The Olympic spirit Hagith: my changed eating habits and my weight loss







The Olympic spirit Hagith is described in the Arbatel De magia veterum.



The Olympic spirit Hagith is described in the Arbatel De magia veterum. I do regular rituals with Hagith (because I cannot stop interacting with Hagith) and this spirit has helped me to throw away more that 18 kilograms of extra weight.

The truth is that I also placed my own life as payment for the life of my Rose Breasted Cockatoo when the bird had serious injuries. The pact with Lucifer, Marbas and Heramael made me loose weight very fast too. My bird recovered fast.

Below you will find information about Hagith and also information about my eating habits. My eating habits are directly influenced by Hagith, because I have done rituals with this spirit during two years now.

You will also find out some dangers of working with Hagith and the drawbacks of rapid weight loss (if you place your own life as a payment for healing your pet).



Hagith: Arbatel



Hagith is in charge of all things that have a connection to the planet Venus. He makes the practitioner very attractive. Hagith can convert copper into gold and gold into copper.

Hagith rules over 4000 legions of spirits and he also gives Familiar spirits.

Source: Arbatel De magia veterum




My diet inspired by Hagith



Below you will discover what I eat on a daily basis. I am not hungry at all and I have stopped consuming meat, because the taste in my mouth changed.

Each day I eat this:

Breakfast = 1 tomato and 80 grams of Tuna fish and 3 large glasses of water

Lunch = salad, one hard boiled egg, 1/2 of a red apple and 3 large glasses of water

Dinner = 1 tomato and 80 grams of Tuna fish and 3 large glasses of water

This is all I eat. I have no inspiration to eat more or something else. I have stopped cooking food.

I do eat cheese, salami and delicious pork from time to time, but in very moderate amounts. I drink coffee too, but without milk and without sugar. I also eat broccoli and Thai Wok vegetables with salmon.




Foods I do not eat




Fried foods

Ice cream



Baked stuff











Below I offer you a video. I made the video one year ago. At that time, I did not know how much weight I will be loosing. I did not know that I will loose my appetite.




The dangers of magick with Hagith



It is not uncommon to throw up if you eat meat. Such is the effect of magick with Hagith. This spirit will also help you to decrease the amount of smoked cigarettes.

If you have silicon implants, things will go wrong due to rapid weight loss. Be ready to get rid of your silicon implants. And this is the main problem, because you will f**k up your breasts.

There is no point in trying to fix new ones, because your spells will be active during minimum 5 years and you will continue to loose weight all the time.

Your appetite will decrease all the time. You can fix the implants when the spells have slowed down and you can eat in a normal way once more.

I am not hungry at all. I cannot force myself to eat. At the same time I feel very good and sleep well.




Hagith: the correspondences



This is the Tree of Life.
Hagith is a planetary spirit of Venus. Use the correspondences of Netzach.



I use the correspondences of Netzach in my spells with Hagith:

Ruling planet: Venus

Day: Friday

Astrological hour: Venus

Paper seal colour: green

Metal seal: copper

Number: 7

Herb: cinnamon (my own choice)

Scent: sandalwood




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The Olympic spirit Bethor: a longevity spell







The Olympic spirit Bethor is described in the Arbatel and this is his seal.


The Olympic spirit Bethor is described in the Arbatel De magia veterum. Below you will find a useful mix of information about Bethor and hopefully this information will help you to summon Bethor.




Bethor: Arbatel De magia veterum



Bethor is in charge of all things that have a connection to the planet Jupiter. He can raise you to very high dignities and helps to increase earnings.

Bethor unites the spirits of Air in such a way that they give true answers unto your demands: they transport precious gems from place to place and they also give the knowledge of natural cures and medicines, and their effects on health.

Bethor gives very good Familiar spirits and he can prolong your life to 700 years if it is the will of God.

Source: Arbatel De magia veterum



Bethor: when to summon him?



