen, weil er Eifersucht und Hass hervorruft. Zauber mit Bucon können auch sehr stark nach hinten losgehen und das Risiko eines „Rückschlags“ beträgt 50/50.

Aber wenn Bucon Eifersucht, Hass und Konflikte erzeugt, macht er seinen Job sehr gut. Es dauert 3 oder 4 Monate, bis ein Zauber Kämpfe zwischen den Zielen Ihres Zaubers erzeugt. Nach solchen Kämpfen werden die Ziele des Zaubers fast wie Feinde.

Sie müssen jeglichen Kontakt mit den Zielen Ihres Zaubers vermeiden. Wenn Sie meinen Rat nicht befolgen, wird Bucon Sie leiden lassen. Der Dämon wird dich sehr eifersüchtig, traurig und wütend machen und dich auch in eifersüchtige Kämpfe ziehen.

Mein schwedischer Kunde M ist sehr geduldig und folgt immer meinem Rat. Fast 4 Monate lang vermied sie jeglichen Kontakt mit den 2 Zielen (2 Frauen) des Bucon-Zaubers und der Dämon nahm ihre Seite: Er trennte die beiden Frauen voneinander.





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Demon Bucon:

eine Kundengeschichte



„Hallo, ich möchte dir sagen, wie Bonnie mir geholfen hat, als ich unglaublich niedergeschlagen und tief in eine Person verliebt war, die unsere Beziehung ohne Erklärung beendet hat und die Person dann eine andere gefunden hat.

Ich war so niedrig und wusste nicht, was ich tun sollte, ich fing an, alles zu googeln und irgendwie fand ich Bonnies Seite und kontaktierte sie.

Ich erzählte meine Geschichte und erklärte, dass die Person, in die ich verliebt war, jemand anderen gefunden hatte und wie ich mich fühlte. Bonnie war sehr hilfreich und schlug vor, zuerst einen Trennungszauber zu machen.

Sie arrangierte ein Ritual mit dem Dämon Bucon. Bucon würde eine Trennung zwischen dem Paar beheben und Bonnie und Bucon gelang dies, nach einer Weile stellte ich fest, dass sich das Paar trennte und verschiedene Wege ging.

Bucon hat diesen Trennungszauber wirklich geschafft, so dass diese 2 Leute auseinander brachen. Ich erklärte Bonnie, dass es wirklich funktioniert hat und dass Bucon es geschafft hat, sie zu trennen.

Ich muss nur sagen, dass ihnen das wirklich gelungen ist. Vielen Dank für diese Bonnie, und auch heute haben Sie Kontakt zu mir, der mir Gold wert ist, und Sie hören zu, auch wenn ich etwas zu sagen habe!

Ich kann Bonnie nur empfehlen, wenn jemand Hilfe braucht, da sie eine erstaunliche Person mit einem Herz aus Gold ist.

Nochmals vielen Dank / M aus Schweden! ”





Dämon Andras: die Zauber Zutaten



Dies ist ein Ritual mit dem Dämon Mephistophilis.
Ich verbrenne meine Petitionen in einer kleinen Metallpfanne. Solche Pfannen werden in Indien zum Kochen verwendet.



Sie wirst brauchen:

die Siegel von Andras und Luzifer

Opfergaben und Geschenke für die Dämonen

eine schwarze oder eine weiße Kerze (malen Sie die Kerze mit Sonnenblumenöl und rollen Sie sie in rotem Chilipulver)

ein Glas mit einem Schraubdeckel

digitale Fotos der Ziele (Personen)

Papierpuppen der Ziele (Menschen)

Ihre Petition an Andras (schreiben Sie sie auf Papier)

Essig, Zitronensaftkonzentrat (aus 32 Zitronen), rotes Chilipulver (2 Esslöffel), Friedhofsschmutz

Feuerzeug und ein kleines Tablett zum Brennen von Petitionen





Dämon Andras: der Zauber



Dies ist ein Bild des Zaubers mit dem Dämon Andras aus Goetia.
Dies ist ein Bild des Zaubers mit dem Dämon Andras aus Goetia.



