Demon Andromalius from Goetia: how to summon him in urgent situations









Demon Andromalius is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



Demon Andromalius is the 72nd spirit. His office is to catch and bring back a thief along with the goods that were stolen.

Andromalius can discover all wickedness and dishonest intentions in people who enter your life. His duties are also to punish all evil people and thieves.

Source: the Goetia





This was the description of Andromalius from Goetia and I do protection spells with this wonderful spirit very often. I do spells for myself and also for my clients.




This short video is about Andromalius and it will help you to summon the demon.





Demon Andromalius:

the best time for witchcraft




Andromalius comes from the sphere of Golab on the Qliphotic Tree. If you are into white magick, then Andromalius comes from Geburah.



I use the correspondences of Geburah even for Golab:

Ruling planet: Mars

Day: Tuesday

Astrological hour: Mars

Altar cloth colour: red

Candles: red, black or white

Number in magick: 5

Metal: iron (use a hammer or steel coins, because steel contains iron)

Herb/plant: tobacco

The best day for rituals with Andromalius is Tuesday. You can fine tune your magick by selecting the astrological hour of Mars.





Demon Andromalius:

protection spells

& spells to catch  thieves


Andromalius can be summoned for protection, and he can even catch a thief. If you have encountered somebody very dangerous on your life path, then perform rituals with Andromalius and also with Focalor.







You can take the dangerous person as your hostage, and order Focalor or Glasya Labolas to protect you and also to eliminate the person if the person (a criminal or a thief) attempts to come to your home. No tears and no sentiments!

Do a binding spell with Focalor first and take the person as your hostage (magickally). Chop of all contacts with the dangerous person at once.

Observe if the situation is still and quite during the nearest 2 weeks. If the person makes another move to harm you, summon Focalor and Glasya- Labolas once more and ask them to protect you.

Andromalius can be summoned to protect your home, your car and your belongings from thieves. Place the charged seal of Andromalius in your car, in your home, in your wallet.

Also you can charge your pendant on the seal of Andromalius and wear the pendant on a daily basis.




A spell with Demon Andromalius



This is the seal of Andromalius from Goetia.



You will need:


the seal of Lucifer (call upon Lucifer first and then call Andromalius)



Demon Lucifer is described in the Grimorium Verum and this is his seal.



a red seal of Andromalius (the colour of Mars)

a black candle (paint with olive oil and apply powdered garlic)

your pentacle

your blood

patchouli oil

The evocation of Andromalius:

“I evoke and conjure you my demon Andromalius. I call you forth in the name of my Master Satan. Please come to me Andromalius and be willing to help me.

I ask you to protect me from person [Name and Surname], because this person has such and such connections…and I am danger. Protect my home from intrusion.”

Explain your unique situation.

Apply your blood and patchouli oil to the seal of Andromalius. Place your pentacle on the seal of Andromalius too. Raise power and project it into the seal and your pentacle.

Wear the pentacle on a permanent basis and keep the seal of Andromalius under your PC (if the person usually contacts you on social media) or under your pillow.

After 2 spells your will chop off your contacts with this person and then it will be time to take this person as your hostage. A spell with Focalor may be your next step.




This is a binding spell with demon Focalor from Goetia.
This is a binding spell with demon Focalor from Goetia.





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