This is the Tree of Life.
Bethor is a planetary spirit and he rules Jupiter. Summon him as you would summon any other spirit of Chesed.


Bethor has under his rule 42 Kings, 35 Princes, 28 Dukes, 21 Counsellors, 14 Ministers, 7 Messengers, 29000 legions of Spirits. He is of a very high rang and must be treated with great respect.

Bethor rules planet Jupiter and this means that he is a planetary spirit. You can summon Bethor and use the correspondences of Chesed. The correspondences of Chesed are such:

Ruling planet: Jupiter

Day: Thursday

Astrological hour: Jupiter

Paper seal colour: blue

Metal: tin

Gems: sapphire & amethyst

Number: 4 (4 candles for example)

Plant: olive (use olive oil)

Scent: cedar (I use cinnamon)




A longevity spell with Bethor


You will need:

the seal of Bethor

an ankh necklace on a chain

a graveyard candle with necromantic oil in it

powdered cinnamon (for a pleasant life)



A longevity spell with the Olympic spirit Bethor.
A longevity spell with the Olympic spirit Bethor.



The evocation of Bethor


“I evoke and conjure you my dear Bethor. Please come to me and please help me. I read in the Arbatel that you can prolong human life. I want to live a very long life, because I have lots of magick to do and to learn. My death will prevent me from learning all the magick I want to learn.

I humbly ask you to teach me such magick and give me such methods and cures, that will enable me to live a very long life. Please teach me all there is to learn about how to delay Death and prolong my life.”

P. S: you can do such spells for your beloved pets too and ask Bethor to prolong their lives.


The spell


“Please teach me cures that prolong life,

Help me to delay Death’s effect upon my life,

The secrets of immortality please reveal to me,

From the belief that life is short please set me free.

Please grant me a long and a pleasant life,

Please also free my life from worry and strife,

I want to live a financially secure life,

Please help me to create a long and joyful life.

All starts are perfectly aligned,

To work my spell as it is designed,

For the highest good of all,

As I say, so mote it be.”

Place the ankh on the seal of Bethor during the ritual. When you raise power in your ritual circle, place your palms on the ankh and visualise all your power entering the ankh. Wear the ankh on a permanent basis as a symbol of your long life.



Change your diet


Bethor made me cook chocolate drinks, coffee and green tea and eat garlic with cheese. I had already described how Hagith helped me to get rid of extra weight by forcing me to eat fish instead of meat.

Eat bright coloured fruits and vegetables, because the pigment in such things protects humans from cancer. Dark chocolate and cacao protects against diabetes, heart attacks and is very beneficial to the muscles that join our bones to the tissues.

Garlic enhances our immune system and olive oil decreases the levels of cholesterol. Do regular longevity spells with Bethor and he will teach you more.

Bethor teaches selfishness. You must strive to rid yourself of stress, stressful personal relationships, and increase the quality and quantity of joy in your life. Live a joyful and a long life.



Affirmations for a long life


Time is elastic and I am immortal.

My body is regenerating itself everyday.

My biological clock is spinning backwards.

Time is a relative parameter and it is elastic.




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The superior Demons of the Grimoirium Verum and how they can help you


These are the seals of Lucifer and Clauneck from the Grimoirium Verum.


In regard to spirits, there are superior ones and inferior ones. The superior spirits (according to the Grimoirium Verum) are:



The second seal of Lucifer from Grimoirium Verum.



Lucifer can empower you and make you brave. This spirit is very intelligent and steps in right when you need his help.

Pacts for more money are very suitable to agree upon with Lucifer. Demon Lucifer will protect you from dishonest people and also from all kinds of harm and dangers.

He will step in or show you dreams with warnings and reveal the dangers in due time. Charge your pendant on the seal of Lucifer and wear the pendant day and night.




The seal of Beelzebuth from Grimoirium Verum.



Beelzebuth helps students of biology to find spiders and flies for their laborations. This spirit helps to transform the body too and makes you fit.