Vielleicht möchten Sie zuerst Luzifer und dann auch Andras herbeirufen. Biete beiden Dämonen Opfer an und erkläre den Zweck deines Rituals.

Die mit Chili bedeckte Kerze wird angezündet und die Papierpuppen der Ziele werden getauft. Die Petition wird Luzifer und Andras vorgelesen und verbrannt.

Die Asche wird in das Glas gegossen. 2 Esslöffel Chilipulver werden zusammen mit 1 Esslöffel Friedhofserde hinzugefügt. Die Papierpuppen werden ebenfalls in das Glas gegeben.

Essig und Zitronenkonzentrat werden hinzugefügt und alles mit einem Löffel gemischt. Das Glas wird verschlossen und an einem dunklen Ort aufbewahrt. Das Glas muss nicht mehrmals täglich geschüttelt werden (Anfänger schütteln gerne).





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Demon Andras from Goetia: a spell that creates arguments between those who bully you









Demon Andras is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



Demon Andras is the 63rd spirit and he is a Marquis. He sows discords. If you are not careful, Andras will slay you and your friends. Andras rules over 30 legions of spirits.

Source: Goetia




Spells with demon Andras create fights and arguments, but they are likely to backfire if you are not careful. If you cast a spell with Andras to make two people hate each other, make sure you are very calm.

Andras may create a special situation for you and try to drag you into verbal confrontations and even into fist fights. You must be very calm and to avoid loud verbal confrontations, you can do this:

avoid answering calls from people

be very accurate and observant when you answer e-mails

if a friend starts a fight, you can temporarily mute your friend (to avoid conflicts)

if you are faced with a violent verbal confrontation, you can pretend crying and silently walk away (silence is worth gold!)

be very polite with everybody you meet each day

How high is the risk that a spell with Andras will backfire? 50/50! But when Andras is on your side, usually the results manifest after 3 or 4 months.

Andras is a suitable demon for creating conflicts between two people at your work, but you must be very careful and behave very politely towards everybody all the time.



Demon Bucon: Grimorium Verum




Demon Bucon is described in the Grimorium Verum and this is his seal.



Demon Bucon is described in Grimorium Verum and it is said of him: “Bucon can cause hatred and sharp jealousy between members of the opposite sex.”

Source: Grimorium Verum





Bucon is a similar demon, but he is more suited to separate lovers from each other, because he procures jealousy and hate. Spells with Bucon can also backfire very badly and the risk of the “backfire” is 50/50.

But when Bucon creates jealousy, hate and conflicts, he does his job very well. It takes 3 or 4 months for a spell to create fights between the targets of your spell. After such fights the targets of the spell become almost like enemies.

You must avoid all contact with the targets of your spell. If you do not follow my advise, Bucon will make you suffer. The demon will make you very jealous, sad and angry, and also drag you into jealous fights.

My Swedish client M is very patient and she always follows my advise. During almost 4 months she avoided all contact with the targets of the Bucon spell and the demon took her side: he split the targets of the spell from each other.


Demon Bucon: a clients story



“Hello, I want to tell you how Bonnie helped me when I was incredibly down and deeply in love with a person who finished our relationship without explanation and then the person found another.

I was so low and didn’t know what to do, I started googling everything and somehow I found Bonnie’s page and contacted her.

I told my story and explained that the person I was in love with found someone else and how I felt. Bonnie was really helpful and suggested doing a breakup spell first.

She arranged a ritual with demon Bucon. Bucon would fix a breakup between the couple and Bonnie and Bucon succeeded in this, after a while I found out that the couple split and went different ways.

Bucon really succeeded with this breakup spell so that these 2 people broke apart. I explained to Bonnie that it really worked and that Bucon managed to separate them.

So I just have to say that they really succeeded in this. All thanks for this Bonnie, and even today you have contact with me which is gold worth to me, and you listen even if I have something to say!

I really recommend Bonnie if anyone is in need of help as she is an amazing person with a heart of gold.

