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About Me

In this video I demonstrate magick with demon Sabnock from Goetia: a protection jar for pets. This jar is suited for kids and adults too.

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My name is Bonnie, and I live in Sweden. My Craft name is Lucifera. I am a practitioner of the Occult since long ago and practice the rites of Ceremonial Witchcraft. I do magick with the spirits of the dead and with Demons, planetary spirits and Archangels.





About my bodyguards



You will never meet me alone on the streets. I am with well trained bodyguards. Nobody is allowed to approach me on the streets.

Some fanatic, crazy and ignorant people really believe that I am extremely dangerous, just because I am into the Occult. They try to blame me for their misfortunes and accidents.

It is my own choice to have bodyguards, because I care for my physical safety.


About my involvement with

WW2 military personnel



Never summon dead men who died in the WW2. They are restless and want romantic love.



Never ever summon dead men who died in the WW2! They are restless and want romantic love. I did not truly understand the dangers of necromancy when I summoned a dead German man who had earned several Iron Crosses during WW2.

The demons of Goetia are not able to chase away a dead man passionately in love with a living woman. I had experienced horrific fears of death and tried to get rid of the dead German man.

I called upon Sabnock, Marchosias, Murmur, Bifrons, Bune, Andrealphus, Zazel, Agiel and Eligos. I begged the demons to save me, but the only response I got was: “Bonnie, do not fear this man. He truly loves you and you will be safe in his company!”

I had to surrender and accept the courting, love and patronage of the dead German man. Its because I started to realise the magnitude of the dead man’s martial powers.

The spirit of the dead man is attached to his war helmet and the war helmet was in the grave for more than 50 years.

But how did his war helmet end up in my home? Its a long story, someone I loved long ago was a fan of WW2 and a collector of German war paraphernalia.

My trouble began after frequent rituals with the demon of Mars, Barzabel. I asked Barzabel to teach me warfare, and Barzabel held his promise: he taught me warfare on a very dangerous level.

The demon inspired me to summon the dead German man who fought on the Eastern front during WW2 and who died 1943. This man had earned several Iron Crosses for his bravery.

My advise to all of you is: never purchase war helmets and war badges that have been in the graves of dead military personnel. Never summon dead men who were shot in battle.

If the dead man falls in love with you, he will own you. You will be terrified when you realise the dangers. There is only one benefit of such love affairs beyond the grave: the dead man is capable of  killing people in a real sense if there will be a need to defend me or to take out a personal revenge on someone who has grossly wronged me.

I and the dead German man have been together for a long while and he considers me to be his woman. During the “honeymoon” period he was gallantly courting me and I was blind.

When the “honeymoon” period ended, the dead man showed me his true nature. Now I know what horrors this dead man is capable of.




The demon of Algol: Medusa



This is the seal of the demon of Algol, the infamous Medusa. Medusa is my shield too.



I do rituals with Medusa on a regular basis. This demon protects me from curses. Anyone who sends me a magickal attack will regret their actions.

I had received several threats from magickal practitioners (probably Wiccans) who disliked me simply because I do magick with demons. One of them wanted to cause illness in me by using a hex jar.

I said: “You are welcome to send me your attack, but I warn you that you will end up in the hospital and remain there until you become wiser and stop hexing innocent practitioners like me.”

Algol is known as Beta Persei (β Persei). It is also known as the “Demon Star”‘ or “Gorgona”. The Algol star system consists of three stars that are almost 93 light years away from us.

The Algol stars are in the constellation of Perseus and they shine with beautiful blueish and orange light. Algol, or the head of Medusa, is located 26 degrees of Taurus.

Protection with the demon of Algol is the best available on the Occult market, but great care must be taken when you calculate the best time for magick. Here is the timetable of Algol eclipses if this makes sense to you.

If a magickal attack is reflected to the sender in an unfortunate way, then Amen! Good for me, but very bad for them. I do magick with Medusa at my own risk, because this is very dangerous magick.




My pacts with Satan & Lucifer


I have made many pacts with Lucifer and other demons. People call Lucifer for the Devil. Many Witches call him for Satan. But Satan is a demon too. One can make pacts both with Lucifer and Satan.