The seal of Astaroth from Grimoirium Verum.



Astaroth has another seal too. That seal is found in the Goetia and the duties of Astaroth are also described in the Goetia.



The seal of Astaroth from Goetia.



Duke Astaroth rules 40 legions of Spirits. If you do magick with Astaroth, he will give true answers of things you want to know about the past, present and future. This Spirit can reveal all secrets to you and will make you very knowing in all sciences.

The above stated and also a Demon of love and friendship according to S. Connolly.

Source: Goetia & Daemonolatry Goetia by S. Connolly





When I summoned Lucifer,

Astaroth and Beelzebuth…



I summoned all three spirits: Lucifer, Beelzebuth and Astaroth during one and the same ritual. This was long ago.



Summoning Lucifer, Astaroth and Beelzebuth. Working with Grimoirium Verum.



The spirits helped me to start a creative project and to finish it too. Today, I still earn money from that project.

Moreover, they handed me many versions of Grimoirium Verum and also some versions with rear seals. I started to really “study” the Grimoirium Verum.





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A meat curse with the seals of Aratron, Saturn, Agiel and Zazel


A hybrid Saturn planetary seal for use in curses. 



This spell is for those cases when you are innocent, but blamed for “every single thing that is wrong in the world” by a blame addict and on a constant basis.

I had done similar spells in my past and got inspired to throw this curse at the troublemaker after reading the Liver spell on The Sorcerer’s blog.

Sometimes we cannot cancel out our social interactions with malicious people and just say: “Good bye, I don’t want to be with you here in this place!” We cannot kick them out from “this place” either, fast and with ease.

Absolute state of RAGE is required. You must have had enough of the verbal “shit” tossed at you. If you feel that you simply cannot tolerate the malicious person anymore, then this spell is for you.

This spell is done when the moon is full, waning or dark. The day should be a Saturday. The Spirits of Saturn are called during the astrological hour of Saturn.




What can the Olympic God Aratron do for you?



The seal of Aratron from the Arbatel.



Aratron is connected to the planet Saturn and to all matters that have a connection to the magick of Saturn. Aratron can do the following things for you:

he can convert any thing into a stone very fast (be it animal or plant), while retaining the same object to the sight

he can convert treasure into coal and coal into treasure

he can give you Familiar spirits

he can teach you magick

he can make you go invisible and protect you

he gives a long life and helps in matters connected to fertility

Source: Arbatel De magia veterum



How to work with hybrid seals?


It is important to understand how to work with complex planetary seals and I will explain how I was taught to summon planetary spirits by Sustugriel.



Agiel directs Aratron and Zazel, while the seal of Saturn draws in the forces of Saturn (Azazel) into the circle.


Summon all four Spirits at once: Aratron, Azazel, Zazel and Agiel. Perhaps it is not required to ask Agiel to direct Aratron and Azazel, but I ask Agiel to add some “speed” to the curse.




From where do the Saturnian spirits come?



Binah is ruled by the planet Saturn. Agiel, Zazel, Azazel and Aratron are all planetary spirits of Saturn.


I use the correspondences of Binah for this spell:

Ruling planet: Saturn

Day: Saturday

Astrological hour: Saturn

Seal colour: grey

Altar cloth colour: grey and black

Number: 3

Gem: pearl

Metal: lead

Scent: myrrh



You will need:


1 black candle (coat with cemetery dirt or crushed garlic)

Well, if you want to burn 3 candles, then go ahead!

a grey hybrid Saturn seal (Aratron, Agiel, Azazel and Zazel)

patchouli and pine oils for the seal

a small plastic box (with a firm lid) or a glass jar with a screw lid

enough minced meat, sliced meat or a piece of liver (200- 300 grams)

your urine (1 coffee cup)

2 table spoons of Goofer dust (graveyard dirt, snake shed, black pepper, cayenne pepper, dry mustard powder and sulphur)

the person’s handwriting or some other taglock (write out the person’s [Name Surname] + [phone number] + [e-mail address], etc.)