Thanks again / M from Sweden! ”





Demon Andras:

the spell ingredients




This is a ritual with demon Mephistophilis.
I burn my petitions in a small metal pan. Such pans are used in India for cooking.



You will need:

the seals of Andras and Lucifer

offerings and gifts for the demons

a black or a white candle (paint the candle with sunflower oil and roll it in red chilli powder)

a jar with a screw lid

digital photos of the targets

paper dolls of the targets

your petition to Andras (write it on paper)

vinegar, lemon juice concentrate (made of 32 lemons), red chilli powder (2 tablespoons), graveyard dirt

lighter and a small tray for burning petitions




Demon Andras: the spell




This is a so called break up jar.



You might want to summon Lucifer first and then also summon Andras. Provide offerings for both demons and explain the purpose of your ritual.

The chilli coated candle is lit and the paper dolls of the targets are baptised. The petition is read to Lucifer and Andras and then it is reduced to ashes.

The ashes are poured out into the glass jar. 2 tablespoons of chilli powder is added along with 1 tablespoon of graveyard dirt. The paper dolls are also placed into the glass jar.

Vinegar and lemon concentrate are added and all this is mixed with a spoon. The jar is capped and stored in a dark place. There is no need to shake the jar several times per day (beginners like to shake).





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Necromantic and demonic witchcraft: how long time does it take for a spell to show results?









Necromantic and demonic witchcraft are not equally powerful. The dead are more powerful than demons.



Necromantic and demonic witchcraft are not equally powerful. The dead are more powerful than demons. Spells with the participation of the dead manifest results faster.

In this post I want to explore the timeframes of spells. I will be giving you several examples and explain why some spells work very fast while other spells work slower.

Some spells may fail or even worse: backfire on us. If you perform a spell when the moon is moving backwards (out of phase movement), there is a high risk that your spell will cause chaotic events in your life.

I will not touch the subject of curses, because I don’t like them. But, yes, curses can backfire too.





Necromantic and demonic witchcraft:

love spells




Demon Sallos is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



Love spells done with the participation of Goetia demons and dead soldiers manifest results very fast. The results are seen within 1 or 1,5 months. Fast results are seen because:

dead men extract pleasure from being a part of a living human (the target of the spell)

dead soldiers are robots and they obey orders

Dead soldiers who were killed at a young age also want love and sex. It is for this reason they enjoy participating in love spells that eventually lead to sex

Love spells that are done with the participation of Goetia demons produce good results within 1, 5 – 3 months.




Can love spells fail?



Yes, some love spells can fail. Love spells may fail in the following cases:

if a man hates a woman (they had many fights), I doubt that love spells can help to mend their relationship

if a woman hates a man (because he abused her physically), I doubt that a love spell can mend their relationship

if one member of the couple was unfaithful, no love spell will help to mend the relationship

if the target of the love spell is already in a relationship or married

if the target of the spell has no plans to be in a love relationship (is focused only on work)

if the target is “damaged” and is very afraid of relationships with humans

if the target of the spell is of another sexual orientation (object sexuality, gay or lesbian, or straight)





It is a sad fact: not all men and women want a relationship. Most modern men want sex and personal freedom. Some modern women will not agree to be in a relationship with a man, because they value personal freedom above all.

If you had a short relationship with a man or a woman, and your relationship is coming to an end, this means that he or she wanted sex or something else, did not have serious intentions and acted carelessly towards you.

You can do a love spell, but you should examine the reasons behind the ending of your relationship.



Reason 1: the fear of love



Did you know about object sexuality? Some people are very damaged internally, because they suffered during their childhood. When a man or a woman is very afraid of romantic relationships, the person may choose to seek out a physical object as a mate.

Such people will try to destroy a beginning love relationship with different methods. If they are Witches, they will do spells to change the circumstances.

Love spells on such people will fail, because they will resist and finally run away. Even if you succeed to trap them in your arms for a couple of months, they will escape from you.

Such people don’t want to be in love relationships with humans (they protect their psyche from traumatic experiences). Its pointless to do love spells on such individuals.


