The two possible seals of the Goetic demon Purson


Goetia_money spells_ Purson_Qabalah_Ceremonial magick
The seal of Purson from Goetia can be drawn in this way too.


Purson is a very helpful spirit. I have made another seal of Purson using the Rose Cross lamen of the Golden Dawn.

The seal of Purson, which is found in Goetia is good, but you can make another seal of Purson too.


Demon Purson.


The name of Purson is found in Liber 777 along with many other names of angels and demons. In Liber 777 the name of Purson is spelled out in Hebrew.

English/Latin: PURSON

Hebrew: פורשון

Read from right to left:






nun (value 700)


The seal of Purson from Goetia. Purson is a solar spirit.


Purson is the spirit of Tiphareth (Thagirion) and he helps to obtain money. Summon Purson when you do money spells.

I also heared that the spelled Hebrew names of angels and demons can lack a little bit of accuracy (in Occult sources).

You have to be aware of this if you want to draw the seal of Purson using the Hebrew letter wheel.


When to summon Purson?


The Tree of Life with its Sephiroth houses spirits. Purson is the demon of a shell behind Tiphareth (sphere number 6).


The correspondences of Tiphareth are:

Ruling planet: Sun

Day: Sunday

Astrological hour: Sun

Metal seal: gold

Paper seal: yellow

Number: 6 (6 coins in money magick)

Candles: golden or yellow (1 is enough)

Herb: Sunflower

Summon Purson during the waxing or full moon, during a Sunday and during the astrological hour of Sun. Use 6 coins, sunflower seeds, money drawing herbs, rice (good luck), brown sugar (for a sweet life), salt (protection from poverty) etc.

Of course, you should use nutmeg, cinnamon, parsley, dill, basil and other money drawing herbs in combination with the seal of Purson.

Charge the seals of Purson with paper money (some hours before your ritual) by placing paper money on the seals.

A money jar with the two seals of Purson, money drawing herbs, coins, sunflower seeds, rice, sugar, salt and an open security pin (a Hoodoo trick to protect from overspending) inserted into the rice can become your money cure for your kitchen.


A Money Bottle with the seals of Purson.


You may not become rich at once, but you will never run out of money for food in these crazy times of crisis.

Do the LBRP both before and after your main ritual.



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Frater Parusha and his high fashion pendants for Witches


Luciferian Witchcraft_seal of Lucifer_Grimoirium Verum
This is a high fashion pendant: the seal of Lucifer from Grimoirium Verum. 


Today I recieved the seal of Lucifer from Frater Parusha. The seal of Lucifer is a talisman for protection and it’s origins are ancient. It is found in the Grimorium Verum.

Today, Frater Parusha has an online shop, and namely, the Ancient Artifacts Workshop.

Of course the seal has been created by Frater Parusha by taking into account the phases of the moon and the astrological hour. These parameters and also the type of metal are crucial for the activation of talismans. Moreover, the seal has been charged by the powers of a mage.

A month ago prior to recieving the talisman in the form of the seal of Lucifer from a mage, I had done a spell with the seal of Lucifer. During the ritual I wrapped my own doll into the seal of Lucifer while asking to remove all blockages from my life path. I prayed with great faith and ardently to Lucifer, asking him to protect me. The link to this spell with my doll and the seal of Lucifer is here!

Lucifer is a very powerful archetype for spells of protection, and he really cares for his Witches. Today I have no words to describe my joy upon recieving the seal of Lucifer from Frater Parusha, but I also feel that the seal is influencing me in very powerful ways. I am no longer myself and a Higher Power has stepped in to help me, thus removing all obtstacles on my life path.


The seal of Lucifer_Grimoirium Verum_Frater Parusha
The high fashion pendant for Witches: the seal of Lucifer from Grimoirium Verum.

Frater Parusha and his enchanted metal seals from ancient Grimoires


The three seals of Lucifer and one unique seal. All four seals are handmade by Frater Parusha.


Frater Parusha is a Thelemite and an aspirant of the A.’.A.’. He is passionate about his path and also creates enchanted metal seals for use in rituals. The metals are: gold, silver, copper and other. Occultists worldwide know Frater Parusha for his unique items. These items are based on Goetia, Clavicula Salomonis, Grimorium Verum and other ancient grimoires.


Frater Parusha and his enchanted seals from ancient grimoires.


