Wealth magick and Feng Shui: begin manifesting money









Wealth magick is a very popular subject. Demon Bune can help to manifest money. This is his seal.


Wealth magick is a very hot subject in today’s world. In this post I am going to describe the methods I used for manifesting my wealth. Therefore this post will contain lots of information.

Besides practising Witchcraft, I practise Feng Shui and reinforce my efforts with daily affirmations. If you want the money to flow to you, you must begin reprogramming your subconscious mind with affirmations.

Below I offer you a one hour long tape with affirmations for manifesting wealth. Listen to these affirmations each evening before going to bed.







The most powerful demon: Lucifer



So lets begin with the most powerful demon for manifesting wealth. This demon is Lucifer, also called for the Devil, and he can make you really rich if you make a sacrifice of something very valuable.


Demon Lucifer is described in the Grimoirium Verum and this is his seal.


I cannot disclose the type of sacrifice I made to Lucifer and other two demons, but most people will never sacrifice such valuable things to demons. Note that I did not sacrifice animals, my pets, other humans or babies, my life or my soul to Lucifer and to two other demons.

After I made the pact with Lucifer, Lucifuge Rofocale and Mephistophilis, and the sacrifice was gladly accepted by the demons, money started to appear from everywhere all the time.




Grimoirium Verum: a warning about pacts



Demons Lucifer and Clauneck are described in the Grimoirium Verum and these are their seals.



“In the first part of Grimoirium Verum are contained various seals and instructions for invoking the Devils, to make them come and bring whatever you ask them to bring.

These sorts of creatures do not give anything for nothing. Spirits do not give you their services for free. They always want some payment.

The spirits serve only their intimate friends. There are two kinds of pacts: the tacit (a silent pact) and the apparent (worded pact).

There are different types of spirits: some are good and some are bad. When you make a pact and have to give something to the spirit (something that belongs to you), you have to be careful.”

Source: Grimoirium Verum




What do the demons want as payment?



What should you offer to Lucifer as payment for his help? You can promise to make regular offerings to Lucifer. But note that the offerings you make to Lucifer must be really luxurious and to his liking.

I also heard that if you sacrifice dead animals, the demons will gladly accept such gifts and they will be more willing to help you. But I cannot sacrifice dead animals, because I am in other pacts with other demons: I am expected to protect and to heal animals.

People have asked me: “Will the demons agree to help me to become rich if I give up my addiction as payment for their services?”

I said: “I really do not know.”

Think like this: would you help me if I asked you to do me a favour on the condition that I will stop smoking? No.

But what if I promised you delicious food, luxury quality tobacco, champagne and burnt money? The burnt money is a sacrifice. You would get paid each full moon.

Would you help me if you were a demon? Yes.




Demon Bune: he can make you rich



Demon Bune is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.


“Bune or sometimes also called for Bime, is the 26th spirit of Goetia. He is ranked as a Duke. Bune appears in the form of a dragon with three heads.

His first head is that of a dog, the second is like of a Gryphon, and the third head is that of a man. Bune speaks with a high and calm voice.

This spirit changes the place of the spirits of the dead people, and causes the spirits under his command to gather upon your grave.

Bune makes people rich and wise. He is trustworthy and gives true answers unto your demands. Bune commands 30 legions of spirits and he has two seals.”

Source: Goetia


Demon Bune: a necromancy demon


Bune can open up a source of income for you. This demon can help you to become wealthier than you are today if you do regular money spells and work hard. You can make money pacts with Bune.

Demon Bune can also help you to lift up the fog of financial curses. Below I offer you a video that will show you how to get rid of financial curses.





Bune is also a demon of necromancy and he can assist you in necromantic magick. This demon and also demon Murmur teach necromancy and they can introduce you to suitable contacts among the dead.




Demon Clauneck: Grimoirium Verum


Demon Clauneck has two seals. Both seals are found in the Grimoirium Verum.


Demon Clauneck penetrates your subconscious mind and forces you to work very hard and in an obsessive way. I have skipped 8 hours sleep during many days in a row until I was near a collapse.

My obsession with my work was mad. You can do bleach jar spells with Clauneck and this magick is described in my post: Demon Clauneck from Grimoirium Verum and how he can help you.




The wealth magick of Arbatel


The magick of Arbatel is also very potent. There are several spirits in the Arbatel and they specialise in financial magick. These spirits are:




The Olympic spirit Bethor is described in the Arbatel and this is his seal.