Reason 2: they just wanted sex



This case is more typical of a man. Males want sex and they easily become scared when a woman goes serious by falling in love with them. As soon as you make your confessions to such men, they will back off and start running away.

Love spells done on such men may still produce good results. Almost all men will try to slow down at some point in the relationship, because they will be trying to regain personal freedom.

If the man suddenly realises that he truly loves his woman, he will come back to the woman after his pause is over. The pause usually lasts a couple of months. Men do not fall in love in the same way like women do. Most men are a little bit slower to fall in love with a woman.

The best Goetia demons for love spells are Sitri, Zepar, Sallos and Dantalion. I have only done spells with these four demons. Beleth is not to my liking, because he is said to be angry and stubborn.





Necromantic and demonic witchcraft:

money spells




Demon Bune is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



Money spells are tricky in our times. There must be jobs available on the labour market for a money spell to bring you results. Or, you must create opportunities for yourself to earn money.

But when more and more people are becoming unemployed in the USA and in Europe, even the self employed person or a company must begin moving their business to other geographical regions.

If you have recently lost your job, a money spell may fail, because you have no idea how to earn money while there are no jobs out there on the labour market.

Suppose that you have a hobby and you are good at making unique pieces of furniture for children. You can turn your hobby into a business and gradually go from unemployed to self employed status.

A money spell will push you into action and the demons will guide you step by step: how to set up your business platforms and how to market your products to parents of the children.

This process may take some time: 2 or 4 years. One money spell runs during a year or little longer. When it comes to being a self employed person, it is also important to have a sharp intuition.

To move a business from one geographical region to another takes a very long time. For this reason you must keep an eye on the BNP, unemployment statistics, and economic development in different countries all the time.

You will have a gut feeling that it is time to move to other parts of the world when:

you start observing large companies starting to expand and move their business to other parts of the world

when the unemployment is becoming huge in the country of your regular clients

when you read between the lines in the newspapers about possible future conflicts and wars

So, in conclusion, money spells are tricky during these hard times. If you need to reorient your business, you can do reversal spells with bleach and ask the demons to guide you.

After a row of such spells, you will be on your way to other geographical regions. With time, these new geographical regions will be flourishing due to investments of money, while other geographical regions will become abandoned.

Dead military guys are of great help in money spells, because they know the future. They can help you to take security measures and also guide you step by step.

The best demons for money spells are Purson, Bune, Belial, Lucifer, Lucifuge Rofocale and Mephistophilis.





Necromantic and demonic witchcraft:

healing spells



Demon Marbas is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.




Healing diabetes is a long process. One spell will not be enough to heal diabetes, but the spell will run during a year or so. Several spells will be needed, because the production of Insulin is regulated by many chemical substances.

I cannot estimate how many healing spells will be needed to completely heal diabetes. Please always keep in touch with your doctor and follow your medication routines.

Healing cancer is a long process too. One spell will not be enough to cure cancer. This also depends upon the type of cancer. Some types of cancer are very aggressive and spread rapidly in the body.

You must observe the results after one spell. If you notice even one small sign that the spell helped in some way, then there is hope. The best demons for healing spells are Marbas and Heramael.





Necromantic and demonic witchcraft: curses




Demon Andromalius is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



Curses can take up to several years to show you results. But some curses work fast. How fast a curse affects the target also depends upon the thinking patterns of the target and upon the nature of your curse.

If the target of your spell is predominantly in a positive mode of attraction (they strictly control their thoughts or an entity controls them from the astral plane), your curse will not have any bad impact on the target.

But curses can backfire and backfire very badly. Personally, I do not like curses. I am very peaceful.






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Demonic witchcraft: honey jars for different purposes and conditions









This is a ritual with demon Mephistophilis.
Demonic witchcraft has the capacity to bring you good luck and a happy mood.



Demonic witchcraft has the capacity to bring you good luck and a happy mood. In this post I want to focus on the subject of honey jars. I want to explain how to use honey jars to enhance your luck in life and to heal your fears.