I made a pact with Lucifer and offered him my own life in exchange for helping me to heal my little pet. In the video below I demonstrate a healing spell with demons Heramael and Marbas.

You can ask Marbas, Heramael and Buer to heal you, your kids and your pets. The demons will help you. Moreover, I did spells with Barbatos and Dantalion to help the love between me and my little pet blossom and thrive.






My blog & the 72 Goetia Demons


All my free articles and videos on the subject of magick are available. Here is My blog. The links to posts about the 72 spirits of Goetia are listed below:

Bael Agares Vassago Samigina Marbas Valefor Amon Barbatos Paimon Buer Gusion Sitri Beleth Leraje Eligos Zepar Botis Bathin Sallos Purson Marax  Ipos Aim Naberius Glasya- Labolas Bune Ronove  Berith Astaroth  Forneus Foras Asmoday Gaap Furfur Marchosias Stolas Phenex Halphas Malphas Raum Focalor Vepar Sabnock Shax Vine Bifrons Uvall Haagenti Crocell Furcas Balam Alloces Camio Murmur Orobas Gremory Ose Amy Oriax Vapula Zagan Volac Andras Haures Andrealphus Cimejes Amdusias Belial Decarabia Seere Dantalion Andromalius





My consultations & spell prices

Before you make a payment for a ritual service, please send me a message.

We will begin with a consultation (the consultation costs 50 USD). I charge money for my time.

My consultations via e-mail and via Facebook chat cost 50 USD. You must be aged 24 + and be able to make authorised PayPal payments (with your own card or from your own bank account).


Once you have paid the fee, you and I will discuss your situation. Read about what the consultation service includes below.

When I have learned about your situation and if you want to book a ritual (magick), we can do it. Check out my spell prices below.


I accept payments via PayPal. Please ask me to give you a payment link. You must be aged 24 + and be able to make authorised PayPal payments (with your own card or from your own bank account).



This is how you can safely reach me (our conversations on my side are all encrypted and 100% private). But when my messages reach you, they are de – crypted, because you may not have encryption on your side.

e-mail: Lucifera666@protonmail.com

or reach me via Facebook.

If you have a “serious life issue” that needs to be kept secret, contact me via encrypted chat on Facebook or start a protonmail account.




© Bonnie Berzova 2019-01-16

All art on this website belongs to Bonnie Berzova. It is strictly prohibited to duplicate it and to use it without a written permission from Bonnie Berzova.


The tunnels of Set


On this page (as you scroll down) you will find links to posts about the tunnels of Set that join the spheres on the Tree of Qliphoth. I have begun my exploration of the paths on the Qliphotic Tree.

I figure out the correspondences for each path from the book Modern Magick (Donald Kraig). The Tree of Qliphoth is just a shadow of the Tree of Life (with lots of similarities).

I am no longer afraid of true Satanic magick that is even darker than the magick of Goetia. Some years ago, I refused to explore the tunnels of Set due to the fear of the unknown.

I was a member of The Golden Dawn Order in Stockholm, but the order dissolved away due to some issues. I am friends with some former leaders of the order and they encourage me now to work with the Qliphotic forces.

So, now I am exploring the Tree of Qliphoth and here you can read about the paths on the Qliphotic Tree. The numbering of the tunnels flows from Kether (Thaumiel) and downwards.


Amprodias (Set’s tunnel 11) Baratchial (Set’s tunnel 12) Gargophias (Set’s tunnel 13) Dagdagdiel (Set’s tunnel 14) Temethterith (Set’s tunnel 15) Uriens (Set’s tunnel 16) Zamradiel (Set’s tunnel 17) Characith (Set’s tunnel 18) Temphioth (Set’s tunnel 19) Yamatu (Set’s tunnel 20) Kurgasiax (Set’s tunnel 21) Lafcursiax (Set’s tunnel 22) Malkunofat (Set’s tunnel 23) Niantiel (Set’s tunnel 24) Saksaksalim (Set’s tunnel 25) Aanonin (Set’s tunnel 26) Parfaxitas (Set’s tunnel 27) Tzuflifu (Set’s tunnel 28) Qulielfi (Set’s tunnel 29) Raflifu (Set’s tunnel 30) Shalicu (Set’s tunnel 31) Thantifaxath (Set’s tunnel 32)



Other types of magick you might be curious about


In the video below I show you how to reverse a curse or a manipulative spell. There are methods that will enable you to discover who is influencing you with magick.




