Demon Raum from Goetia and how he can help you


The seal of Raum from Goetia.




Demon Raum: Goetia


Raum is the fortieth Spirit. He is a Great Earl and appears at first in the form of a Crow, but after the command of the Exorcist he putts on Human Shape.

His office is to steal Treasures out [of] King’s Houses, and to carry it whither he is commanded, and to destroy Cities and Dignities of Men, and to tell all things, Past, and what Is, and what Will Be;

And to cause Love between Friends and Foes. He was of the Order of Thrones. He governs 30 Legions of Spirits; and his seal is this, which wear you as aforesaid.”

Source: Goetia



Demon Raum: his powers


Power 1: theft of secret information and it’s release into social media platforms

Power 2: divination and estimation of the future

Power 3: helps you to change your business plans and strategy



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A relationship breakup spell with the seal of Bucon


The seal of Bucon from Grimoirium Verum.



Who can do this spell?


Avoid doing this spell if you are in a good love relationship or even worse: happily married. If you have nothing to loose (like me), then go ahead and destroy the love life of your enemy.

This spell needs time to become very dense on the astral plane, but Lucifers demons never let their Witches down. Know firmly that Bucon is working hard and will destroy the love life of your enemy.

Bucon needs to be bribed and a pact must be made with this demon. Promise Bucon that you will purchase a gift for him.

According to Grimoirium Verum, all the demons under Lucifer, must be summoned during a Tuesday.



Most of the demons from Grimoirium Verum come from the Qlipha of Golab (the shell of Sephira Geburah).


I do not summon Scirlin these days, because while I was working with Sustugriel, I began really hearing Sustugriel.



About tricksters


Sustugriel spoke to me in English and with a very loud voice. He gave me really clever advise regarding some seals for curses. Scirlin was not summoned during that occasion.

By the way, there is a lot of talking about tricksters: how to know if you are talking to a demon or a trickster. But when demons do talk to you, there can be no doubt: you will hear their angry screaming.

They will use your own voice and they will scream at the top of their lungs. You will know that it is the demon screaming through you. The screaming will be very loud and inside your head.

It will feel as if you are wearing head phones. Andromalius also screams and whips the carpets with some sort of whip. The whip is perhaps his snake yelling in anger.

So, I do not believe in tricksters. A trickster has no reason for screaming in an attempt to express his anger about how bad you have been treated.

You will hear the demonic screaming if you are doing your ritual in visionary state: almost half asleep.






Demon Bucon: when to summon him?



This particular spell to cause a relationship breakup for the one you hate, can be done during a full moon and also during the whole waning moon period.

The day should be a Tuesday and the astrological hour that of Mars or Saturn.


I use the correspondences of Geburah for Golab:

Ruling planet: Mars

Day: Tuesday

Astrological hour: Mars

Candle colour: red (coat a black candle with Tabasco sauce instead!)

Seal colour: red

Number: 5 (5 coffin nails)

Metal: iron



You will need:


a black candle (coat with thick Tabasco sauce)

the seal of Bucon

a jar with a screw lid

2 tablespoons of graveyard dirt

5 coffin nails (or 5 ordinary but long nails)

lime concentrate + vinegar (ratio 1:2)

5 teaspoons of yellow mustard powder for quarrels

an egg cup of Chilli Explosion (or some other sort of Chilli mix)


black thread

a paper of an A4 size

Divide this paper into 2 parts by folding or marking with a pen, but only cut apart the two pieces during the ritual.

Draw a doll of your enemy on one part and the doll of his love partner on the other part. Write out the names, phone numbers, e-mails, etc on each doll.



The ritual


Begin by activating the seal of Bucon with Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Summon Bucon like this:

” I evoke and conjure you demon Bucon, the one, who is under the rule of my Master Satan. I love my Master Satan and serve him well.

Now, listen, I need your help. Break up the love relationship between [Name and Surname] and [Name and Surname]. That person has (done this and that to me, is an ass hole, and I hate him for harming me, etc.)

Activate each doll with Air, Fire, Water and Earth (do not cut the A4 sized paper yet). Give instructions to each doll. Tell the dolls to begin fighting with each other until they finally separate.

