The talisman of Venus: a beauty spell with Hagiel, Kedemel & Bne Seraphim









This is the planetary talisman of Venus: square of Venus, the seal of Venus and the seals of Kedemel, Hagiel and Bne Seraphim.



This post is about beauty magick with the planetary talisman of Venus. The above attached picture shows you the planetary talisman of Venus. This talisman consists of the following symbols:

the square of Venus

the sigil or seal of planet Venus

the sigil of Hagiel (the Intelligence spirit of Venus)

the sigil of Kedemel (the spirit/ demon of Venus)

the sigil of a group of Intelligence spirits of Venus (Bne Seraphim)




Venus talisman: properties



It is believed that the Intelligence spirits of Venus, Hagiel and the Bne Seraphim are benevolent, while Kedemel is malevolent. The duties of Hagiel and the Bne Seraphim are to direct and control the spirit or demon of Venus, Kedemel.

The planetary talisman of Venus will end all strife in your life. Moreover, the talisman of Venus will procure the love of the opposite sex and also help to conceive children (it is good against barrenness).

The talisman of Venus can be used by farmers to help their cattle to generate healthy offspring.

The talisman of Venus will dissolve your depressions and addictions, protect you and dissolve all evil magick done on you.

Moreover, if you carry the talisman of Venus with you while you travel, the talisman will keep you safe during travels.




Talisman of Venus: timing



I have a post about good and bad dates during 2020 for magick with the planetary talisman of Venus. It is desirable that the moon be waxing or full, and also in conjunction with Venus when you do magick with the talisman of Venus.

Of course, Friday is the best day for magick with the planetary talisman of Venus. If you want to fine tune your magick, you can do your ritual during the astrological hour of Venus.




Netzach: the correspondences



This is the Tree of Life.
Netzach is ruled by the planet Venus. You can use the correspondences of Netzach when you want to create the talisman of Venus.



The correspondences of Netzach are such:

ruling planet: Venus

day: Friday

astrological hour: Venus

paper seal colour: green

altar cloth: green

metal seal: copper

paper seal: green

gem: emerald (I use green gems like green agate)

I also use cinnamon on charcoal as a scent. Sandalwood scent is also good.




The beauty spell ingredients



You will need:

the planetary talisman of Venus (seals/sigils of Hagiel, Kedemel, Bne Seraphim and the seal of Venus)

oil for the talisman and the pendant: cinnamon

a pink candle (paint with sunflower oil and roll in cinnamon)

dried roses

cinnamon sticks

powdered cinnamon

a pendant for regular use




The spirits of Venus: evocations



Kedemel is the demon of Venus while Hagiel and Bne Seraphim are the thinking apparatus of Venus. Hagiel and Bne Seraphim control Kedemel.

For this reason all three spirits, that is, Kedemel, Hagiel and Bne Seraphim are summoned during the beauty ritual. Kedemel is given a task of helping to get physically fit and take care of the skin, nails, and hair.

Hagiel and Bne Seraphim are given a task of controlling or tempering Kedemel. You can compose your own evocations and use phrases that speak to you.

At the end of the ritual, you should thank the spirits of Venus for helping you. A permission to depart is given to Kedemel, Hagiel and Bne Seraphim.

The Olympic spirit Hagith pointed me in the right direction and led me to the spirits of Venus. And it is a pleasure to collaborate with the spirits of Venus.




The ritual



Light the candle and speak your evocations. The spirits will arrive and you will understand this on a subconscious level by seeing visions.

Request help with specific issues like a stuck weight loss process. Place your pendant on the planetary talisman of Venus and surround it with the herbs. Apply cinnamon oil to the talisman and the pendant.

Raise power and place your palms on your pendant. Visualise the results you want to manifest. That is it! Wear the pendant on a regular basis.

You can save the planetary talisman of Venus for your future rituals.




Update 2020-05-27


This talisman is very effective. When I did this beauty spell my weight was 73 kg. Now my weight is 67 kg. I eat mostly salads, fish, meat, vegetables, cheese and eggs.

But I also started to eat rice, bread and macaroni, but only once per month. I did not exercise at all to loose my weight. I was simply pleasantly surprised when I saw how thin I have become.

I also advice to do regular beauty spells with Satanachia. The picture of me and the videos of me on this website show how I looked one year ago.

Now I look at a lot healthier and slimmer. I am very pleased with the planetary talisman of Venus.




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