The ritual


Activate the hybrid seal with Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Summon Aratron, Agiel, Azazel and Zazel:

” I evoke and conjure you Aratron, the Olympic ruler of Saturn. I call you forth in the name and by the authority of the Universal power, which rules our Universe. Please be willing to hear my requests.”

Then explain to Aratron what is going on in your life. Summon Agiel, Azazel and Zazel in the same manner.

Place the targets taglock between the two slices of meat. Powder lavishly with the Goofer dust. Cover all this with more meat. Jam!

Pour out your urine over the meat. Read your spell 3 times. Close the box.

Apply your blood to the hybrid Saturn seal. Apply also patchouli and pine oil. Ask Aratron to make you go invisible. By the way here is a small list of other protective oils you can use on this seal:


bay leaf



Offer the Spirits gifts (offerings). Raise power and project it into the malicious box and also into the seal.

Thank the Spirits for their help and give them licence to depart. Finish the rite and let the black candle burn out.

Carry the seal in your handbag or purse everyday to the place where you have to interact with the idiot. You can burry the meat and let it rot or just throw it away. The troublemaker will soon understand that “their pathetic idiotic majesty is damn cursed”.



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A beauty spell with the seal of Hagith



Hagith is the planetary spirit of Venus. He makes a woman beautiful and desirable.


“Hagith governeth Venereous things. He that is dignified with his Character, he maketh very fair, and to be adorned with all beauty. He converteth copper into gold, in a moment, and gold into copper: he giveth Spirits which do faithfully serve those to whom they are addicted.

He hath 4000 Legions of Spirits and over every thousand he ordaineth Kings for their appointed seasons. “

Arbatel De magia veterum

Follow this link to Arbatel De magia verum to read more about the Olympic Spirits.

Hagith is the one you will want to contact if you want to look fabulous or regenerate your lost beauty. I offer you one more post: The Olympic spirit Hagith and how he can help you.




This spell is done during the waning moon and during a Friday. The correspondences of Venus are the following:

Ruling planet: Venus

Day: Friday

Astro hour: Venus

Paper seal colour: green

Metal: copper

Number: 7

For this spell you will need:

a green candle

a green seal of Hagith

a large napkin (to wrap the seal)

a rubber band

a glas jar with a screw lid

a table spoon of honey (healing, regeneration)

a garlic clove (healing, regeneration)

a small rose bud (dried rose is fine too)

thyme (healing), cinnamon (beauty), nutmeg (healing)

oils for the seal: mint and sandalwood

a drop of your blood



Activate the seal of Hagith with Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Begin evoking Hagith by staring right into the seal and reciting your call.

Place a drop of your blood on the seal. Pour the honey over the drop of blood and add the herbs, including the rose. Top all this with the garlic clove.

Recite your spell 3 times and visualize the effect you desire. If this part is difficult, bring forth the memories of your youth and focus on these memories for 5 minutes.

Raise power and project it into the seal. Thank Hagith and give licence to depart.

Finish your ritual and let the candle burn down. On the next day fold the seal (carefully) and wrap it into a napkin. Secure with a rubber band.

Place the seal into the glas jar and then place the jar into your freezer to freeze  the run of time and also your aging.



In conclusion:


Spells with Hagith manifest quickly. Hagith showers a woman with luxury quality cosmetics and perfumes (for a good price!).

This is my personal experience, because now I don’t even have any free space left on my dressers: Hagith bought me lots of cosmetics, glitter sprays and perfumes.



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The Olympic Spirit Aratron: a money spell







The Olympic spirit Aratron is described in the Arbatel De magia veterum. This is his seal.



The Olympic spirit Aratron is described in the book called “Arbatel De magia veterum”. Below you will find information about Aratron.