“Bethor is in charge of all things that have a connection to the planet Jupiter. He can raise you to very high dignities and helps to increase earnings.

Bethor unites the spirits of Air in such a way that they give true answers unto your demands: they transport precious gems from place to place and they also give the knowledge of natural cures and medicines, and their effects on health.

Bethor gives very good Familiar spirits and he can prolong your life to 700 years if it is the will of God.”

Source: Arbatel De magia veterum





The Olympic spirit Och is described in the Arbatel and this is his seal.


Och is a solar spirit and he is in charge of all issues connected to the planet Sun. He can prolong human life upto 600 years and he can also teach the magician such magick that results in perfect health.

Och makes people wise and he also teaches medical arts. Och gives very good Familiar spirits and he makes people successful and rich.

Source: Arbatel De magia veterum




The Olympic spirit Aratron is described in the Arbatel and this is his seal.


The Olympic spirit Aratron is in charge of those life issues that are connected to the planet Saturn. He can convert any thing into a stone very fast, either animal or plant, retaining the same object to the sight.

Aratron can help you to obtain things of more value for your money. He can ruin a business or make a business very successful and prosperous.

Aratron also gives very good Familiar spirits and he also teaches magick. He can protect you from your enemies by making you go invisible.

Aratron can also help to conceive a child and he gives a long life.

Source: Arbatel De magia veterum




Feng Shui



This is the Feng Shui Bagua map.
Feng Shui and its application for wealth is a broad subject. This is the bagua map of your home.


I practice Feng Shui too. Follow the link ahead to read my post about Feng Shui for wealth. You can combine money spells, daily money affirmations and Feng Shui to improve your income.

Our homes are astral maps of our lives. What we see around us in our homes is what we create in our lives. Feng Shui is the subconscious language of symbols.


Feng Shui: the subconscious meaning of symbols


Our subconscious mind is way too smart and labels everything we see and think. When we see dirt and clutter in our homes, the subconscious mind immediately draws fast conclusions:

“Clutter and dirt are equal to obstacles, and that is why, I will create problems and obstacles for you!”

The first step towards manifesting money is to get rid of dirt and clutter, and to clean the home. After this you can begin looking into the design of the various bagua sectors and begin redesigning your home.




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Necromantic magick with Lucifer and Mephistophilis to drive away noisy neighbours









This is the seal of Mephistophilis from the Black Raven.


Necromantic magick is very powerful and it can help you to get rid of noisy neighbours. Once upon a time my home was a very quite place. I and my pets have lived in our home a very long time and we love our cosy apartment.

But since January 2019, one room is very noisy. This is because of one neighbour who moved in during December 2018.

Its a fact too that I have been healing an ill pet. My pet has recovered, but he is still in the process of rehabilitation. Animals are sacred beings and as parents to pets, it is our responsibility to ensure that our animals have a chance to recover in a quite room.

Adjacent to my pet’s room is my neighbours kitchen or bathroom. No, moving my pet into my bedroom is not an option, because I work and do rituals there.

If I live together with my pet in my bedroom, I will not be able to work when he is sleeping. We will have no money then.

Moving to another home with my parrots and their huge cages is not an option, because my pet is still recovering from his illness. A move is very stressful for parrots and can trigger feather plucking and self mutilation.

There was noise all the time from that neighbour. She was slamming the doors, flushing the toilet 100 times per day, throwing some objects against the wall between her place and my pet’s room.

At last I lost my temper and did a spell to make that lady move out to a better place. I used cemetery dirt from two graves. The dead people are my relatives.




The nature of my orgies with the dead



By the way, it is possible to see the astral dimension in lucid dreams. I see the dead very often when I am out of body. The dead have no understanding of time, and for this reason they look very young.

The dead men are actually very sexy and attractive, well dressed and smell nice. This is true of the graves I interact with. I have even been seduced into flirting and kissing the dead men.

My astral flights are very lucid in character and I do not even know that I am asleep during my dreams. Everything is so real during my out of body experiences just like in real life. Sometimes I fly a very short distance: just to the next room and the dead are there waiting for me.

It is very important to know the sort of dead we interact with, because we could pick up psychic garbage from the dead. You do not want to kiss an alcoholic during your astral flights and then feel the urge to taste alcohol.

