How to heal your depression after the loss of love


Demon Buer heals depressions.


I always say that: “The power is in you to make your life a wonderful experience instead of a total mess!” Most of us become sad when our love relationships do not work.

Some people do not realize that they have developed an addiction. They are addicted to destructive relationships.

You have to realize this and then one day decide to cut that crap out of your life. You are more powerful than you know!

There is no meaning in hunting for love, because such unavailable love will not bring you joy. Your lovers may come into your life and stay with you for a while, but then the love will end, and you will be left drained empty of your powers.

I know only one method to stop the attraction of emotional pain and it is: learning to love yourself so much that you preoritise yourself first. Preoritise your emotional healing. Everything else can wait.

Realize that  when you are sad, the little child inside of your adult body is crying for your own love. Why do you ignore your soul? Your soul is telling you that you are thinking in wrong ways when you are depressed and sad.

The relationships that hurt so much are not for you. You deserve other, more fullfilling relationships, and they will come into your life when you heal your pattern of attracting poor relationships.

This pattern is developed by us when we are little children. The roots of the trauma can be traced to early childhood.

Decide today that you will be a winner. The past shall be gone from your life. You will learn to become your best friend and lover. There is nothing more important than that you feel good and happy everyday.

When you have healed that part of you that hurts, you have saved your life (read my post: How to mend a broken heart after your relationship is over). Depressions if left unhealed lead to early heart attacks.

Yes, one can heal depressions, rashes, addictions to some extent, with the magick. If you have a serious depression and also an addiction please seek counseling but don’t stop there.

Learn the art of meditation to bring peace to your mind and also use daily affirmations to erase old unhealthy patterns of thought and behaviour.

I am skilled in the art of listening to people and I pay attention to the connection between their problem and their thought pattern.

You can’t speak or act without thinking at the same time. You think a thought many many times during many years and this thought creates your reality.

The thoughts in motion are your feelings. You can easily detect what you feel and connect your feelings to your daily thoughts. Isn’t it so?

So, you see, if you are heavily depressed and your love life is like hell, then you probably have been pondering and pondering that uneasy thought: “Why am I not loved?”

Stop thinking like this. It’s not possible to stop thinking. I know this. All changes in life start with your determination to feel good.



A spell to release the past


Demon Marbas can heal a broken heart. Summon him.


You can do this ritual during the night of the full moon.

You will need:

4 paper cards (10 cm x 10 cm)

1 black candle

Power oil (olive oil, bay leaf, sage)

crushed garlic (1 tea spoon)

a glass with water

your pentacle

We will employ the hypnotic technique from Clavicula Salomonis. I have tried out this technique many times in many different ways and it holds a promise to help you.

You will have to begin to change your detremental thinking pattern slowly. You may write 4 of my most powerful affirmations on the paper cards.





Form your ritual circle, open the four portals with pentagram keys, and call fort your chosen powers. Say aloud: “I have come to you, because I ask you to bestow extraordinary powers onto me. Give me the courage to stand strong and to be in charge of my life!”

Apply the oil to the black candle. Apply also the crushed garlic while you say: “The Blood Sucking depression shall be beaten, defeated and blown away from me”. Light the candle.

Dip your pentacle into the glass of water and start rotating the water counterclockwise. Repeat many times:


My Blood Sucking depression must end,

My soul from sorrow the garlic will defend,

I am the master of my destiny,

I am special, and the one and only,

Who can love my self with a pure heart,

I command my depression to depart!


Read the affirmations 8 times each. Place the glass of water (the pentacle on the chain should be in the water) and the affirmation cards near the garlic smelling candle.

Raise power. Take your drum of the wall hook and drum the beat as you dance clockwise. Don’t be shy. You must allow your muscles to relax.

Dance and enjoy the movements of your beautiful body. Allow the small child in you to forget your sorrows.

Pick up your wand or ritual knife and point it at the statue of the Gods. Imagine a flaming ray that you suck from the statue and into your Witch tool. Then project that ray into the water.

Sit down on the floor and relax. There is nowhere to hurry. Allow yourself to enjoy your time. When you feel that the powers of the ritual circle have nourished you enough, you may close your ritual. Let the garlic candle burn out.

Apply the water to your face every morning as soon you wake up and also every evening before going to bed.

You will notice that your depression is becoming more mild. Repeat this ritual during the waning moon once more. Repeat this ritual on the next full moon also.

Practice your affirmations every day 500 times for four months. You will see a difference and your mood will switch more often to hopefullness instead of depression. Take life easy. Life was given to us to enjoy it!



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