Dantalion and Barbatos from Goetia: anger dissolving spell on parrots









Dantalion heals anger, depressions and panic attacks in humans and animals.



Dantalion and Barbatos are good demons for small pets. I collaborate with the healer demon Heramael from Grimoirium Verum and with Marbas from Goetia. Both demons have helped me to heal wing fractures in my parrot.

Those of you, who own parrots, know for sure that these creatures are moody and they may suffer from depressions (demon Buer heals depressions), anger and panic attacks.

The two types of parrots which suffer most from panic attacks (its genetic) and anger attacks are the African Grey and the Rose Breasted Cockatoo.

I have the Rose Breasted Cockatoo. 3 years ago I had to change his cage and then the problems began. He pulled out all his feathers and started to have accidents in his new cage (due to panic attacks).

He is unable to fly to this day. But Heramael and Marbas are good healers. The demons show me visions and dreams to describe the emotional condition of my parrot and the suitable magickal cures (spells).

The parrot was angry at me, because I let him live on towels on the floor in his room. He did not understand that his accidents in the cage would kill him sooner or later.

So, I did a honey jar for my stubborn and angry bird to tame his anger towards me. During the ritual, I summoned two demons at once: Dantalion and Barbatos.




Barbatos teaches you to understand the language of animals.



It is perfectly okay to summon 2 demons during one and the same ritual, but both must come from the same Qlipha. Both Dantalion and Barbatos come from the Qlipha Harab Serapel on the Qliphotic Tree. This place is ruled by the planet Venus.



This is the Qliphotic Tree.
Qlipha Harab Serapel (Sephira Netzach) is ruled by the planet Venus.






You will need:



the seal of Dantalion

the seal of Barbatos

oils for the seals: lavender, cinnamon and mint

a paper doll of your pet

feathers or fur

a glass jar with a lock


anger and panic attack chilling herbs: cinnamon, chamomile, nutmeg, rose, mint and lavender

a white candle (coat it with powdered cinnamon)






The evocations



The evocation of Dantalion:

“I evoke and conjure you demon Dantalion. Please hear my requests and help me. Sweeten up my parrot towards me. Help me to know his thoughts and how I may care for him to please him.

Please heal the panic attacks, stress, anger and feather plucking.”

The evocation of Barbatos:

“I evoke and conjure you demon Barbatos. Please be willing to help me. Teach me parrot language and help me to understand the body language of parrots. Please help me to know the root of the feather plucking and how to stop it.”








Place the “pet” poppet into the jar along with the feathers (fur). Pour in the herbs and the honey. Say your spell 3 times.

After the ritual is over, the jar is allowed to stand in room temperature some hours. But after that the jar must be frozen and kept cold in order to chill the anger and panic attacks.

The demonic seals are folded and kept safe in an envelope. The results manifest very fast and this magick is safe for pets.





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