11 + seals from Grimoirium Verum




The seal of Bucon. This demon will ruin the love relationship of your enemy.


This seal and many others are found in Grimoirium Verum. The duties of many demons from Grimoirium Verum are described in the Grand Grimoire.

The demon Bucon can aid you in creation of your break up jars. Bucon causes friction, jealousy and hate between members of the opposite sex.

Demon Bucon is an expert in such magick, but the spells have a tendency to backfire if you are unlucky. During one of my evocations I asked Bucon:

“What will happen to me if I summon you often for my clients?”

He answered: “You will remain single for the rest of your life.” The answer did not upset me at all. I am a lover of solitude.





I have done spells with many demons from Grimoirium Verum. The demon Sustugriel is my teacher and he taught me many secrets, among them this one: I don’t need to summon Scirlin each time in order to communicate with my Master Satan.


The seal of Sustugriel from Grimoirium Verum. This demon teaches Witchcraft and in depth.





Lucifer can empower you and make you brave. This spirit is very intelligent and steps in right when you need his help.

Pacts for more money are very suitable to agree upon with Lucifer. The Demon Lucifer will protect you from dishonest people and also from all kinds of harm and dangers.

He will step in or show you dreams with warnings and reveal the dangers in due time. Charge your pendant on the seal of Lucifer and wear the pendant day and night.

By the way, I abandoned the traditional seal of Lucifer from Grimoirium Verum in favour of another seal of Satan (for the sake of experimentation), which I discovered in Compendium Rarissimum.

I was led to create a personal hybrid seal of Satan, which I use now and then. I also found another seal of Lucifer (Lucifer in Europe) in the Grimoirium Verum and i show it below.


The seal of Lucifer in Europe. Grimoirium Verum.



The seal of Lucifer from Grimoirium Verum. Red is the colour of Tuesday!



Another very good seal of Lucifer from Grimoirium Verum.


My personal hybrid seal of Satan and Saturn. This seal is very powerful. Grey is the colour of Saturday!





The seal of Morail. This demon will make any object invisible.


This is the seal of demon Morail from Grimoirium Verum. This demon makes you go invisible and undetectable for the eyes of your enemies.

Morail can also help you hide away documents and conceal something you wish to hide away from people.

You can use the seal of Morail as if you would use the seal of Bael and create a Witch’s bottle with the seal of Morail.

But the seal of Morail if combined with the seal of Guland (also a demon from Grimoirium Verum), the doll of your target, graveyard dirt, and meat will kill your target (I read this in an old spell book).




Be aware that such malicious curses may backfire if you don’t have sufficient reason for being so evil.




The seal of Guland from Grimoirium Verum. The Goetic Marbas also causes illness.


Guland causes illness (he does not cure the illness).





The two seals of Clauneck from Grimoirium Verum.


Clauneck causes the money to come to you. You can make pacts and also do spells for more money with Clauneck and Lucifer too.





The seal of Surgat. This demon removes obstacles from your life path.


Surgat helps to eliminate obstacles from your life. Welcome to read my post about a necromantic bleach jar spell with Belial and Surgat.





The seal of Nesbiros, the demon of necromancy and divination. He protects you and aids you to battle down your enemies.


Nesbiros is the demon of necromancy and divination. This demon will protect you from your enemies. Call upon Nesbiros for execration magick and bindings.





The seal of Fleruty who brings about hail and storms. I must admit I have not yet done magick with Fleruty.


Fleruty causes unstable weather with hail and storms.


The second seal of seal of Fleruty from Grimoirium Verum.






The seal of Satanachia (source: Grimoirium Verum). This demon makes you look young or old exactly like the King of Air Maguth.


Satanachia can make you look young or old (glamourie spells).


The seal of Satanachi from Grimoirium Verum. I don’t know if Satanachia and Satanachi are one and the same.





The seal of Satanakia from Grimoirium Verum. Again, I don’t know if Satnakia is the same as Satanachia.



The second seal of Satanakia from Grimoirium Verum. Again, I don’t know if Satnakia is the same as Satanachia.


I have not figured out the duties of Satanakia (yet).



Sagatana (Sargatanas)


The seal of Sagatana (Sargatanas). He reveals all sorts of secrets, teaches you necromancy and divination. Sagatana also helps you go invisible when you desire to vanish.


Sagatana reveals all sorts of secrets. He can teach you necromancy and divination too. Sagatana can protect you from your enemies and he can make you undetectable for their eyes.

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