How to heal a broken heart with the help of demon Marbas


A mojo bag can also be used instead of a heart.


I do not suffer from a broken heart these days. I will never allow this to happen once more, because I do not want to suffer.

You will have to be selfish enough to stop the agony at once. Hunting for a new relationship is a trap that will bring you more pain. The worst it gets, the worst it gets.

A talisman in the form of a whole heart is used to heal a broken heart (or simply a Mojo bag). This bewitched item is then placed near the bed during night, and carried by the one who suffers from a broken heart.

The talisman, when kept close to the body, will influence the person on the unconscious level. The inner healing will begin.



A spell with Marbas (to heal a broken heart)


So, you will need:

textile to make a mojo bag

a ribbon

a pink candle (paint it with sunflower oil and roll it in cinnamon)

the seal of Marbas


The seal of Marbas from Goetia.


a few pieces of rose quarts (soothes a broken heart)

amethyst (for soberness in relationships)

clear quarts (amplifies the potency of this talisman)

crushed cinnamon sticks (or powder)


Cinnamon is used in healing spells too.

bay leaf




honey on a cotton ball

dried rose petals

a sheet of paper (with your written spell)

Form your ritual circle and call upon demon Marbas. Place all the ingredients in a small bowl on your altar. Light the candle.

Present the paper to the four elemental representations on your altar. Pass the paper through the smoke (Element of Air), over the central altar candle (Element of Fire), apply Holy water (Element of Water), and at last powder the paper with salt (Element of Earth).

Ask each Elemental power to cooperate with you. Read the spell three times from the paper. Fold the paper into a tiny scroll and place it into the talisman together with the herbs, honey on the cotton ball and gems.

Close the mojo bag. Raise power and project it into the talisman. Close your ceremony. Let the pink candle burn out completely.

Now the healing will begin. To speed up the healing you will have to deliberately distract yourself from thoughts of your X lover by focusing on some other subject than love.

I know you are powerful and you can do it. If I did it once upon a time, so can you do it.


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