But I occasionally do spells with the Olympic spirits and Archangels. And, of course, I am in love with the Key of Solomon and the magick contained in it.


This is the 5th pentacle of the Moon from the Key of Solomon.



This is the 3rd pentacle of Saturn from Clavicula Salomonis.


I am a graphic design artist too and find pleasure in designing the seals of Demons, planetary spirits and Archangels.



This is the fourth pentacle of Jupiter from the Key of Solomon. I have drawn out the seals of Adoniel and Bariel.


I am fond of several old Grimoires: Goetia, the Key of Solomon, Grimoirium Verum and Arbatel De magia veterum.



This is a hybrid seal of Jupiter. I use such seals in magick.


The seal above contains four seals each in its own compartment. The seal of Jupiter aligns the practitioner with the frequency of Jupiter (planetary magick, Agrippa “Three Books of Occult Philosophy).

Sachiel is the planetary Angel of Jupiter and he is mentioned in the Key of Solomon, while the spirit Jophiel is the intelligence of Jupiter and controls the summoned forces during a ritual. Hismael is also the spirit of Jupiter.




More about me





Once upon a time and long ago I was forced to delve into the evil aspects of Voodoo. At that time I had a bunch of troublemakers in my life.

I did very evil spells with meat, snake skin, spiders and graveyard dirt. These spells are very powerful and I am known as a “terrible” and very “dark” practitioner of magick in Sweden.

All was well, until finally, a sequence of such evil spells backfired on me and my family. I saw the cursed dolls in the image of one of my afflicted family members.

It was too late to heal, because the curses just swept away everything in their way. Then I understood the destructiveness of my power, but it was too late.

Since that time, when I learned a horrible lesson, I never do very malicious spells, without a very good reason. I do moderate evil spells. I have become very balanced and calm.


These are the seals of Lucifer and Clauneck (Grimoirium Verum). 


I have cooperated with Titan Television and introduced the general public to the practices of Witches and particularly to Witchcraft with Voodoo dolls, pins, bones, blood and seals.


A troublemaker was cursed by me and soon became pregnant. She was forced to leave her work arena and could not cause me strife.


Today I shun TV cameras and news reporters, and thus, am not available for cooperation with people connected to the entertainment industry. My attitude may change in the future.




My new passion: planetary magick



I work with ancient spell books from Medieval times. The magick in these seals is very empowering.


I love learning new subjects in the area of magick. During the learning process I like to design seals and talismans for use in my spellwork. Below is the planetary talisman of Sun.



This is the planetary talisman of Sun: square of Sun, seal of Sun and the seals of Sorath and Nakhiel. 



And still below is the planetary talisman of Mars. Barzabel is capable of raising storms and he can also strike your enemies with a curse and defend you.

Barzabel is the perfect demon for a woman, because this demon teaches protection magick with the head of Algol (Medusa) and with the most dangerous dead soldiers, and makes a woman very disciplined, firm, decisive and brave. I like Barzabel a lot.



This is the planetary talisman of Mars: square of Mars, seal of Mars and the seals of Barzabel and Graphiel. 



And below is the planetary talisman of Mercury. This talisman can help you to become financially secure and also expand your business.



This is the planetary talisman of Mercury: square of Mercury, seal of Mercury and the seals of Tiriel and Taphthartharath.





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About my art


This is a Chinese red dragon for home and office decor.


I design Facebook business page covers, YT channel covers and logotypes to help you market your services. You can order custom art from me.


This is the seal of Lucifer from Grimoirium Verum.






In Satan I trust! If you are in a shock, then get used to me.