Cut the paper and separate the dolls from each other. Roll each part into a thin tube and secure with the black thread. Drop the two dolls into the jar.

Add coffin nails, Chilli Explosion, mustard, vinegar, lime concentrate and graveyard dirt. Drop in the seal of Bucon into the mix. Close the jar. Store the jar in a dark and cool place.

Thank Bucon and give him the permission to go. Let the candle burn out. Now, this spell will take some time to manifest as there must come another sexier partner out of the blue to seduce the man or the woman in the duo.

Be patient.



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A meat curse with the seals of Aratron, Saturn, Agiel and Zazel


A hybrid Saturn planetary seal for use in curses. 



This spell is for those cases when you are innocent, but blamed for “every single thing that is wrong in the world” by a blame addict and on a constant basis.

I had done similar spells in my past and got inspired to throw this curse at the troublemaker after reading the Liver spell on The Sorcerer’s blog.

Sometimes we cannot cancel out our social interactions with malicious people and just say: “Good bye, I don’t want to be with you here in this place!” We cannot kick them out from “this place” either, fast and with ease.

Absolute state of RAGE is required. You must have had enough of the verbal “shit” tossed at you. If you feel that you simply cannot tolerate the malicious person anymore, then this spell is for you.

This spell is done when the moon is full, waning or dark. The day should be a Saturday. The Spirits of Saturn are called during the astrological hour of Saturn.




What can the Olympic God Aratron do for you?



The seal of Aratron from the Arbatel.



Aratron is connected to the planet Saturn and to all matters that have a connection to the magick of Saturn. Aratron can do the following things for you:

he can convert any thing into a stone very fast (be it animal or plant), while retaining the same object to the sight

he can convert treasure into coal and coal into treasure

he can give you Familiar spirits

he can teach you magick

he can make you go invisible and protect you

he gives a long life and helps in matters connected to fertility

Source: Arbatel De magia veterum



How to work with hybrid seals?


It is important to understand how to work with complex planetary seals and I will explain how I was taught to summon planetary spirits by Sustugriel.



Agiel directs Aratron and Zazel, while the seal of Saturn draws in the forces of Saturn (Azazel) into the circle.


Summon all four Spirits at once: Aratron, Azazel, Zazel and Agiel. Perhaps it is not required to ask Agiel to direct Aratron and Azazel, but I ask Agiel to add some “speed” to the curse.




From where do the Saturnian spirits come?



Binah is ruled by the planet Saturn. Agiel, Zazel, Azazel and Aratron are all planetary spirits of Saturn.


I use the correspondences of Binah for this spell:

Ruling planet: Saturn

Day: Saturday

Astrological hour: Saturn

Seal colour: grey

Altar cloth colour: grey and black

Number: 3

Gem: pearl

Metal: lead

Scent: myrrh



You will need:


1 black candle (coat with cemetery dirt or crushed garlic)

Well, if you want to burn 3 candles, then go ahead!

a grey hybrid Saturn seal (Aratron, Agiel, Azazel and Zazel)

patchouli and pine oils for the seal

a small plastic box (with a firm lid) or a glass jar with a screw lid

enough minced meat, sliced meat or a piece of liver (200- 300 grams)

your urine (1 coffee cup)

2 table spoons of Goofer dust (graveyard dirt, snake shed, black pepper, cayenne pepper, dry mustard powder and sulphur)

the person’s handwriting or some other taglock (write out the person’s [Name Surname] + [phone number] + [e-mail address], etc.)



The ritual


Activate the hybrid seal with Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Summon Aratron, Agiel, Azazel and Zazel:

” I evoke and conjure you Aratron, the Olympic ruler of Saturn. I call you forth in the name and by the authority of the Universal power, which rules our Universe. Please be willing to hear my requests.”

Then explain to Aratron what is going on in your life. Summon Agiel, Azazel and Zazel in the same manner.

Place the targets taglock between the two slices of meat. Powder lavishly with the Goofer dust. Cover all this with more meat. Jam!

Pour out your urine over the meat. Read your spell 3 times. Close the box.

