Demon Sitri from Goetia and love spells


Demon Sitri can help with love and lust magick.


Demon Sitri can help you to do lust spells on a particular person. Such spells will increase the person’s desire to want you as their partner.

Most people know the concept of magick with dolls through the legendary voodoo doll. Dolls can be used to manipulate, heal, protect or damage.

The idea works through the principle of equality. When you make a doll like someone, what is done with the doll during the ritual will happen to the target of the spell.

If you do healing magick using the doll of someone who is ill, the healing energy will be sent to the ill person. Direct an evil curse to the doll, with a pin and a hammer, then the pain and the disease will be sent to the person in question.

Love and lust spells can be directed towards the doll, and these energies will be directed towards the person. Such magick is classified as selfish and manipulative.

Which other demons can help?

There are several demons described in Goetia. I have done spells with the demons Dantalion, Sallos, Zepar, Beleth and Sitri.

I have 3 favourites: Sitri, Sallos and Dantalion. These three have different abilities, but Sitri is probably the more “evil” one but also the most talented.

Sitri is the twelfth Spirit of Goetia. He is a great Prince, and appears at first with a Leopard’s head and the Wings of a Gryphon, but after the command of the Master of the Exorcism he putts on Human shape, and that shape is very beautiful.

He inflames men with Women’s love, and Women with Men’s love, and causes them also to show themselves naked if it be desired.

Sitri rules 60 legions of spirits.




Demon Sitri comes from the sphere of Gamchicoth on the Qliphotic Tree.
Sitri comes from the Qlipha of Gamchicoth. This place is ruled by demon Astaroth (chart based on Clavicula Salomonis).

It is my experience that Sitri can dramatically increase sexual desire. But it is said that the demon Sitri is of a somewhat evil character.

This demon does what you ask him to do: he will bring the one you love to you. But then in secrecy, he may giggle at your week sides.

But I like Sitri. We have a warm friendship and a symbiotic relationship. Sitri can also help with beauty magic to make you very attractive to the opposite sex.

The demon Sergutthy from Grimoirium Verum can also help with beauty magic and make you very confident about yourself.



The seal of Sergutthy from Grimoirium Verum.



Demon Sitri: about such lust spells…

If you are open to doing magick on a particular person you like, you can direct the love magick to that person (to make them burn with sexual desire for you).

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work the way you want it to work. Just because you increase someone’s desire does not mean that it will be directed towards you or that the target of your spell will do as you wish.

If they are shy or if they feel that invitations to have sex are inappropriate, they will simply be a bit extra horny, but it won’t benefit you.

In order to make such magic work in a very efficient way, you need to be sure that the person in question is attracted to you.

If you are unsure, your chances are 50/50. But one knows that men like sex a lot and it may happen that the magick works.

For the spell to work, there should be no obstacles in the path of the spell. The common obstacles are such:

the person is already in a relationship

the person is married

Moreover, if you want a married person, the spell will take on a malicious character. It may not work, or it may take a long time, or it may work after several attempts, but there is no promise.

It is better to aim after a single person who is attracted to you. Then you two will enjoy your time together if you spice your love life with a lust spell. Sitri will be happy to help you.




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Demon Lucifer: a beauty spell


Demon Lucifer is described in the Grimoirium Verum. This is his seal.



Magick of Grimoirium Verum


Demon Lucifer is my favourite demon. I do beauty spells quite often (well…to lose weight), but this spell is both a beauty and a love spell (2 in 1). The best time to do this spell is the full moon night.

According to Grimoirium Verum, most Spirits like Scirlin, Clauneck, Lucifer, Morail and others, come from the Qlipha of Golab. At least I understood the Grimoirium Verum in this way.




In my world Lucifer is equal to Satan (this Spirit is simply the adversary of the Christian God) and therefore I associate the Qlipha Thamiel with Lucifer.


Satan and Moloch are the two deities that rule the Qlipha Thamiel.




I do this spell during Fridays and Sundays, and do not bother with choosing the correct astrological hours. After all, Lucifer is a supreme deity and God of our Universe.


You will need:


a tea candle or

a white taper candle (paint with sunflower oil and roll in cinnamon)

the seal of Lucifer


Demon Lucifer is described in the Grimoirium Verum. This is his second seal.

your blood

powdered cinnamon & vanilla sugar

a magnet & a copper coin (the coin sticks to the magnet!)

2 rose quarts beads

2 teaspoons of dried rose petals

a napkin, a rubber band & a silk bag

I show you how to do this spell in the video below.






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A beauty spell with the seal of Hagith



Hagith is the planetary spirit of Venus. He makes a woman beautiful and desirable.


“Hagith governeth Venereous things. He that is dignified with his Character, he maketh very fair, and to be adorned with all beauty. He converteth copper into gold, in a moment, and gold into copper: he giveth Spirits which do faithfully serve those to whom they are addicted.

He hath 4000 Legions of Spirits and over every thousand he ordaineth Kings for their appointed seasons. “

Arbatel De magia veterum

Follow this link to Arbatel De magia verum to read more about the Olympic Spirits.

Hagith is the one you will want to contact if you want to look fabulous or regenerate your lost beauty. I offer you one more post: The Olympic spirit Hagith and how he can help you.




This spell is done during the waning moon and during a Friday. The correspondences of Venus are the following:

Ruling planet: Venus

Day: Friday

Astro hour: Venus

Paper seal colour: green

Metal: copper

Number: 7

For this spell you will need:

a green candle

a green seal of Hagith

a large napkin (to wrap the seal)

a rubber band

a glas jar with a screw lid

a table spoon of honey (healing, regeneration)

a garlic clove (healing, regeneration)

a small rose bud (dried rose is fine too)

thyme (healing), cinnamon (beauty), nutmeg (healing)

oils for the seal: mint and sandalwood

a drop of your blood



Activate the seal of Hagith with Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Begin evoking Hagith by staring right into the seal and reciting your call.