Honey jars are also used in love magick when there is a need to mend a relationship. I have also used honey jars to heal my cockatoos angry mood. Of course, demons heal my birds mood all the time.





Demonic witchcraft and honey jars:

good luck in life



This is the seal of demon Mephistophilis from the Black Raven.



“I am Mephistophilis and I am the grand master of many arts. I am one of the seven Grand Dukes of the Black Raven. I can teach you many things very fast. I can give you good luck in life.

I have many spirits under my command. Whenever I command them to serve they do so fast.”

Source: The Black Raven



Mephistophilis gives good luck in life. I do regular rituals with Lucifer, Lucifuge Rofocale and Mephistophilis (2 times per month). During the ritual I place my paper doll into a jar with honey. I also add vanilla and cinnamon.

The result of such magick is that I am always happy. I also use regular affirmations for joy and love. Do rituals with Mephistophilis often, because this demon is very helpful.





Demonic witchcraft and honey jars:

healing depression



Demon Dantalion is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



If you are depressed, please create honey jars for yourself very often. Gradually and day by day, the demons will heal your depression. Several demons can help you: Dantalion, Marbas, Buer and Heramael.

Demons also heal animals, their physical illness and their moods. Pets can also get angry or depressed, because they cannot speak to us about their problems.




Demon Dantalion from Goetia



Dantalion is the 71st spirit and he is ranked as a Duke. He shows up in the form of a man with many faces (all men’s and women’s faces) and he holds a book in his right hand.

Dantalion can teach you any arts and sciences and he will also declare to you the secret counsels of any person. Dantalion knows the thoughts of all men and women and he can change them as he desires.

This spirit can cause love. Finally, Dantalion rules 36 legions of spirits.

Source: Goetia




Marbas: Pseudomonarchia Daemonum



Demon Marbas is described in the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum and in the Goetia. This is his seal.



Marbas is a president and he appears in the form of a huge lion. He can take on human shape too. Marbas can answer your questions about things secret and hidden.

He brings diseases and cures them too. Marbas makes a man wise and gives very good knowledge of mechanical arts and handicrafts. He changes people into other shapes and he commands 36 legions of spirits.

Source: Johann Weyer, Pseudomonarchia Daemonum



If you are depressed, Marbas can help you. Marbas can also help your pet. But Dantalion is best, because he will change your thoughts. Depressions are a result of a chronic pattern of thoughts.





Demonic witchcraft and honey jars:

healing panic attacks



Recently my necromantic magick with my ghost went wrong. I became a victim of very scary panic attacks. I was afraid that the ghost would end my life after the spirit would return back to me from his mission.

My panic attacks were very scary and this condition lasted for three weeks. I could not function in my everyday life. During those days, I did rituals and created many honey jars for myself.

The planetary talisman of Saturn protects from a sudden death! The Ghost was furious and was chasing down someone who was cursing me. I was forced to call back my Ghost, before the person in question would die.

I also feared my angry ghost and his return back to me. The ghost was in a very bad mood and I could feel his anger. Angry military ghosts are very dangerous, because they can commit crimes while they are in the condition of uncontrollable rage.



This is the planetary talisman of Saturn with the seal of Saturn, Zazel and Agiel.



If you are a victim of severe panic attacks and fear your own death, you should use the planetary talisman of Saturn when you create honey jars for yourself. Zazel and Agiel heal the fear of death and you will begin feeling safer with each passing day.



Demon of Mars, Barzabel, is described in The three books of Occult philosophy by H. C Agrippa. This is the planetary talisman of Mars.



If you are afraid of something in life and have a fear of life, you can summon demon Barzabel. Create honey jars during your rituals and ask Barzabel to heal your fears and insecurities.





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Problems, solutions and energy alignment: when you are desperate for a promotion









Problems, solutions, sadness and joy are about our energy alignment.



Problems, solutions, sadness and joy are about our energy alignment. Inner joy is very easy to achieve even during uncertain and frightening times. Its all about psychology and the flow of astral energy.