Apply your blood to the hybrid Saturn seal. Apply also patchouli and pine oil. Ask Aratron to make you go invisible. By the way here is a small list of other protective oils you can use on this seal:


bay leaf



Offer the Spirits gifts (offerings). Raise power and project it into the malicious box and also into the seal.

Thank the Spirits for their help and give them licence to depart. Finish the rite and let the black candle burn out.

Carry the seal in your handbag or purse everyday to the place where you have to interact with the idiot. You can burry the meat and let it rot or just throw it away. The troublemaker will soon understand that “their pathetic idiotic majesty is damn cursed”.



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Demon Belial: how to summon him and Huictiigaras to curse with insomnia


The seal of Huictiigaras from Grimoirium Verum can be used in curses. Huictiigaras can heal your own sleeping problems too.


It is seldom I will attack anybody, because I am very tolerant and kind. But there is a sort of people I dislike: those who assume that I am a doormat and a slave for cheap labour.

Such people treat others like shit while they try to navigate their way towards the position of a boss.

After being together at my work for 6 months I was teased to a condition of rage and I said to myself: “No way, I will serve you my curses one after another, because I have seen how you have treated others (like shit), and they quit because of you, and now you are making my days horrible. I will ruin your life and you will reap what you deserve!”

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If you have to deal with difficult people, you might want to summon Belial to protect you. During the same spell you can curse the troublemaker with insomnia, which will trigger mental health problems in the long run.

One line describes Huictiigaras in Grimoirium Verum: “HUICTIIGARAS causes sleep in the case of some, and insomnia in others”. This spirit is assigned to the sphere of Mars on the Tree of Death (Golab).

No, curses don’t backfire if you are innocent and you are doing your best in life: living and working, and trying hard to please others. The curse will hit the troublemaker.





This spell can be done during the full moon or when the moon is waning. Huictiigaras is summoned during Tuesdays, but he can be summoned during a Sunday along with Belial (just choose the hour of Mars instead of the hour of Sun).




Demon Belial: Goetia



The seal of Belial from Goetia. Belial is a solar spirit and should be summoned during a Sunday.


Belial distributes Presentations and Senatorships, and he also gives good familiars. This demon grants favours of friends and enemies.

Demon Belial must have offerings and gifts from the practitioner. If offerings and gifts are not given to Belial, he will not give true answers and deceive the practitioner.

Source: Goetia




Demon Belial: Pseudomonarchia Daemonum


It is said that King Belial was created after Lucifer. Belial was cast down to Earth first and he was of the worthier sort.

Belial is constrained by the name of God, and when he is given offerings and sacrifices, he does speak the truth. But he will deceive and tell lies if he is not constrained by Divine power.

He appears in the form of a beautiful angel sitting in a flaming chariot. If asked, he distributes high titles of senatorship, and grants favours of friends and enemies.

Upon request, Belial gives very good Familiar spirits. Belial rules 80 legions of spirits.

Source: Johann Weyer, Pseudomonarchia Daemonum








Demon Belial: when to summon him?



Belial comes from the area near or in the sphere of Tagaririm. His seal should be yellow or made of gold.


I use the correspondences of Tiphareth in my spells with solar spirits of Goetia:

Ruling planet: Sun

Day: Sunday

Astrological hour: Sun

Paper seal colour: yellow

Metal seal: gold

Candle colour: yellow (gold)

Number: 6

Plant: Sunflower (use seeds)

Gem: Topaz



You will need:


1 black candle (use olive oil and crushed garlic as the coating)

a yellow seal of Belial/patchouli and pine oil for the seal as well (offer Belial food, tobacco, and alcoholic beverage)

a doll of the troublemaker (during the ritual pierce the targets solar chakra with a security pin to rob him/ her of the power over you)

powders, cotton dipping, paper strips and seals for the doll’s head cavity:

1 tea spoon of powdered coffee, chopped pine needles (to induce headaches), 1 tea spoon of Wormwood (it is toxic in high concentrations and causes spasms, convulsions, vomiting and dizziness).

1/2 tea spoon of graveyard dirt

the seal of Huictiigaras

write on the backside of Huictiigaras seal: ” I am so tired and I should take a sick leave. I cannot sleep at all.”

dip the head cavity cotton into vinegar and Tabasco sauce to cause illness and panicking thoughts.

