Necromantic magick: how to concoct a spirit communication oil









Necromantic magick is very powerful and it is easy to learn.
Necromantic magick is very powerful.


Necromantic magick is very powerful. Two Goetia demons are wonderful mentors in the area of necromancy and necromantic magick.

These two demons are Bune and Murmur. You can summon these two demons together with the dead, because these demons both come from the Qlipha of Harab Serapel.

The spirit communication oil for necromantic magick is very easy to make and it was handed to me by Bune.

You will need:

a small glass vessel with a screw lid

a coffee cup of olive oil

bay leaf (3 or 4 leaves)

tobacco (1/2 of a cigarette)

a couple of pieces of dried apple

thyme (1/2 teaspoon)

wormwood (1 teaspoon)

lavender (1/2 teaspoon)

1 tablespoon of graveyard dirt

There is no need to boil the oil. Just cap the vessel and store the oil in a dark and cool place.




Necromantic magick:

which grave dirt should you use?


People have asked me if they can use any type of graveyard dirt. I answer: NO. Its very dangerous to play games with graveyard dirt, because on the astral plane the spirits of the dead are real entities.

If you pick up grave dirt from a random grave, you risk to deal with a mentally unstable entity or even worse: someone very evil. Pick up grave dirt from your relatives: mother, father, grand father, grand mother, husband, wife, sister or brother.

These entities will never harm you or your pets, and moreover, they will help you as much as possible. The oil I described is used in magick for communicating with the dead.

You can use this oil when you need money, or protection. The dead have enormous powers to influence our lives in a positive way when we need urgent help.




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