You have to trick your brain and force it to think certain thoughts that bring relief. With “chronic” practice you can be happy under almost any conditions. Will joy bring about a promotion? Yes!

In this post I will discuss a client’s problem and also explore the solutions to the problem. The client is bitter and wrote to me: “I want a promotion at work, but my boss does not even notice my hard work.”

Of course, as a Witch, I know methods that will bring about a promotion. I will also include such methods into this post. But the focus of this post will be self help and alignment of inner energy to help you obtain a promotion.





Client’s problem



“I have worked for “my company” during 20 years. I almost feel like I own the company and I work very hard. I know a lot and I am very skilled. I am the one who knows how to deal with all sorts of problems and my co-workers know this.

The company has many new employees and a while ago one co-worker got promoted. She was relatively new. I feel bitter. Why do I get passed over for promotions?

I work very hard, but nobody seems to notice my input of energy. I am more qualified than most people at my work. I feel almost like I am treated like a second hand person and all this makes me very sad. ”






Problems, solutions and energy alignment:

promotion = more money ?



What does a promotion mean to you? Promotion = more money ? Or promotion = status and recognition ? The lack of recognition at work will feel very bad even if you have more money.

For this reason, it is much better to think about a promotion as the equivalent of more money in your pocket. You can train your mind into “resistance free” thinking patterns.

The subject of abundance is like a two sided coin. One side of the coin will represent the lack of abundance. The other side of the coin will represent the presence of abundance.

You have to train your brain to think, notice, see and want only the presence of abundance. You have to also train your brain to not think, not notice, not see and not want the other side of the coin, that is, the lack of abundance.

When you want the side of the coin that represents abundance, you feel good and you are a happy person even if do not yet have the money.

When you want the side of the coin that represents the lack of abundance, you feel sad and you are unhappy with your life. Then the money will be delayed and hard to come by.

Of course, the emotional state of overflowing joy is attained with regular practice of affirmations, regular and very deep meditations (theta brain waves) and visualisations of the desired outcomes of abundance.

Most people do not control their thoughts at all, because they do not understand the power of thoughts and emotions. What we think and feel always is a precise match to the events of our life.

People react to undesired circumstances instead of creating the desired circumstances in a deliberate way by using the power of focused thought.

If you want to get recognized as a professional at work, you must feel appreciated instead of feeling the opposite. When you feel appreciated, the promotion will follow.

If you want to “win” a promotion at work, because you want the money, you have to begin feeling a little bit more abundant than you are today. Then the promotion will follow.

You must deliberately take away your focus from the “lack” of money by spreading your attention to other aspects of your life that still work well. Appreciate more and focus on those aspects of your life that work.

Your inner vibration will shift from bitterness to relief and you will release a lot of inner pressure. You are on your way towards a promotion when you become a more happy person.

Inspiration to act will come when you are happy. Your intuition will lead you towards the promotion and an increase of income.

When you are happy, you allow the astral energy to flow to you in an unrestricted way. When you are unhappy, sad or angry, you do not allow the astral energy to flow in your direction. Abundance and prosperity are forms of astral energy.




Problems, solutions and energy alignment:

promotion = recognition?



If a promotion means more recognition for you, most probably this is a complex issue tied to your childhood. It is a lot easier to think about a promotion as an equivalent of more money in your wallet.

Men turn to me for love spells to make a woman love them back. These men want recognition and love from the woman they love. In most cases these men have inner issues with roots in their childhood.

Men who desperately want a promotion, because they want the boss to appreciate them, to recognize them for their hard work, may have issues with their fathers and mothers.

I always tell such men: “You are good enough and lovable even without a promotion. Are you trying to please the boss to make the boss happy? Did you try to please your dad when you were a small boy?”

As we discuss this pattern of pleasing a boss and obtaining recognition in return, we untangle some subconscious childhood patterns. These patterns of thinking and behaviour are learned during the childhood.

You have to change your thoughts about yourself in a way that brings you emotional relief. You can say things like these: “I am good enough anyway. I own my brain and I have the freedom to think whatever I want to think about myself.”