You will also need:

black thread to tie the doll (to restrict the evil troublemaker)

your own urine and War Water to pour out on the doll

a mixture of graveyard dirt, cayenne pepper and black pepper



The ritual


Activate the seals of Belial and Huictiigaras. Summon Belial: ” I evoke and conjure you Belial, the great king of Thagirion. I call you forth in the name and by the authority of my Master Satan. Please be willing to protect me from a troublemaker who is bossy and dominating.”

Explain in all detail what is going on in your life, who the troublemaker is, etc. Read aloud the address, phone number and other important information to Belial. Ask the demon to punish the troublemaker, because Belial can help you to curse evildoers too.

Summon Huictiigaras in the same manner and explain to him what you want him to do. Also tell him that you will reward him. You name the reward (beware you will be forced to keep your promise! Promise realistic rewarding!).

Activate the doll and give it instructions to go insane due to insomnia. Pour in the powders into the head cavity of the doll and stuff in the seal of Huictiigaras too.

Bind the doll with black thread, stitch the mouth and strangle the doll with the rest of the thread. Pour out your urine and the War Water on the doll. Tell the doll firmly how much you hate the target:” I hate you! Stay away from me”

I was driven to a condition called RAGE by the target. In my visualisations, I chopped the targets body into pieces with a heavy axe. I smashed the evil target with such force that the brains began pouring out through the nostrils. I am free to kill in my visualisations.

Powder the doll with the peppers and graveyard dirt.

Such spells will affect the target on a very deep level: they will start avoiding you due to an instinctive feeling that you dislike them.

Place your blood on the seal of Belial and apply also a drop of pine and patchouli oil. Ask Belial to protect you and to keep the troublemaker away from you.

Throw away the doll into garbage after the ritual. Carry the seal of Belial with you everyday. And both Huictiigaras and Belial will help you. You will be kept safe.

After 1, 5 months there was chaos in the life of my target. She was late to show up at work almost everyday, because she had sleeping problems.

Moreover, there seemed to be problems of a private nature in her life. She was so busy solving her problems, that she left me alone at last.



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Demon Vine (Vinea) and how he can help you


The seal of Vinea from Goetia.


(45.) VINE. – The Forty-fifth Spirit is Vine, or Vinea. He is a Great King, and an Earl; and appeareth in the Form of a Lion, riding upon a Black Horse, and bearing a Viper in his hand. His office is to discover Things Hidden, Witches, Wizards, and Things Present, Past and to Come.

He, at the command of the Exorcist will build Towers, overthrow Great Stone Walls, and make the Waters rough with Storms. He governeth 36 Legions of Spirits. And his Seal is this, which wear thou, as aforesaid, etc.




More about Vinea


Vinea is ranked as both King an Earl (check out how the Kings of Goetia can help you here), and I do spells with Vinea both during Sundays and Tuesdays.

Vinea can help you to know things hidden about people, Witches and Wizards (warn you about possible magickal attacks), and what is going on around you.

This Spirit knows everything about the past, present, and future. He will reveal the thoughts of others to you.

According to S. Connolly, Vinea can help you in your studies and practice of magick.

Enn: Eyesta nas Vine ca laris



From where does Vinea come?


Because according to Goetia, Vinea is both King and Earl, this Spirit is assigned to the shells of both Geburah and Tiphareth.


Because according to Goetia, Vinea is both King and Earl, this demon can be summoned during Sundays and also during Tuesdays.

The shell of Tiphareth is Thagirion and the shell of Geburah is Golab. My pictures of the Sephirotic and the Qliphotic Trees are based on the Key of Solomon.


Vinea is the demon of both Golab and Tagaririm (Thagirion).


I use the correspondences of Tiphareth (for Thagirion):

Ruling planet: Sun

Day: Sunday

Astro hour: Sun

Paper seal color: yellow

Metal seal: gold

Candle color: yellow (gold)

Number: 6

Plant: Sunflower (use seeds or oil)

Gem: Topaz

This means that you can summon Vinea during a Sunday and during the astrological hour of Sun.

In my past I had summoned Vinea and made mojo bags with his seal. After the ritual with Vinea I was dreaming and Vinea spoke to me.

