A money protection jar with the spirits from the Goetia Theurgia


The map of Goetia Theurgia.


The Spirits of Goetia Theurgia are not all good, but some are good. This post is about four Spirits from the Goetia Theurgia who can help you to manifest money and who can guard your money too.

These Spirits are: Amenadiel, Usiel, Malgaras and Darochiel, and they are super good guardians of “frozen” cash.

A certain company had frozen my money account. I was lucky to have only 275 USD on that account by the time they decided to freeze it.



The seal of Amenadiel from Goetia Theurgia. Amenadiel is the Emperor of the West and rules Usiel, Malgaras and Darochiel.


Therefore, I made a money protection jar and summoned snakes along with Amenadiel, Usiel, Malgaras and Darochiel.

I also made a money protection jar with the 6th pentacle of Jupiter. During that ritual I called upon the Angels Seraph, Kerub, Tharsis and Ariel.

The 6th pentacle of Jupiter can help you to protect those you love if they are ill. This pentacle will protect the ill patient from all earthly dangers.

Check out my post about a Witch’s bottle with the 6th pentacle of Jupiter for ill patients.

I also summoned Lucifer as the main God and my main Allie in life. I use two seals of Lucifer and both work well.



The first seal of Lucifer from Grimoirium Verum.




The second seal of Lucifer from Grimoirium Verum. This seal is very good too.


When I have more time, I will target specific people who froze my account. I will push them to unlock my stuck money.



The seal of Usiel from Goetia Theurgia.


This spell can be done during any day, because the Spirits of Goetia Theurgia are of a elemental nature. They belong to the sphere of Malkuth. The moon should be full.



The seal of Malgaras from Goetia Theurgia.


You will have to summon all four Spirits during your ritual and your circle will feel grossly overcrowded. It is okay.



The seal of Darochiel from Goetia Theurgia.


Observe the key and lock symbols in the seal of Darochiel. The author of Goetia Theurgia states that all these four Spirits guard your money.

Your money will never be taken away from you if you ask these four Spirits to guard it.




The money protection jar



My money protection jar with the seals of Amenadiel, Usiel, Malgaras and Darochiel.



You will need:


a glass jar with a lock

a black candle (oil: olive + bay leaf + sage)

candle coating: crushed garlic

the seals of Amenadiel, Usiel, Malgaras and Darochiel

oils for the four seals: patchouli, olive, sage, bay leaf and pine

your blood, your hair and 3 coins

a small piece of paper with the URL of the company

your spell written on a piece of paper + black thread

7 nails + 1 open security pin

a whole garlic

lots of chilli, snake shed, cloves and black pepper

1 kg of salt or more



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The spell


Consecrate each seal with Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Ask the elements to support your spell.

The evocation of Emperor Amenadiel [Usiel, Malgaras and Darochiel]:

I evoke and conjure you Great Emperor Amenadiel. I call you forth in the name and by the authority of the Universal power that rules our Universe.

Please come to me Amenadiel. Today I need your help…”

Explain in detail what kind of money the Spirits are supposed to guard and where your money is located.

Summon the snakes too by holding the snake shed in your hand. Explain to the leader of the snakes what has happened to you and what you want the snakes to do for you.

Pour in a little salt into the glass jar to cover the glass bottom. Wrap the little piece of paper with the companies URL, the 3 coins, your blood and your hair into the four seals. Secure all this with a rubber band. Drop this into the jar.

Add a whole garlic, nails, snake shed, chilli and the peppers. Begin reading your spell over the jar. Read your spell 3 times and then roll the spell paper into a small scroll and secure it with the black thread. Drop this into the jar.

Pour in the rest of the salt into the jar and insert an open security pin. Cap the jar. As long as the jar is closed and unbroken, your money will not be taken away from you.



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