“Aratron holds in his power those things which are connected to the powers of the planet Saturn. This Olympic spirit can do the following things for you:

He can quickly convert anything into a stone, either animal or plant, while retaining the same object to the sight.

He transforms treasures into coles and coles into treasures.

He can give you good familiar spirits.

He can teach you alchemy and witchcraft.

He can make you go invisible.

He can make you healthy, fertile and prolong your life.

Aratron is said to have many spirits who serve him: 49 Kings, 42 Princes, 35 Presidents, 28 Dukes, 21 Ministers, standing before him; 14 familiars, seven messengers: he commands 36000 legions of spirits; the number of a legion is 490. ”

Source: Arbatel De magia veterum





Spells with Aratron are done during the period when the moon is waxing, during the full moon, and also during the waning moon. The absolute best days for spells with Aratron are of course Saturdays. Aim to perform your spells during the astrological hour of Saturn, because Aratron governs Saturn.





Aratron: how he can help you



I had a very expensive insurance. After I did a money spell with Aratron, I changed the insurance company. The spell resulted in a good deal with the new insurance company.

Due to the good deal with the new insurance company, I was able to save money each month. Aratron can also help you to stimulate your sales, to expand your business and to earn more.

If you desire to improve your health, I want to advise you to do rituals with Hagith (helps to become slim and to stop smoking), Bethor (teaches to consume cacao and dark chocolate) and Aratron.





A money spell: ingredients




a grey altar cloth

a grey seal of Aratron (cover the seal with paper money 24 hours before your spell). The money is simply set aside and not used as a spell component during the spell.

a grey controlling device with the sigil of Agiel and the seal of Saturn (and Zazel if you want). I hang such Saturnian “pentacles” on the wall next to my altar.

For this spell, though, I used only the seal of Saturn and the seal of Agiel (of course grey)

a necklace, cuff or a ring (you will wear it permanently after you do the spell)

your blood

money powder: 2 parts cinnamon : 1 part nutmeg (place jewellery or paper money into this mixture 24 hours prior to your spell)




This is the planetary talisman of Saturn with the seals of Saturn, Agiel and Zazel.


a tea candle

Oils for the seal of Aratron:

mint oil (attracts money and protects from loss)

sandalwood oil (business success and protection from loss)

bergamot oil (prosperity)

pine (prosperity)

geranium (protection from loss)

a large napkin (to wrap the seal) + a rubber band

a silk bag





The ritual



You will have to consecrate both seals with Air, Fire, Water and Earth. After this step Agiel and then also Aratron are summoned. Set aside the seal of Saturn and the seal of Agiel in a way that will enable you to see them while you do your spell.

Hold the tea candle between your palms and concentrate on the goal of your spell. Visualize money in your hands, in your purse, go on a virtual shopping trip to the supermarket, etc.

Apply some mint oil to the surface of the tea candle and then light the candle. Apply one drop of your blood to the seal of Aratron and follow with the oils. Place your necklace (ring or cuff) on the seal of Aratron.

Say your spell three times and powder the seal of Aratron and your jewel with the money powder. Raise power and direct it into the seal of Aratron. Give Agiel and Aratron a firm licence to depart. Finish your ritual.

Wear your jewel day and night. During the next day you can pack the seal of Aratron into the napkin along with the money powder (that was used on the seal during the spell).

Secure all this with the rubber band and pack the package into the silk bag. The seal of Agiel and Saturn have been consecrated during the ritual and should be used each time you summon Aratron or some other spirit of Saturn.

I frame in such seals and hang them on the wall in my Temple room. Place the bag in your desk drawer or somewhere near you (where you work).





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A money spell with the Olympic spirit Bethor


This is the seal of the Olympic Spirit Bethor. Ruling planet: Jupiter. Issues = money and long term financial investments.


Some mages had warned me not to summon Bune and others told me not to summon Bethor. But I am so stubborn and therefore no “good” advise keeps me away from my experimentations in the area of magick.