The only unpleasant experience is the “landing” back into the physical body. This is so unpleasant, because of the sleep paralysis. Last time I woke up from my astral flight, I was sleeping with a dead man in his grave, and a rat was eating my shoe. I woke up with a scream.




Lucifer and Mephistophilis


I also called upon the other spirits of the dead (they will live in her home). Lucifer and Mephistophilis were the spirits who assisted me during my spell.



This is the seal of Lucifer from Grimoirium Verum.


I also placed two Feng Shui cures in my bathroom, because the neighbour was making a lot of noise near my bathroom.

I placed a very sharp knife pointing right towards the neighbour to repel her away from my bathroom. In addition, I placed a small mirror facing the bathroom wall.

Of course, I had done a spell with the sharp knife to drive away the noisy neighbour. Actually, its a weapon, but I use it as a Feng Shui cure.

Follow up (2019-07-01). My neighbour is very quite these days, and my bird has become very calm.




Necromantic magick: this is what you will need



the seals of Lucifer and Mephistophilis

a small jar with a lock

snake skin

vinegar and concentrated lime juice

cemetery dirt from several graves

pictures and several personal items of the dead

cayenne pepper, red chilli powder, mustard powder, salt, matches (contain sulphur)

a small paper doll of the neighbour with name and surname, address, phone number, etc

oil for the seals of the demons: patchouli

You will have to do the evocation of the dead, and then it will be time to hand them a task:  to move into the neighbours home until they drive away the person to another place.

A little bit of cemetery dirt is applied to the doll with a request: to move out. Then the doll is rolled into a tiny scroll and tied with black thread.

The doll is dropped into the jar and all other ingredients are added. A spell is said over the jar 3 times.

The demons are also asked to help with this matter. You can keep the seals of the demons under your pillow, because the demons will give you further instructions.

What instructions? To pour out powders in the elevators to make the whole building quite. Initially, we lived in a very quite building.

But then with time, some noisy people moved in. They do not understand that if they shout, fight and slam the doors, the vibrations are heard by others.

Maybe they understand, but have no respect for others who live in the same building.

Its important to chill down. Such rituals can make you even more angry. Well, its good to be a little angry when you will be creating powders to make everybody shut up and behave with respect.



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All my free articles and videos on the subject of magick are available. Here is My blog.


Feng Shui and its application for wealth






Feng Shui and its application for wealth is a broad subject.
Feng Shui and its application for wealth is a broad subject. This is the bagua map of your home.


Feng Shui and its application for wealth is a very broad subject. Today, times are hard for many people and I have been asked to create a post about the application of Feng Shui for the purpose of attracting money.

Those who practice magick can enhance the qualities of their lives by using the techniques and cures of Feng Shui. The cures of Feng Shui can even be combined with necromantic magick to drive away noisy neighbours.

You don’t need to decorate your home in Chinese style or pray to Chinese Gods. For example, I have a money altar dedicated to demon Bune in my money corner.

The money corner reflects what is happening in my life with regard to money. I am doing well. But do not expect Feng Shui to help you solve all your problems right the next day.

Any improvement in a specific area of life is a gradual process, because by decorating a specific bagua sector, you build a picture (in symbols) of the life you want, in the astral dimension.

Feng Shui is an ancient art and it is very old. It is the language of symbols. Our subconscious minds understand these symbols and then create our reality.

There are many different schools of Feng Shui. Some are very complex and some (modern ones) are easy.

There are many levels of Feng Shui that can be combined with each other. But such practices are advanced.

I use the Western Style Bagua map (BTB bagua), because it is easier to apply in my space than Classical Bagua due to the positions of the windows.

I advice all newcommers to Feng Shui to use the Western or Classical Bagua maps. Later on, when you know the basics, you can learn more about the Flying Star school of Feng Shui.



Declutter and decorate 5 most important areas for the inflow of money


Declutter 5 areas: Money & wealth, Success & reputation, Family & family finances, Life path & work, and also Network, clients and helpful people.


In order to attract money into your life, you will have to focus your attention on 5 very important areas of the Bagua map.

These areas are:

Money and wealth

Success and reputation

Family and family finances

Life path and work

Network, clients and helpful people

Place the Bagua map on the floor plan of your home in this way: your main door must be in one of the three lower squares of the Bagua map:

Network, clients and helpful people or

Life path and work or

Knowledge, skills and wisdom

The upper left square is your money area then. When I began practising Feng Shui and looked at my money corner, the space looked sterile like a desert.