After conversing with Vinea in my dream, I became afraid that somebody else will summon Vinea and get access to my own secret thoughts. The dream was precognitive indeed.

After a week or so, Vinea started to inform me about what other people were pondering in the secret corners of their minds. All the information delivered to me was reliable.

Also Vinea warned me of possible incoming magickal malice and helped me to safeguard myself. If you work with Vinea, you will be well informed and safe.

You can also summon Vinea during Tuesdays. The correspondences of Geburah (or Golab) are the following:

Ruling planet: Mars

Day: Tuesday

Astro hour: Mars

Paper seal color: red

Metal seal: iron

Candle color: red (I use white if I don’t have red)

Number: 5

Scent: Tobacco (I smoke it)

Plant: Cactus

Gem: Ruby



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Demon Haures from Goetia and how he can help you


The seal of Haures from Goetia.


(64.) HAURES, or HAURAS, or HAVRES, or FLAUROS. – The Sixty-fourth Spirit is Haures, or Hauras, or Havres, or Flauros. He is a Great Duke, and appeareth at first like a Leopard, Mighty, Terrible, and Strong, but after a while, at the Command of the Exorcist, he putteth on Human Shape with Eyes Flaming and Fiery, and a most terrible Countenance.


The demon Haures (picture from Goetia).


He giveth True Answers of all things, Present, Past, and to Come. But if he be not commanded into a Triangle, he will Lie in all these Things, and deceive and beguile the Exorcist in these things or in such and such business. He will, lastly, talk of the Creation of the World, and of Divinity, and of how he and other Spirits fell.

He destroyeth and burneth up those who be the Enemies of the Exorcist should he so desire it; also he will not suffer him to be tempted by any other Spirit or otherwise. He governeth 36 Legions of Spirits, and his Seal is this, to be worn as a Lamen, etc.




More about Haures


The seal of Haures from Goetia.


The Goetia says that Haures is a Duke (check out this post about the Dukes of Goetia), knows all things concerning the past, present and future.

But Haures must be constrained by Divine Power inside a triangle, if you want to know the truth. In other case Haures will deceive you and tell you lies.

Haures can also destroy your enemies. I found Haures helpful, because he set me free of a tyrann in my work related interactions.

Call upon Haures to banish troublemakers and to start a new phase in life.

Source: Goetia, Daemonolatry Goetia by S. Connolly & my own experience

Enn: Ganic tasa fubin Flauros



From where does Haures come?



According to Goetia, Haures is assigned to the Qlipha of Harab Serapel.


Haures comes from the Qlipha of Harab- Serapel. This Qlipha is the shell of Sephira Netzach. The correspondences of Netzach are such:

Ruling planet: Venus

Day: Friday

Astro hour: Venus

Paper seal color: green

Metal seal: copper

Candle color: green, copper, but I use black to banish troublemakers

Scent: rose or/and sandalwood (use sandalwood or rose oil on the seal of Haures)

Gem: Emerald (I use green bottle glas)



When to call upon Haures?


I summon Haures when I truly mean business. He is not that frightening at all, but he really eliminates the troublemaker from your life, and at once.


The bound doll of the target with the attached seal of Haures.


Attach the seal of Haures to the doll of the troublemaker and give double instructions: to Haures and to the doll of the target. Tell the doll of the target to get lost forever.

Be honest with Haures and ask him from the depths of your heart to take away the troublemaker from your life. He will do so.



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Necromancy, Samigina, Bune and Sabnock


Seal of Samigina from Goetia. Samigina taught me Kabbala and how to summon the demons.


(4.) SAMIGINA, or GAMIGIN. – The Fourth Spirit is Samigina, a Great Marquis. He appeareth in the form of a little Horse or Ass, and then into Human shape doth he change himself at the request of the Master. He speaketh with a hoarse voice. He ruleth over 30 Legions of Inferiors. He teaches all Liberal Sciences, and giveth accounts of Dead Souls that died in sin and his seal is this, which is to be worn before the Magician when he is Invocator, etc.


Samigina rules over 30 legions of Spirits and he can teach you all sciences and also magick (he taught me the Kabbala). Moreover, Samigina can teach you necromancy and how to summon the dead for executing the operations of your spells (court case spells for example). He taught me all this.

