Astral adventures with an incubus demon lover


The seal of Lucifer from Grimoirium Verum.


It was never my aim to enter into a symbiotic relationship with my patron Lucifer. Several spells I did long ago and while repeating them resulted in the creation of an incubus, that is, a demon lover.

It is a fact that I had made several pacts with my Lord Lucifer, and I was doing the wierdest sort of spells on myself. These spells, done during several years and regularly (during a period of at least 10 years) resulted in a strong bond with Lucifer.



I was terrified when I was out of my body during one night. While out of my body, I could see my room with my astral eyes.


I used a large black seal of Lucifer and wrapped my own doll into it.


Perhaps I should explain how I leave my body. It all begins with a sleep paralysis while I hear lots of motor noise, singing voices and instrumental music (the kind that does not exist on the planet).

The bed beneath my body vibrates and shakes. I feel discomfort in my physical body while exiting it through the upper chakra regions, because the body feels tight and squeezes me. At last after a lot of struggle with my physical body, I get rid of it.

Suddenly, when I was finally free of my physical shell,  I discovered a male in my bed and then I panicked. His body was half transparent and he lay beside me in bed. I tried to push him away, but did not succeed.

I was taken by surprise and a bit scared. As soon as I thought the thought: “What if he will want to have sex with me?”, the sex began. I suspect that in the astral dimension the speed of thought is fast and our contacts with the astral entities are telepathic.

I can’t say that astral sex with Lucifer is pleasant, because he is too intense. As long as my astral contacts with my patron do not harm me, they are acceptable to me.

If you want to enter into a symbiotic relationship with a demon lover, I may give you some pros and cons of such relationships with demon lovers.


you will be protected by the demon (because you and the demon will be one)

your mind will merge with the mind of the demon, and you will become better at understanding your life: past, present and future

you will have precognitive dreams

you will kill your deep seated fears

you won’t long after a physical partner


the entity might not allow a physical partner into your life

the out of body experiences may be scary

If you are curious about one of the spells which resulted in the creation of an incubus demon lover, you are welcome to follow this link to Save your ass from danger: wrap your doll into the seal of Lucifer.

By the way, you can also make symbiotic pacts of marriage with the Archdemons. The demons do not provide their services free of charge of course, and you might want to be extra careful regarding such pacts.


The seal of Lucifuge Rofocale from the Grimoirium Verum.


I am married to the Prime Minister of Hell, Lucifuge, and we have made several symbiotic pacts that benefit us both. I worship him and he takes care of my material needs.

If you feel lonely without a man in your life, the incubus lover cannot help you to suffocate your lack of love in your life.

I have no desire for a partner, because I am fine on my own. Its my nature to be independent, stubborn and selfish. I feel no need to be together with another person.


The seal of Lucifuge Rofocale (Dukante sigils).


If you are a lover of solitude, independence and pleasure, then a pact with the superior demons like Lucifer and Lucifuge is for you.

They will never allow a physical male into your life, but also never replace the physical male, thus keeping your heart whole (it will never be broken).



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