My life situation was sterile just like my money corner. Money was scarce. It took 4,5 years of hard work to repair the financial area of my life. Feng Shui and money spells helped!

It is also my experience that only Feng Shui and money spells won’t flood your experience with plenty of money for comfortable living (a constant supply of money).

You have to practice affirmations for money on a daily basis. This is not a difficult task.

I also advice to take photos of your space (how it looks now) and also after the transformation. You will understand how your environment influences your deep mind (in symbols). It is your deep mind that creates your reality.

You will become better and better at understanding the changes you are making and how these changes will affect your life.

But do not expect instant results. The results will follow after 3 or 6 months. If your finances are in crisis now, it may take a year or more before you see the first results. Be patient.



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My blog


All my free articles and videos on the subject of magick are available. Here is My blog.

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Dreams, Witchcraft and Feng Shui


You know by now that you yourself create your reality. All reality is first born as a little thought of something desired.

Thoughts on the mental plane become powerful thoughtforms on the astral plane, and then finally crystallize and become reality on the physical plane.

There is a thought momentum going on for you. This momentum is based on the length of time you have been thinking about something desired or not.

Your most dominant thoughts are your reality now. If you want to change something in your life you have to change your thoughts. This is not easy but you can do it with the help of affirmations, visualizations of the desired outcome, and meditations to slow down the speed of your previous thought momentum.

If you decide to use symbols as a Feng Shui cure in a particular area of your home you will dream. The dreams are the result of your subconscious mind responding to the symbol.

Sometimes, when we are experiencing all kinds of setbacks, depleting worry and feel that life is taking on an undesirable route, the symbols we use as Feng Shui cures will produce instant dreams.

The dreams will show you your nearest future. Why so? I told you that there is a thought current running as your destiny. The following circumstances in your life will show you that your dream was a true one.

If you want to change something in your life you must accept that you yourself created this undesirable thing by giving it too much emotional attention. Your beliefs (the thoughts you think daily) led you to the point in life where you are now.

If nothing works for you and your life is a total mess, yes, you will have to be strong in your Spirit. But please know that you deserve a happy future and you will be there. It may take a while to build a new life tackling problems on your way.

Set out to make a list that describes your life as it is now. What do you want to change? Be honest with yourself, don’t deny the problems. Learn to dream big! Love yourself and make your selfish well being an important agenda.


If relationships are a problem for you, then you have to identify why you are unhappy. Remember, you can’t change another person. You can change yourself.

Sometimes, when we end unhealthy relationships, we are showing  extraordinary courage and deep self-love. Some relationships are not worth our attention and energy, because they drain us of our powers. Just end them.

I do not advice to focus on the “finding of a man or a woman to make life work” if relationships don’t work right now.

Someday, when you have become a powerful person, you will not need a partner by your side at all. Then, if the right person comes into your life, the love life will work for you both.

All life events are thoughts in motion forming your future on before hand. You have to slow down the negative thoughts, thought forms, and future events on the mental and astral planes first. This takes time.

How long time? Long enough in some cases. When you try to change your thought pattern after living a hell during 20 years with a partner who was not emotionally available for you, cheated on you day in and day out, it does not seem to be possible at all.

That is why the Feng Shui love cure will not help at once. You will have to heal your feelings first, and only when you are whole and happy once again can a good partner come to you.

So, I would advice that you focus on some other subject and leave the dysfunctional love life out of your plans for now. But anyway, you can clean the love sector and plan in some symbols that resonate with your  idea of love and relationships. Things won’t improve the next day. It may take a while.

If you practice Witchcraft, you can do rituals to speed up your emotional healing. One day, your unhealthy relationship will end abruptly. Don’t be shocked then. Spells manifest like this and sometimes leave us wondering long and hard. The bad stuff (those emotionally unavailable men and women, you know…and those nasty bosses…) will be washed away from your life.


When the old life decomposes, you may feel shocked for a while. This is the time to use creative visualization intensively to form your new future during the current vacuum. By this time, when ugly relationships have ended, even work has ended abruptly, satisfactory events are making their way into your life.

After you recover from the shock using Witchcraft, Feng Shui and your daily affirmations, life will feel much better.

It’s important to know what you want in life now. Define your goal clearly. Do you want to change your work for something that brings you joy? This is a wonderful thought. Visualize, visualize often that you are living your dream. Dreams come true sooner or later.