“Its all handwork and customized…and also magickal. All my artwork is charged with magickal energy to assist those on the Path. It should be treated as such, because the seals become living beings. Magickal items tend to have a life on their own. So also be very careful with them. You will sense the energy in the seals when you have the seals or pendants on your person” – says Frater Parusha.

Frater Parusha is a very experienced mage with more than 25 years of experience on the Magickal Path. You are welcome to visit his homepage by following this link: Alchemyparusha. Frater Parusha has an online business too: the Ancient Artifacts Workshop.


Qabalah_seal of Lucifer_Goetia_Grimoirium Verum
The seal of Lucifer from Grimoirium Verum created by Frater Parusha. 

Money magick with demon Purson


The seal of Purson from Goetia.


Todays subject is the evocation of Purson from Goetia. I have done some spells with Purson and I liked this spirit very much.

Purson is ranked as a King according to the classification list in Goetia. If you want to know more about the Kings of Goetia and their duties, then I have a post for you: The Kings of Goetia and how they can help you.

The Qlipha (shell) of the demon’s origin is an important parameter in spells, because each such shell “behind” the Sephira (the round sphere on the Tree of Life) has its own correspondences.

As an example, I will describe how to summon the demon Purson.


Each Sephira has a number assigned to it. Use this number in your spells. Use the colors for seals.


Purson comes from sphere number 6 on the Tree of Life. This Sephira (sphere) is called Tiphareth in Hebrew. The Qlipha (shell) has approximately the same correspondences as the Sephira:

ruling planet: Sun

day: Sunday

astro hour: Sun

number: 6 (use 6 coins)

colour for paper seals: yellow

metal seal: gold

plant: sunflower (seeds)

powdered cinnamon (draws money)

candle colour: yellow

More tricks: glue your hair to the seal of Purson, apply a drop of your blood too, and jam the coins, cinnamon and mint into the folded seal. Stuff the seal into a Mojo bag.


The Sephirotic Tree of Life. Sephira number 6 is Tiphareth.


Now, I will describe how to call upon Purson in human lang. But first, one important thing to mention: do all your spells and demon evocations while you are inside your ritual circle.

Do not expose your auric bodies to demonic forces. Demons are not angels. Also, the instructions to demons must be given carefully. Do not leave anything to chance.


People ask me: “Do I have to sacrifice something to the demon?” No, its not so important (with huge sacrifices) and moreover, be careful with your promises to the demons.

I do not think that sacrifices and promises are understood by demons. Well, they understand if you promise something, but then you will be forced to keep your word.

Don’t promise too much! If a demon helps you, you can give him/her public praise as a reward. You can offer the demon a candle during your spells (a gift).

I keep a small whip in my altar drawer, because once during a ritual some force started to bounce against my chest. I fear less when I have a whip, because I became scared of the way these forces behave.


A Money Bottle with the seal of Purson



So, gaze at the seal of the demon for 2-3 minutes and start calling it: “I call you forth Spirit Purson from the Sephira of Tiphareth (Qlipha of Thagirion).

I call you forth in the name of my Lord. Obey now me, who is your Mistress. Appear before me within my mirror in a pleasurable shape.”

If you see nothing in the mirror as you gaze into it, its okay. I close my eyes and sit quitly during 5 minites, and then the spirit appears.

Continue to send out your calls to the demon. Look at the seal from time to time as you speak. Then after 3 or 4 minutes you may say:

“In peace I welcome you Spirit Purson from the Sephira of Tiphareth. I am in need of money for food, rent and clothes. Therefore, I call upon you now. Help me to attract the money I need.”

Compose a spell. The spell must be wise. Don’t just ask Purson to throw money at you from the sky, but instead point out some reasonable avenues for the inflow of money.

The avenues for the inflow of money must be safe. The spell is an instruction to the demon. At the end of your spell poem you should add these words:

“For the best of all involved,

As I now say, so must it be.

All stars are perfectly aligned,

To work my spell as it is designed.”


When you have raised enough power inside your circle and are finished with the charging of the seal, its time to give the demon the licence to go:

“Thank you. Go in peace Spirit Purson and return to your sphere of origin which is Tiphareth (Thagirion).

In the name of my Lord, I command you to harm none as your depart back to your home. Go in peace now.” Thats it.

Time to finish your ritual. See also my other spell with Purson.

Save your ass from danger: wrap your doll into the seal of Lucifer



The seal of Lucifer from Grimoirium Verum.


This spell is for those situations when you finally must save your ass. When the situation seems to have no logical solution, let Lucifer take over your destiny and find a solution for your highest best.