I have done spells with the pentacles from the Key of Solomon and I have substituted the Hebrew text with English. I have also done spells with the demons of Grimoirium Verum.

Bethor is one of the Olympic Spirits, which are described in the Arbatel De magia veterum.

The spirits of Jupiter, among them Bethor, all aid in the attainment of money and help to direct the flow of financial resources to you.

So, now I am going to describe my way of doing a spell with Bethor. When you call upon Bethor, please be aware, that you are calling upon a power with very high voltage.

This can have consequences if you are not used to handle such spirits, or do not know how to stop a spell in time before the manifestation occurs.

Or if you do not know how to close portals in case of spirit activity in your place (I have vitnessed poltergeist activity in my home).

Usually, you will feel when it is time for you to begin working with powers of more high voltage. For example, the Goetic demon Bune cannot be compared to Bethor with regard to the “voltage”.

Therefore, do not call upon Bethor if you want to ruin someones business.  I think that Bethor, and generally all the spirits of Jupiter won’t help in such bad workings.

Instead, your business will be demolished. Handle powers of high voltage with respect. If you really wish someone ill and want to ruin them, then it is more suitable to call upon the spirits of Saturn or Mars.

It is very important to form a protective circle, do the LBRP both before and after the evocation of Bethor, and also give the licence to depart.



The correspondences of Chesed (Jupiter)


The correspondences for spells with Bethor are:

Ruling planet: Jupiter

Day: Thursday

Astro hour: Jupiter

Paper seals: blue

Number: 4 (coins)

Herbs: cinnamon and nutmeg



The 3rd pentacle of Jupiter


Also, please use the 3rd pentacle of Jupiter from the Key of Solomon. By using this pentacle you invite the essence of Jupiter and also the energy of the spirit Jophiel which controls the summoned powers (the Mind of Jupiter).


The seal of Jupiter and the seal of Jophiel are the two important components of the 3rd pentacle of Jupiter.


The best time to do spells with Bethor is the waxing moon and the full moon.



This is what you will need:


Cover the seals with paper money 24 hours before your ritual. Prepare also your money powder by mixing 2 parts of powdered cinnamon with 1 part powdered nutmeg.

Place money (coins and paper money) and silver or gold jewelry into the money powder 24 hours before your ritual.

For this spell you will need:

1 blue seal of Bethor

the 3rd pentacle of Jupiter (blue)

1 white candle

money oil for the candle

money powder

4 coins

mint oil (for the seals)

a chain that you will wear permanently

your blood

a small bag to contain the seals



The ritual


Apply some money oil to the white candle and then roll the candle in the money powder. Light the candle.

Activate the seal of Bethor and the 3rd pentacle of Jupiter with Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Begin summoning Jophiel, and after that summon Bethor.

Apply your blood to the seal of Bethor. Place the chain on the seal and apply a few drops of mint oil to the seal.

Express yourself regarding your desires and powder the seal of Bethor with the money powder. Place the 4 coins on the powdered seal of Bethor.

After you finish the ritual, let the white candle burn out. Fold the seals, coins, and the money powder into a napkin. Secure all this with a rubber band and pack into a small plastic bag.

The package is then packed into a small spell bag. Carry this Bethor Money bag with you or place it in one of the drawers in your desk at work. Wear the chain on your person.

And prepare yourself: more clients and more work are coming to you.

But you will ask me: “How was the feel of your circle when you summoned Bethor?”. The circle felt different, because I got a feeling that the space around me was filled with water.

Have you walked in a swimming pool while the water was reaching up to your waist? Yes? I felt the same way and I was aware that a large being took up lots of place inside the circle.

Many mages have a primary task of asking the summoned spirits specific questions. I am not interested in this practice.

Instead, I go straight forward and ask the gods to help me: I “demand” services, goods, money, all this, in exchange for worshiping the spirits and demons.



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