Money Witchery for lean times and Feng Shui


Tarot_Häxkonst_wicca_voodoo hoodoo_magi_kärleksmagi


When times are lean for you there is one thing to do: silence your fears for survival! Also, know, that you can begin to direct the flow of money towards you by using Feng Shui together with Witchcraft.

First of all: you will have to repel trouble (like harassments if you owe money to some people), silence your deep seated fears, and do money spells to attract better circumstances. Use affirmations on a daily basis too.

If creditors are a problem for you (and they don’t understand that you went broke), curse them as troublemakers using a Hoodoo method. The circumstances will begin to change to the better for you and these annoying people will become restricted in their powers.

Your fears are partly due to your debts, and partly because you are aware that living without cash is dangerous for you.



Sour Hoodoo against creditors and vampires in your life


Tarot_Häxkonst_wicca_voodoo hoodoo_magi_kärleksmagi


You will need such ingredients for your ritual:

1 black candle

1 lemon

graveyard dirt (2 tablespoons)


2 coffin nails

the logo of their business/office adress/names of the people

lots of salt

lots of vinegar

1 glas jar with a lock


Place the logo and the names into the lemon (make a cut in the lemon and push in the paper). Lock the lemon with coffin nails by positioning the nails in such a manner that they resemble the letter X.

Drop the lemon into the jar and pour in all other remaining spell ingredients. Seal the jar and never open it. The spell will take care of the trouble.



Money powder your home every full moon


Bune is my patron. I ask him to pay my rent, feed me and shop clothes and cosmetics for me.


You have the power over the situation! Begin by doing money spells very often. Prepare money powders, which you charge with the seals of Bune, Mammon, Lucifuge, Clauneck, Tzadkiel, Bethor and Maguth. Spread these powders in your home: on the carpets.

When you have used these powders during one year, I can promise you that you will have enough money for food and rent on a continual basis. Your fears will become silent too.

Before beginning the ritual place the money into the herbs for a couple of hours. Prepare this money powder inside your ritual circle.


The seal of Mammon.


Ask the powers to bring money for food and rent, relief from fears and uncertainty, new hope for a better future and so on.

They hear and the money will come in time to supply you with food and cover upp the rent. After you have prepared this money powder during your full moon ritual, spread it overall in your home.

Do not vacuum clean the carpets often. Let it be a little dirty, but your aura will be in contact with this powder very often.

You will come to know that a higher power takes care of all your needs in time. When money ends, the powers will send messengers to you from all corners of the world to provide you with food and meet your immidiate needs.


The seal of Lucifuge Rofocale (the Prime Minister of Hell).


All will be well if you do money spells often…

One more thing: do not direct your spells too much. Do not ask for a job if you have been unemployed long enough and you have tried to get a job one million times. It’s useless to ask for such a thing.

Ask so: “I need money for food and to cover up my rent. Draw to me enough money for comfortable living!” If you suddenly get a well paid job then it’s fine, if you don’t, then the money will come through other avenues.


Collect all the money in the home on the full moon and do a ritual


Tzadkiel is very helpful and has helped me a lot. He is wise too.


All money needs to be charged inside the ritual circle once per month (if you are experiencing a sharp trouble with the inflow of money). This charging has to be done during the night of the full moon.

I know that similar practices exist in some sects of Buddhism. Also, money magick is very common in Russian Witchcraft. Collect all the change (coins) in your purses, bags, jewelry boxes and elsewhere.

Then do a ritual using the money together with the money powder. When you are done with the ritual, the money should be placed in strategic places.

Place some charged coins on the stove inside pots. This practice is Feng Shui and the pots are a powerful symbol of abundance in your home. Besides, you know, that the coins are coated with a charge from your ritual.

Also, you can place a small mirror on your stove to reflect the pots with food. This is a Feng Shui money cure and is used with the purpose of attracting more money.

Place also some coins in your fridge and plenty of good food will come as by magick after a while. But the most important thing is this: your worry will become silent.


The seal of Bethor for money spells.



Plant the bewitched coins in you Wealth sector


feng-shui-bagua_Tarot_Häxkonst_wicca_voodoo hoodoo_magi_kärleksmagi


Have you located your money sector? What’s there? Clean your money corner and grow green plants instead of rubbish. After doing the ritual of charging the coins it makes sense to plant the coins inside the pots with plants. Store your charged money talismans in the Wealth sector.