This spell is best done during the night of the full moon. You will need:

a black candle

a doll of yourself

a large black seal of Lucifer

a tiny piece of paper (to insert into the head cavity)

honey for the doll’s head cavity


The seal of Lucifer from Grimoirium Verum.


Write the following thoughts on the tiny paper: I am a powerful Witch. My powers and abilities exceed all limits. I am truly the smartest Witch.

I escape the traps of [describe the situation] with ease. [Name and Surname of the troublemaker] has no power to harm my life. All troublemakers are powerless against me.

Blow life into the doll and seal. Read the thoughts to your doll several times and loudly. Apply honey on the tiny paper with written thoughts, fold the paper and insert into the head cavity of your doll.

The doll is your representation and you will give instructions accordingly. Summon Lucifer and ask the demon to guide you out of the difficult situation.

Finally wrap your doll into the seal of Lucifer and tie all this with a ribbon in the area of your doll’s waist.

Raise power. Project the raised force into the doll wrapped into the seal. Finish the ritual. Keep the doll in a safe place during 2 or 3 years until the circumstances of your life feel a lot better.



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The shrine of Death in your home



Bune taught me necromancy and I dream of the dead very often.


The dead folks are not dead for a Witch. The dead are alive in other dimensions of reality and can be summoned by the Witch as soon a need for defence will arise. In my home I have a Death shrine.

I have a strong connection to the cemeteries and therefore have strong bonds with the dead. Because I summon the dead very often while powdering my ritual area with graveyard dirt during my Voodoo rituals, I have ghosts as a side effect of my Witchcraft.

So how do you create a Death shrine in your home? Do you have a need for such a shrine? You have a need for a Death shrine if you are deeply involved with Voodoo to keep in touch with your dead allies.

I have a dead friend who was a skilled lawer and it is this bond I nurture since long. This dead friend has helped me to defend myself from some people in positions of power who tried to treat me unfair by crossing the law and by missuse of their power.




So here is my Death shrine. I have my friend’s picture, his badge he used to wear on his tie, and of course his Law Book.

I store all sorts of graveyard dirt and coffin nails on the Death shrine and burn candles in the evening to honor my beloved friend.

If the need will arise, I know I have a powerful dead man who will stand up for me and curse the troublemaker who tries to treat me poorly.


coffin nails_Voodoo Hoodoo_black magic_voodoo doll_curses


On one occasion a man in a position of power made a decision that was aimed to ruin me. I got really mad at the bastard and wanted to punish him cruelly.

So I used my friend’s Law Book to charge the coffin nails, the logotype of the company where the evil man worked, the evil mans Voodoo doll, the document issued by the heartless man and many other props which I used in my ritual.

I won the war with the aid of my dead friend. I sent attack after attack to the evil bastard. After three months the decision was changed by another man who suddenly came into play.

What happened to the evil man? Well, I don’t care at all. But a string of bad luck and illness may be the beginning of trouble caused by me.

The decision made by another man who was a lawer benefited me this time. The Law said that the evil man had no right to make a decision aimed to cause me problems. Such is the power of Voodoo!

How to avoid falling in love with the wrong man


kärleksmagi_tarot spådom_ljusmagi_häxa_häxkonst_voodoo hoodoo

I recieve lots of letters from women who are left brokenhearted after love has ended. My first impression is that these women easily fall in love with the wrong type of men and become involved in the developing relationship on a very deep level. And fast! Why this kind of rush? I never understood why women need to fall in love, or in other words, why is there a need to have a relationship with a man. Although, I must admit that I too dream of my Prince from time to time, but not often enough.

Perhaps it’s the longing to have a family that moves women closer to men. The problem here is the high speed of the developing relationship. If you want to survive emotionally, you as a woman or as a man, need to hit the break pedals of your love vehicle. Hit the break pedals in the beginning of your love relationship to avoid blindly falling in love. The blindness of love is very dangerious and can kill you after some years if your relationship ends.

It is important to avoid having physical pleasures with your new partner very soon after you two meet. I know men want to become physical as soon as possible. Not that fast! Set your boundaries and do not jump into the intimate region of your relationship with high speed. Why? If you are a woman you most probably will fall in love with your new man. Your feelings will blossom up very fast and you will be unable to hit the break pedals of your love vehicle.