Recognition, love and money are tied to each other. They are tied together in the subconscious mind. If we try to “repair” the issue of recognition from our childhood, other even more painful issues may float up to the surface of the subconscious mind.

For this reason, it is much wiser to regard a promotion as a certain amount extra money. The lack of several hundreds of dollars each month does not feel so painful as the lack of recognition, because the lack of recognition is actually a form of rejection.

Dealing with rejection and swallowing it while feeling emotional pain is a pattern of behaviour. This pattern originates during our childhoods when our manipulative parents want us to please them and to make them happy.






Problems, solutions and energy alignment:

other aspects of your life



The travel towards a better emotional condition is accomplished by diffusing your attention. Take your attention away from the lack of the promotion and focus it on other aspects of your life that work.

Appreciate your home, your car, your health, your family, your children and pets. People take their health for granted and they also take their loved ones for granted.

Appreciate your life! As you learn to shift your focus from the lack of something wanted to other aspects of your life, you forget about your wish.

When we forget about our desperate desire, we hand our wish list to the Universe. Then the Universe starts to manifest our desire and the things we wanted so desperately will come into our experience one after another.

And then, people say: “Oh, I don’t even need a promotion now, because I do not care and I already have the money.”





Problems, solutions and energy alignment:

pacts with Lucifer and Belial



Lucifer and Belial are the best demons for obtaining promotions and for expanding a business. They can help a business to expand, but a lot of hard work day and night during several years will be needed to expand the business.

Lucifer and Belial can help you to obtain a promotion too. These demons will make you work very hard every day. Belial helps to obtain recognition, popularity and professional status of an expert.

It is common to experience a total chaos in business after a financial pact has been agreed upon with Lucifer and Belial. The demons will destroy the old business platforms, because the existing platforms are not good enough for a massive expansion of a business (space, features, resilience, security, etc).

The demons will help to rebuild the business platforms and to expand the business. The expansion will be forceful, grand and on an international scale, but not without business related problems.

I have a page dedicated to the subject of pacts with Lucifer and his demons. The demons do not help for free of course and they want a certain payment.

Dead people can also help with promotions and to expand a business. In this case you need to become very familiar with certain dead people and ask them to help you.

You can do spells on dead people and direct them into action to help you: to expand your business and to protect your business. But there are risks involved.

Demons are much safer to collaborate with when it comes to financial agreements. But demons are powerless against the dead in case your magick goes wrong.






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Problems, solutions and energy alignment: when your office staff doesn’t get along









Problems, solutions and harmony are energy based.



Problems, solutions and harmony are energy based conditions. We create our outer world with the power of our thoughts. A problem is very different from a solution, because a problem makes us feel bad while a solution makes us feel happy.



During these days many large offices have decided to move their staff to work from home. In the coming future, more and more people will work from home. But some businesses are small and the staff still works together.

In this post I want to discuss the importance of energy alignment in a social environment such as an office of a small business. We live in financially challenging times and a business owner is burdened with worry for the survival of a business.

Besides this unpleasant worry for the financial survival of a business, some of my clients are facing other problems: their staff doesn’t get along well.




Client’s problem




” I own a small business and currently have 10 employees. We were profitable, but now the sales are decreasing in their numbers. I am worried, but I try to think positively.

Besides the slow inflow of money, I have other problems. My office staff doesn’t get along well. I am not sure I will want to hire more people in the future, because people always create disharmony in the office.

It is about personality clashes and small things. My office staff consists of adults and I am not their parent. I simply have no energy to deal with the frictions between the members of my office staff, because I keep my focus on helping my business to survive in financial terms.

I want my staff to work nicely. I am tired of all the trouble they cause. Is there a solution to this problem?”





Problems, solutions and energy alignment:

thought is energy




There is a lot to manage: products, marketing on social media, shipping, returns, finances and people. But your business is your creation. You created your business on the astral plane with the power of your thought long before you physically created your business (by taking action).