I do not know for certain if Feng Shui can help you to eliminate troublemakers from your life (who harass you so much that your hair turns grey due to worry). Perhaps, if one uses arrows, weapons and reflective surfaces such as Bagua mirrors in specific rituals during the full moon. Well, this perhaps is a secret to be kept inside the sects.



Get rid of the clutter if you have problems with money


The clutter adds to the confusion, which is accompanied by fear of the unknown future, uncertainty and not knowing what to do. There is usually no need in purchasing new stuff for your Feng Shui practices.

Start by throwing out old newspapers and stuff you have not used in 10 years. This is all garbage. Broken items, like a broken bed in the relationship sector will not attract new love at once even if repaired. They are indicators, or signs of disorder in that area of life. In this case, repair the items so you can use them. In other case, throw away the old.

Match the Bagua map to your home to start making an astral circuit of energy flow. Look at the sector that’s responsible for the flow of money if you are having money problems.

The dominating elements (energies) in the Money sector are Wood and Water. Wood in the form of plants and trees represent lavish growth of your money. For the plants to grow you will have to add symbols of water. Feng Shui influences your subconscious mind.


A Chinese wealth symbol.


What do you see in your Money sector? The items that are very effective as a Chi boosters in the money sector are the following:

green plants

mirrors that reflect and double the coins and plants

pictures of water and of forests


The seal of Lucifer from Grimoirium Verum.

statues of your Gods

all things shiny and of golden/silver color

coin jars

wooden furniture

beautiful purses

illuminate your economy with a lamp (to raise the Chi energy)

Money must be earned and you do it by having a job or some kind of business. For this reason you have to build an energy circuit by anchoring two more sectors in your Feng Shui work.

Check the career sector and also the Fame sector. By examining the symbols and items in these two sectors, you will know for certain what the root of your problem is.

Many people are experiencing problems these days due to the crisis. This is out of your control. Feng Shui can’t help to change the economical development in the world, increase investments that lead to the birth of more jobs.

So, you see, if you depend upon todays poverty striken labour market and are unemployed, then, it’s best that you concentrate your powers on the money sector. Money is money, and in this case just accept the way money comes to you.

But, for your own sake, do some spells to bring clarity to yourself, so that you can begin something new in life. At least, you will realize what the situation looks like for you.

Clean out the career sector and after a couple of months you will begin dreaming. The dreams come from the subconscious and they will show you how your life path looks like.

Sometimes, it’s best not to look back upon the past, and just move on in life to something new that will hopefully produce a good income.

Here are good choices for your career sector:

black furniture


bowls and vases (symbol of the Water Element)


häxkonst_wicca_voodoo hoodoo_magi_tarot_kärleksmagi


pictures of running waters

things made of metal (the preceeding Element of Metal activates the Water Element)

symbols of your dream work

Declutter also the Fame sector to bring success to you. My definition of success is this: As long as I am happy with what I do, I am a success. Sadly, most people work because they have to. Very few are thrilled with their jobs. If your work sucks, there is no need to activate the Fame sector to bring more failure to you.

In this case, a hobby is a pleasant thing to have, and you can really become a professional in your chosen area. Yes, now it makes sense to activate the Fame area.

The Fame sector should be a symbol of what you dream of in life. Apply red and orange colors to activate the element of Fire in this sector. Add green plants (the Element of Wood to give fuel to the Fire of your fame) and things that grow upwards.


häxkonst_wicca_voodoo hoodoo_magi_tarot_kärleksmagi


Good things to have in your Fame sector:

red roses and peacock feathers

the accomplishments you are proud of

red furniture, curtains, carpets, pictures and tablecloths


designs that are vertical

Illuminate your success with a lamp (to raise the Chi energy)

If you find yourself at a crossroads and feel confused for the moment, do spells to bring clarity and new opportunities to you. In my opinion one should combine Feng Shui with Witchcraft and daily affirmations to bring about a change in destiny.

You become what you think about all the time. So, Feng Shui will help you to change the direction of your thoughts and find a solution to your problems. It’s your subconscious that is affected with the Feng Shui cures.


The Western Style Feng Shui Bagua map


This is the Feng Shui Bagua map.
This is the Feng Shui Bagua map.



This map is the blue print of your life. Well, some folks tell me: “I don’t believe in Feng Shui!”, but I always say: “If you have problems in your life, then perhaps Feng Shui may help you to see the solution to your problems.”

