The Olympic spirit Hagith: my changed eating habits and my weight loss









The Olympic spirit Hagith is described in the Arbatel De magia veterum.


The Olympic spirit Hagith is described in the Arbatel De magia veterum. I do regular rituals with Hagith (because I cannot stop interacting with Hagith) and this spirit has helped me to throw away more that 18 kilograms of extra weight.

The truth is that I also placed my own life as payment for the life of my Rose Breasted Cockatoo when the bird had serious injuries. The pact with Lucifer, Marbas and Heramael made me loose weight very fast too. My bird recovered fast.

Below you will find information about Hagith and also information about my eating habits. My eating habits are directly influenced by Hagith, because I have done rituals with this spirit during two years now.

You will also find out some dangers of working with Hagith and the drawbacks of rapid weight loss (if you place your own life as a payment for healing your pet).




Hagith: Arbatel


Hagith is in charge of all things that have a connection to the planet Venus. He makes the practitioner very attractive. Hagith can convert copper into gold and gold into copper.

Hagith rules over 4000 legions of spirits and he also gives Familiar spirits.

Source: Arbatel De magia veterum




My diet

inspired by Hagith


Below you will discover what I eat on a daily basis. I am not hungry at all and I have stopped consuming meat, because the taste in my mouth changed.

Each day I eat this:

Breakfast = 1 tomato and 80 grams of Tuna fish and 3 large glasses of water

Lunch = salad, one hard boiled egg, 1/2 of a red apple and 3 large glasses of water

Dinner = 1 tomato and 80 grams of Tuna fish and 3 large glasses of water

This is all I eat. I have no inspiration to eat more or something else. I have stopped cooking food.

I do eat cheese, salami and delicious pork from time to time, but in very moderate amounts. I drink coffee too, but without milk and without sugar. I also eat broccoli and Thai Wok vegetables with salmon.




Foods I do not eat




Fried foods

Ice cream



Baked stuff











Below I offer you a video. I made the video one year ago. At that time, I did not know how much weight I will be loosing. I did not know that I will loose my appetite.






The dangers

of magick with Hagith


It is not uncommon to throw up if you eat meat. Such is the effect of magick with Hagith. This spirit will also help you to decrease the amount of smoked cigarettes.

If you have silicon implants, things will go wrong due to rapid weight loss. Be ready to get rid of your silicon implants. And this is the main problem, because you will f**k up your breasts.

There is no point in trying to fix new ones, because your spells will be active during minimum 5 years and you will continue to loose weight all the time.

Your appetite will decrease all the time. You can fix the implants when the spells have slowed down and you can eat in a normal way once more.

I am not hungry at all. I cannot force myself to eat. At the same time I feel very good and sleep well.





the correspondences


This is the Tree of Life.
Hagith is a planetary spirit of Venus. Use the correspondences of Netzach.


I use the correspondences of Netzach in my spells with Hagith:

Ruling planet: Venus

Day: Friday

Astrological hour: Venus

Paper seal colour: green

Metal seal: copper

Number: 7

Herb: cinnamon (my own choice)

Scent: sandalwood




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