The most important advice I will give you is this: listen to the speach of your new partner. What does the man want from you? Is he telling you or writing to you that you make him horny even before you meet face to face? Then, this man of yours wants only pleasure. Stay away from this type of men. Some of these men are damaged and are unable to form stable relationships with women. They seek out partners for pleasure of the body, because their fear of relationships holds them back from falling in love.

Ask questions about your new partners past relationships and how and why they ended. If your partner starts talking about many romantic partners in the past, you should know that you won’t be the last one. Stay away from such people. If you cling on to such partner you will be exchanged for a new partner in some few years.

Generally there are different men:

some want to go physical for one time only

some want to try to fall in love (for a short time)

some are loyal and devoted

Seek out the loyal ones who can form long lasting relationships. Hit the break pedals of your love vehicle so you have time to observe your new partner and draw your conclusions while you are still sober from the pangs of love. Good luck!

Increasing your Witch power: seal and chain method

Satanic witchcraft_Luciferian witchcraft_seal of Lucifer_häxkonst


You have to be in good condition all the time. Sometimes our reserves of Witch power become empty due to worry, stress and battling with enemies. When you have done may spells to defend your interests, that is, you may feel like your fuel tank is empty, it is time to do spells to fetch occult power from our egregore. The Satanic egregore is a large energetic structure and is fed with occult power by multiple sects all over the world. Link to this structure to fill your fuel tank to the brim.

Your power will be restored over one moon cycle. I advice to repeat this particular spell regularly some 5-10 times until you feel that your powers are restored. You will feel when to stop filling your tank with occult power. Should you leave your physical body often during slumber and your experiences feel lucid to you, then you know, it is time to stop filling your tank.

The best time to do this spell is the full moon and the period of 5 days to the full moon night. You will need:

a black candle

some oil to rub the candle with (Marsian oils come to mind: iron in olive oil)

a book about Voodoo, Witchcraft or the Goetia

a photo of a Witch inside the book is good to have (you will place your jewelry on this photo)

your occult jewelry: pentacle, inverted cross or ankh…

the seal of Lucifer

Place the jewelry on the photo of the magickal practitioner and cover with the seal of Lucifer. Close shut the book. Do this 24 hours before you plan your ritual. In this way you are charging your jewelry. When you do your ritual you should consecrate the seal and the jewelry by calling the four Princes of Hell and asking them to grant you more occult power. Use the book during your sorcery as a source of occult power. And so shall it be. Wear the jewelry all the time. The egregore will help you to restore your powers.

Reversing Voodoo Love spells by destroying the doll of the target

Voodoo Hoodoo_kärleksmagi_tarot spådom_häxkonst_voodoo docka

Voodoo love spells are very dangerous and they take charge of your target very fast on a very deep level. Within 2 weeks the target of your manipulative spell will go crazy by experiencing hot pangs of love and by becoming very horny. Some men are dangerous to a woman and it is important to know when you start to become the object of heavy amorous harrasments that start to emanate from the target of your spell.

After two weeks of my spell, I knew that I have crossed the law and am bending the free will of my target. I consulted a friend and was advised to break the spell before it is too late. Of course, the original spell involved a Voodoo doll of the target. It was luck for me that I had retained the doll at home. If I had thrown away the doll, there would be no way of stopping the spell that with time would result in a catastrophe for me and my target.

I had done the reversal of the Voodoo spell inside my ritual circle. The phase of the moon is important: if you can, do the reversal when the moon is full or waning. I was so scared of the way the target started to behave that I did the reversal at once disregarding the phase of the moon. The danger is great when Voodoo dolls are involved. If you do not reverse the spell in time, before the thoughtform has grown large and beyong your control, you may never be able to stop the spell. In this case you will have an obsessed and very horny man hunting after you.

You will need:

a white candle (colour it black with a black marker pen)

lime juice to paint the candle

the doll of the target

small scissors

black marker pen

a dish

Light the sour reversible candle. Paint over the targets name and adress with the black marker pen. Start to disassemble the doll of the target. Take out the cotton from the head along with the intoxicating substances, paper slips with written thoughts, herbs and mixtures of controlling and confusing powders. State that no harm shall befall the target and that the target will become “sober” from the pangs of horny love at once to ensure that you are safe from danger.  Empty the doll of all the horny herbs. Pour out the contents of the dangerous doll into a dish.


Let the candle burn out. The remnants of the doll can be burried, burned or discarded into trash. The target may continue to hunt for you for a while, but in this case it is better to avoid contact. Hopefully they will find someone else to love with their horny love.