Samigina can also help you to become more creative.


Goetia & Daemonolatry Goetia by S. Connolly



This is how Marquise Samigina helped me…


Once upon a time I felt stuck in my studies of Witchcraft. Samigina helped me to move forward in my practices. If you want to know more about all the Marquises of Goetia and how they can help you, you find my post here.

The knowledge of Qabalah and it’s practical magick sleeps in each person I think, and when Samigina steps in, he helps to awaken this dormant knowledge. At least it felt so for me.

One mage told me that I may actually be recovering my knowledge of Kabbala from one of my past lives, because some knowledge comes to me from my deep mind in a mysterious way.

Samigina took me to a higher level of my magickal practices, and introduced me to Sustugriel. They both educated me.


According to Goetia, both Samigina and Sabnock come from the shell Gamaliel. I use the correspondences of Yesod for spells with Samigina and Sabnock.


If you are into necromancy, both Bune and Samigina are your demons to work with. It is Bune who is pushing me forward and encouraging me to summon the dead more often than I did before.

I have created a video about my spells with Samigina and show you how you can summon this teacher spirit:




You are also welcome to read my post about Bune and how to summon him: Making a pact with the Goetic spirit Bune.

I have created a video about my shrine of Death in my home. With this video I want to honor my helper spirit of a dead friend and also the demon Sabnock.

The demon Sabnock comes from the sphere of the Moon on the Tree of Life (Death). Below the video you will see the correspondences for Yesod and its shell on the Tree of Death. Use the correspondences of Yesod even when summoning Sabnock.



The correspondences of Yesod are such:

Ruling planet: Moon

Day: Monday

Astro hour: Moon

Paper seal color: purple

Metal seal: silver

Candle color: purple or silver

Number: 9

Gem: quartz

Scent: Jasmine (you can use jasmine oil on the seal)


Sometimes I glue my hair to the seals (sometimes I use my blood). You see drops of Jasmine oil and 9 gems on the surface of the seal.


Samigina is the demon of necromancy too and he will teach you how to summon the dead for the purpose of defense. In conclusion, Samigina is a great Spirit to work with and he teaches really fast!

And below is a short video about Sabnock. I want to show you how I do my spells with Sabnock.





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A healing spell with the Goetic demon Marbas


The seal of Marbas. This demon comes from the Qliphotic shell of Sephira Hod. Mercury rules both Hod and its shell.


To my surprise, my Italian client ended up in the hospital with kidney problems. The man’s condition was really bad, because he complained about pain in the kidneys while he also observed having blood in his urine.

Of course, I could not refuse to do a healing spell for my client, even if I was ill myself. At that time, when my client requested a healing spell with Marbas, I had a bad flue and the illness was torturing me.

I gathered all I needed for the spell very quickly. We both were lucky, because it was Wednesday eve and at midnight a Thursday would begin. The phase of the moon was dark.


The seal of Marbas from Goetia.


(5.) MARBAS. – The Fifth Spirit is Marbas. He is a Great President, and appeareth at first in the form of a Great Lion, but afterwards, at the request of the Master, he putteth on Human Shape. He answereth truly of things Hidden or Secret. He causeth Diseases and cureth them. Again, he giveth great Wisdom and Knowledge in Mechanical Arts; and can change men into other shapes. He governeth 36 Legions of Spirits. And his seal is this, which is to be worn as aforesaid.





From where does Marbas come?


According to Goetia, the planet Mercury is assigned to Marbas. Mercury rules Hod and its shell. Therefore I use an orange seal of Marbas.


Close relatives and friends had asked me to do healing spells for them. Marbas brings fast relief from illness. Some friends told me that they were able to feel when I was doing the spell with the demon (they smelled, felt, heared and saw “things”).


The demonic shell behind the Sephira of Hod is called Samael. Marbas is from the areas in or near Samael.


The Qabalistic correspondences for Hod and its shell Samael are:

Ruling planet: Mercury

Day: Wednesday

Astro hour: Mercury

Paper seal color: orange

Number: 8

Herb: olive

Mineral: quartz

So, spells with Marbas are done during Wednesdays, and when the moon is waxing, full or when it is decreasing in size.