Feng Shui is effective, but has some limitations. Which ones? You can’t fight folks, neutralize the harm emanating from them, stop somebody from harassing you, and silence your phobias and fears.

This can be done with the help of Voodoo Hoodoo. But Feng Shui is empowering if it is used together with Hoodoo and daily affirmations.

Sometimes, life could go so wrong and applying some Feng Shui may not help you to get creditors of your back. In this case you have to be ruthless and cut this crap out of your life by locking these annoying people in a lemon which you powder in graveyard dirt and then marinate in vinegar for all eternity.

This method is so powerful, and the annoying people will become restricted in their actions after a couple of months. Yes, the circumstances will change! And they will benefit you.

Well, the Witch is a powerful being and fights annoying companies and folks from her ritual circle. She has nothing to fear, because her powers give her confidence in herself.

But you will win more if you apply some Feng Shui. Each square is a certain aspect of your life. You will have to identify your most important life areas (which don’t work) in your home by matching the Bagua map and your home.

There are many styles of Bagua maps. This depends upon the Feng Shui school, but all are effective, because the Bagua map is a sort of circuit for the astral energy flow in your home. You know, our solid Universe is only 1 % of the unseen Universe. Each object on the physical plane has a duplicate on the astral plane.

When you move furniture on the physical plane you move the astral counterpart of the object. Feng Shui employs lots of symbols alike Witchcraft. The drawback with Feng Shui regarding the symbols is this: you need lots of cash to purchase symbols like paintings, carpets of various colours, rugs, plants, and so on. And, do not expect instant results after arranging a particular life “area”.

How do you apply the Western Style Bagua map to your home? The entrance to your home/room must be in one of the three lower sectors: Knowledge and wisdom/ career/travel and helpful people.

First of all: do not try to improve all life aspects at once. If you don’t feel loved and are fed upp with your current work, and decide to move lots of furniture in the career sector and love sector, circumstances may become very unpleasing for a while. What could happen? You could lose your income and your spouse.

Usually, it is advised to begin slowly step by step to avoid creating chaos in your life. Identify what’s not working in your life. Prioritize the Bagua sector which corresponds to the least pleasing area in your life. You will surely see chaos or broken items in that area of your home.

Feng Shui may rather help you change your thinking pattern. We attract circumstances to us with the power of our thoughts. Thoughts on the astral plane are our life on the physical plane. You can improve your life with the help of powerful symbols that trigger thoughts of relief and joy.

The first and very important step is to declutter the space in your home. Get rid of clutter and dust.

If you have problems with money it makes sense to check how effective the water system is in your home. I mean the water pressure in your shower. I found out that my shower was damaged.

In Feng Shui the water is the bringer of money. Not by itself, but the physical water’s astral counterpart is responsible for the flow of the energy of money into your life. Money is nothing more than energy.

In case of money problems there are many aspects to check. Water in your taps, your career sector, your fame sector, and the money sector. Clean them out all as a preparatory work before you decide to introduce symbols.

You may find out that you are actually done with your former work and want to do something else in life. This is a powerful decision! To know what you want in life is even more powerful!

The clutter prevents us from finding a solution to our problems. Not all dreams come true when you use Feng Shui. Your dream or desire has to be quite realistic.

You can’t make enough money in some branches, and Feng Shui won’t help to increase your income if the rules at your work say that you will only be payed [so much/month]. But the material stuff or more money may come through other avenues.

In this case introduce some very specific symbols in the relationship sector. Example: a woman leaning on a man. Why? Well, its not a secret that men make more cash.

Even if you feel very uncomfortable when you think of an eventual relationship, still, a good symbol in the love area may change your attitude towards love, from something undesirable right now to perhaps something quite okay someday.

You will also have to wright down your thoughts regarding the situation. For example: “I want to fix my new diplomas, but I don’t have the money right now. And right now I feel sort of stuck.” This will help you to evaluate how you want to design a specific sector.

It’s my experience that Feng Shui won’t help, or you will get blurred results, if you don’t practice daily affirmations. You have to believe that you are lovable before a loving partner comes into your life. A belief is nothing more than a chronic pattern of thoughts. You change your thoughts one by one with the help of affirmations every day.

Feng Shui will bring clarity and a great flow of fresh astral energy into your home to revitalize you. This new energy will help you to begin feeling better about yourself and life. When your home is clean and tidy the energy flows unrestricted.





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