The Hebrew Alphabet and the Qabalistic Seals

The Rose Cross lamen of the Golden Dawn

This page will be dedicated to seal and sigil creation. To summon Qabalistic entities succesfully you will have to understand how to create your own sigils. There are ready made seals and sigils found in books, but it is a pleasure to understand the process of sigil creation.

I am myself fascinated with the rituals of Ceremonial Witchcraft, but the only thing I don’t like is the Egyptian pantheon in the teachings of Golden Dawn. Therefore I follow the Satanic ritual structure while summoning the Qabalistic entities. Maybe someday, I will restructure my rituals and perform them in Hebrew.

Below comes a Rose Cross lamen that is used by followers of Ceremonial Arts. It is therefore important to know the Hebrew alphabet and the sound of each Hebrew letter in order to spell the entitie’s name correctly in Hebrew, and then draw lines in this Rose Cross lamen.

Hebrew letters_Qabalah_satanism_voodoo_häxkonst


The Hebrew Alphabet and the sound of each Hebrew letter







Value of each letter:

Aleph = 1

Bet = 2

Gimmel = 3

Dallet = 4

Heh = 5

Vahv = 6

Zy-in = 7

Chet = 8

Teht = 9

Yud = 10

Kaph = 20

Lahmed = 30

Mehm = 40

Nun = 50

Sah-mech = 60

Eye-in = 70

Peh = 80

Tzah-dee = 90

Koph = 100

Resh = 200

Shin = 300

Tahv = 400

Image result for shemhamforash meaning

Read from right to left: Yud Heh Vah Heh (the 4-fold name of God, that is, Tetragrammaton or Solomons pentacle) = 10 + 5 + 6 + 5 = 26

Additional letters if they occur at the end of the word complicate sigil creation, because one has to know Hebrew very well. I am learning the Hebrew alphabet and words for the purpose of performing my rituals in Hebrew.

5 additional letters in Hebrew


Exception to the rules (see the two photos here):

1. The letter with the value 500 is actually Dalleth that turns into Kaph, because it is found at the end of the word.

2. Final Mehm = value 600/ has another appearance if at the end of word

3. Final Nun = value 700/has another appearance if at the end of word

4. Final Peh = value 80/has another appearance if at the end of word

5. Final Tzah dee = 900/has another appearance if at the end of word

Totally = 5 letters that complicate the process of sigil creation, because they change their appearance if found at the end of the word.

Hebrew is read from right to left

Know the Hebrew name of the entitie. This is not easy for the student. This is what I feel. I wish I had a Rabbi who would teach me the secrets of practical Qabalah. For now I educate myself, by searching in online occult sources and also by following in the footsteps of famous Ceremonial magicians.

As an example I want to show you how one can create the seal of Phorlakh (used in money spells). We need to know the Hebrew name of this Angel Phorlakh (belongs to the Element of Earth/probably from the Sephira of Malkuth).


Hebrew is read from right to left: Peh-Vah-Resh-Lahmed-Aleph-Kaph (Daleth changes into Kaph with value 500/ end of the word!).

So you begin drawing straight lines to join the hebrew letters in the Rose Cross lamen. I will continue, because I will take pictures of my seals.

Creating the seal of Phorlakh

Step 1:


Write the name Phorlakh in Hebrew from right to left 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Note that the 6th letter Dalleth is at the end of the name. In this case Dalleth turns into Kaph with the value 500 (see exceptions above, point 1 ).

Step 2:


Draw the lines starting with Peh. At Peh make a small circle. This will mark the beginning of your seal drawing. Continue drawing through the letters in the following sequence: Vah-Resh-Lahmed-Aleph-Kaph.

Step 3:


Step 4:

Choose green or olive coloured paper. This is because Malkuth is divided into 4 Elemental spheres:


Air = yellow

Fire = Red

Water = black

Earth = green/olive colour

I had no green paper at home. Therefore I choose some “yellow mud” coloured paper to demonstrate my seal.






Ready. You may decorate the seal with Phorlakh written in Hebrew. When you perform your ritual its important to consecrate the seal with Air, Fire, Water and Earth on your altar. Stare at the seal and read the conjurations to Phorlakh. Have your mirror positioned outside your circle. If you see nothing, don’t get upset. Do a spell with the seal.

The purpose of summoning entities is also to obtain favours from them. Make talismans when the moon is waxing and full to draw things towards you. Make amulets when the moon is full and waning to repel things from you.