My services and rituals are not meant to serve as legal advice or as a solution to all your life problems.

Please remember that you are paying for a service, and NOT FOR THE END RESULT. Because of this, no refunds are offered on services rendered.

No parcels will be shipped internationally or within Sweden.

Descriptions provided on services are for their intended result and do not indicate a definite end result.

Payment is for the ritual work itself, and NOT FOR THE OUTCOME. I am not responsible for your strange behaviour resulting from the use of services listed on this site.

The results of any magick are not guaranteed 100%. There is always a small risk that a particular spell might fail.

Most of the times a spell will result in the desired outcome, but on some occasions the spell might fail.






The evidence of magick done


I do not ship spell ingredients such as dolls, herbs, Witch bottles, used candle wax and demonic seals. I show pictures of the ritual to prove that I have done magick for my clients.






I offer no refunds in case you are not happy with the Tarot reading.







Post funeral rituals with Bifrons are done for the sake of the dead. Such rituals help to calm the souls of the dead and they also help the dead to come to peace with their death.

I do not work as a medium and I do not summon the dead for the sake of questioning them about different issues. It happens that I see and hear the voices of the dead when they convey messages for the living. This may happen during or after the ritual, or it may not happen.

If I have some message for you, I will let you know. It is also probable that the dead will visit you in your dreams after my magick.

I do not guarantee that you will heal your grief very fast. To be very sad after the death of a loved one is natural and the healing will happen naturally as time goes by.

The results of any magick are not guaranteed 100%. There is always a small risk that a particular spell might fail if death was very traumatic.

Please read this information


In case your child is molested by your ex husband due to his mental illness, please be realistic in your expectations regarding how demons Focalor and Andromalius will help you.

If you petition the demons to kill your ex husband, there is a huge risk that the spell will backfire on you and you will suffer physical injuries or even worse: death. Such a spell might even backfire on me.

But if the target is very unlucky, my curses, even if they are worded “delicately”may result in multiple surgeries with disastrous consequences that may lead to a slow and very painful death. Karma is a bitch!

My curses on your ex husband may cause long illness, surgeries, accidents and other issues, but they will not prevent the mentally ill person from hurting your child in the long run.

Also, please remember that any curses need time to manifest results. You can expect results starting from 6 months after the curse is flung at the target and up to 3 years.

And, no, I cannot reverse a curse if your ex husband becomes badly injured or ends up with a broken spine.

But generally, in such cases, when even the police fails to help you and you have gone through many court cases with zero results, you must act smart and quick.

Today, you can obtain a certificate for yourself and your child (to go underground). If you ask the demons to help you, they will cover your back and arrange such a certificate for you and your child.

You are expected to go underground and live a totally different life. If you are willing to protect your child, you can make it through.

There are other solutions too… Today, you can purchase any service for big money.

Or you can seek asylum in some other country, or move to another country where your ex husband cannot reach your child. The demons will support you while you escape your country.

The demons cannot protect your child, if you allow your small child to be together with your sick ex husband, without access to a cell phone or an alarm that goes right to the police station.

Protection spells with Focalor and Andromalius will give you the support and the cooperation of people who can assist you in your escape, but they will fail if you do absolutely nothing to prevent the disaster and just hand over your child to a mentally ill rapist.

Before you submit any court case papers, pictures and other information to me, it is smart to sign up for proton mail.





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