Thought and thoughtforms always come before physical action and physical manifestation. The quality of your thoughts does play a huge role in the manifestations you are observing now.

I would suggest that you try to move yourself to a better feeling emotional condition first. This shift in your own energy will create a different outcome: increased productivity, effortless action and decreased waste of time.

You will find simple solutions. Remember: like attracts like. If you are harmonious on the inside, others will notice this and change their behaviour or they will leave.

Remove your attention from the troublemakers and let them stew in their own disharmony. With time, they will disappear from your business and find a true match to themselves: an office with more troublemakers.

Their behaviour is a reflection of their inner thinking patterns. When their dominant thought patterns no longer match your dominant thought patterns, they will leave and find troublemakers who match their vibration.





Problems, solutions and energy alignment:

witchcraft with honey



Honey is a very popular ingredient in witchcraft. Honey can influence people to change their thoughts about each other and to behave well. In your case, there are 10 people involved and this is a huge group of people.

A spell with the use of honey usually produces results within a couple of months. Because there are 10 people involved, there might be a need for more more than one ritual.

Several Goetia demons can help. One of the best demons for situations like yours is Dantalion. This demon can change people’s thoughts and he can also procure compassion, friendship and love.

I call upon Dantalion when I do love spells for clients. Dantalion has unique abilities, because this demon can even influence the thoughts of dead people.

Dantalion can even help to tame angry animals. This demons will help a pet and the animals owner to love each other with great passion.





Demon Dantalion: Goetia



Demon Dantalion is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.




Dantalion is the 71st spirit and he is ranked as a Duke. He shows up in the form of a man with many faces (all men’s and women’s faces) and he holds a book in his right hand.

Dantalion can teach you any arts and sciences and he will also declare to you the secret counsels of any person. Dantalion knows the thoughts of all men and women and he can change them as he desires.

This spirit can cause love. Finally, Dantalion rules 36 legions of spirits.

Source: Goetia






Problems, solutions and energy alignment:

the power of thought



You do not need to engage in witchcraft rituals in order to improve your office atmosphere. Do not focus on the bad qualities of your staff. If you focus only upon the bad qualities, you will see even worse qualities.

Focus on the good qualities of the people who work for you. Hold your focus on the good qualities and you will see even better qualities. As you move to a better and more harmonious emotional state, with time these things will happen:

the troublemakers will find a new job and leave

talented and peaceful people will work for you

This is because of the fact that we attract people to us with the power of our thoughts. We always get a life situation that matches our inner patterns of thoughts and our feelings.

If you want a better atmosphere in your office, you should bring yourself into emotional balance first. Stop noticing what others are doing and how they behave.

Notice only good behaviour and good events. Diffuse your attention and take it away from things and people that do not please you. With time, you will become a happy person and happy people will work for you.

You can find pleasing thoughts one by one. Affirmations can also help you to bring yourself into emotional balance faster.






Problems, solutions and energy alignment:

adjust the atmosphere



The placement of the furniture in the office plays a very important role. If we are uncomfortable, we will become irritated. Women are very complex creatures compared to men.

A woman has her natural hormonal cycles and her mood may swing from time to time. But of course, a man like you does not have time to adjust to the moods of your female staff members.

Try to create a comfortable office environment for your office staff. Have soft relaxing music on all the time to relax the people who start fights with each other.

You could reorganize their tasks and work responsibilities too. People start fights when:

they think that their workload is very heavy (offer them sweets, sugar, snacks and cakes)

they strive for prestige more than for joy (play music for them)

they are driven by hormones (politely ask them to see a doctor)

they are competing with each other (put them in separate rooms)

they have too many private problems (offer them sweets, sugar, snacks and cakes)

Sugar in food feels very good and gives us pleasure. Offer your office staff sweets, sugar, snacks and cakes very often. This will keep them happy. Play uplifting music all the time, because music will heal a bad mood.

Create a very relaxing atmosphere in your office. Take a little time to observe when the fights occur and what triggers the fights. In some cases there will be a need to separate those people who start fights with each other.






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