Place a drop of your blood on the seal. Pour the honey over the drop of blood and add the herbs, including the rose. Top all this with the garlic clove.

Recite your spell 3 times and visualize the effect you desire. If this part is difficult, bring forth the memories of your youth and focus on these memories for 5 minutes.

Raise power and project it into the seal. Thank Hagith and give licence to depart.

Finish your ritual and let the candle burn down. On the next day fold the seal (carefully) and wrap it into a napkin. Secure with a rubber band.

Place the seal into the glas jar and then place the jar into your freezer to freeze  the run of time and also your aging.



In conclusion:


Spells with Hagith manifest quickly. Hagith showers a woman with luxury quality cosmetics and perfumes (for a good price!).

This is my personal experience, because now I don’t even have any free space left on my dressers: Hagith bought me lots of cosmetics, glitter sprays and perfumes.



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The Olympic spirit Hagith and how he can help you


Hagith is described in the Arbatel De magia veterum and this is his seal.


Hagith is an Olympic spirit and he is described in the Arbatel De magia veterum.




Hagith: Arbatel


Hagith is in charge of all things that have a connection to the planet Venus. He makes the practitioner very attractive. Hagith can convert copper into gold and gold into copper.

Hagith rules over 4000 legions of spirits and he also gives Familiar spirits.

Source: Arbatel De magia veterum




About confidence and self-esteem


I have my own favourite rituals with Hagith to enhance my appearance. Hagith has helped me to reduce weight, to look good and also to like my appearance.

The ritual below will help you if:

your self-confidence has dropped to level zero after a divorce

you feel fat

you have no sexual drive left, have not been dating for a while

you don’t dare to date once more due to previous bad experience of relationships

its difficult for you to get a man notice you

About the latest point: you just believe this to be true. But wait! You will look younger, feel good about your appearance and your self-confidence will return.

Actually, people’s self-confidence is their beauty. A beautiful person does not always have good self-confidence.




Loosing weight (update 2019-10-03)


I started to do regular magick with Hagith in December 2017. Soon I was on a diet for a period of 6 months. Initially my weight was 86 kilograms and I was round and soft.

My weight started to decrease and after one year my weight was 73 kilograms. I abandoned my diet, but Hagith taught me to eat salad and lots of fish.

At one moment my weight was stuck and I could not reduce it anymore. I continued to do magick with Hagith and asked Hagith to help me.

I also released the outcome of my spells with Hagith and I even forgot about my magick. Life was full of stress and I was very busy all the time.

Suddenly, one day I discovered that my weight is 71, 5 kilograms. And that discovery made me very happy. I am attaching a video about how I started to diet and how I reduced weight.

In the video I also describe the food that made me slim while I was stressed out to the brim and had no time to visit the gym.







From where does Hagith come?



Hagith is a planetary spirit of the planet Venus. You can use the correspondences of Netzach.


You can perform this ritual when the moon grows in size or during the full moon. The best day (actually night) is Friday. The correspondences of Netzach are such:

Ruling planet: Venus

Day: Friday

Astrological hour: Venus

Paper seal colour: green

Metal: copper

Number: 7



You will need:


the seal of Hagith

a tea candle

your hair

3 apple seeds

3 small beads of rose quarts

a copper money (a coin)

a magnet

a pinch of powdered cinnamon

4-5 rose petals (dried ones can be used too)

your favourite perfume

a paper napkin

a rubber band

an item you had when you were very young (I use a handkerchief I used to have in my coat when I was 24 years old)

a small bag



The ritual


Form your ritual circle and open the four energy portals. Call forth Hagith and explain the purpose of your ritual: “I want to enhance my appearance, look younger as I did when I was (so many) years old.”

Light the tea candle. Present your hair to the four elemental representations on your altar. Ask the forces to cooperate.

Place the hair, apple seeds, rose quarts beads, the magnet, the copper money, cinnamon and rose petals on the paper napkin. Spray a bit of your perfume.

Say your spell 3 times. Wrap the contents into the napkin and secure with the rubber band.

At last wrap the package into the handkerchief or whatever item you have. Place all this into your flannel bag. The bag should be placed near your bed.




About makeup



Repeat this ritual often to enhance your personal magnetism and looks. And don’t forget that men look good if they have shaved and have clean socks.

It’s a bit complicated in the case of a woman’s beauty. Charge your cosmetics inside your ritual circle. Charge the brushes and combs too.

Start the process of awakening your magnetism slowly. Do not get inspired to make drastic changes like chopping of your long hear and getting a short hair cut.

Take the makeover process step after step. Begin by determining your face shape and examining the quality of your hair. Perhaps, all that you need is to trim the ends of your hair to begin with.

The next step may be choosing a good foundation. The foundation is a helpful tool that makes your skin look soft and even.

Pluck your eyebrows and purchase an eyebrow pencil or a brush and powdered shadow to define the shape of your eyebrows.

If your lashes are short you should learn how to use false lashes. Age does not limit us women in anyway. You may use false lashes  even if you are 80 years old.

The same applies to the lipstick colour. You should have several lipsticks on your dresser. If you have never used bold red you probably wont paint your lips red at once.

Red is the colour of courage and confidence. Forget that a woman after 40 should not dare to wear red lipstick. You should dare to wear red lipstick to bolster your self confidence.

If you feel unsure and are not used to a red lipstick, I advice to use red on your lips at home. You will get used to red and then wear your red lipstick in public and enjoy your looks.




Other spirits



Aratron, Och and Bethor can prolong your life and keep you healthy. Create joy in your life, prioritise your well being and avoid stress, and you will stop killing your brain cells.




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