I use an orange seal of Marbas, cinnamon sticks, a whole nutmeg, mint oil, pine oil, sandalwood oil, olive oil, bay leaf oil and sage oil.



Marbas and Heramael healed my cackatoo


In this video I show you how to heal pets, childen and your loved ones. I show how you how you can use Voodoo dolls in healing spells.




A healing spell with Marbas


For this healing spell you will need:

a tea candle

an orange colored seal of Marbas

oils for the seal: sandalwood, mint, pine, olive, bay leaf and sage

herbs: cinnamon sticks, a whole nutmeg and thyme

4 gems of Tiger Eye (physical energy and protection from human factor mistakes & accidents)

a small bag

Note: you can also use a doll of the client and attach the seal of Marbas to the doll. I had no time to prepare a textile doll.

Write the name of the client on the orange seal along with the phone number, adress and other information. Activate the seal of Marbas with Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

Summon Satan and Marbas, and pray for the healing of the ill person. I prayed during one hour and entered a deep meditative state due to visualizations and prayers.

Apply the oils to the seal of Marbas and fold the seal. Charge the herbs and gems. Pack all this into the small bag. Raise power and charge the bag.

At first my client refused to accept the bag from me (due to personal reasons), but as he got well and left the hospital during the following two days, his mind started to crave the bag.

I wrote this post, because I want to praise Marbas for his gift of healing people. Your geographical location does not matter, because spells work wonderfully on great distance.



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The seal of Lucifer from Grimoirium Verum.


“The Kinds of Spirits:

In regard to spirits, there are the superior and the inferior. The names of the superiors are: Lucifer,
Beelzebuth, Astaroth.

The inferiors of Lucifer are in Europe and Asia, and obey him.

Beelzebuth lives in Africa, and Astaroth inhabits America.

Of these, each of them has two who order their subjects all that which the Emperor has
resolved to do in all the world, and vice-versa.

The Visible Appearance of Spirits.

Spirits do not always appear in the same shape. This is because they are not themselves of
matter or form, and have to find a body to appear in, and one suitable to their intended
manifestation and appearance.

Lucifer appears in the form and figure of a fair boy. When angry, he seems red. There is
nothing monstrous about him.”

Grimoirium Verum



How to take charge of your thoughts?


Lucifer has taught me methods which enable me to change my own thinking and feeling patterns. I manipulate my own thoughts by inserting written phrases on tiny slips of paper into the head cavity of my own doll.

If you want to empower yourself, rid yourself of your first romantic feelings towards some person, or have the demon take you deeper and deeper into the Occult and teach you magick, then use this spell.

In this spell, the seal of Lucifer will serve as a blue print of a servitor (an astral entity). I always use the seal of Lucifer as the seal of my personal spirit.

And by the way, I have never seen Lucifer as an angry boy. This entity is a mature male (of an age between 35 and 48).

You can use any other seal and give the entity your instructions. Or you can create an artificial servitor of your own composition and give it tasks.

The best time to do this spell is the full moon of course.



You will need:


a pentacle jewelry (place it into a magickal book a couple of hours prior to the spell)

the seal of Lucifer (place it into the book and let it cover your pentacle jewel)

a black candle

your own doll

a tiny slip of paper with written thoughts (which you want to implant into your deep mind)



The ritual: 


Light the black candle. Consecrate the seal and the chain with Air, Fire, Water and Earth. State that the chain is a link to your servitor.

Summon Lucifer and ask him to become your personal servitor. This is a sort of pact and of course there is a price to pay (you promise something).

Name the issues you need help with. You might want to create a small list like this:

protect me from “this thing”, because I don’t want this to happen to me

teach me “this and that”

do this and that for me

Activate your own doll with Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Give it instructions and open the head cavity. Insert the tiny slip of paper with the written phrases into the head of your own doll. Read the “thoughts” to your doll.

State that you are in charge of the servitor and that it may not rule, pull or drag you around when you are out of your body.

Finally, wrap the seal of Lucifer around your doll and secure you two with a ribbon (around your doll’s waist). It is done!

During the nearest few months, you will change your thinking and feeling patterns, and the servitor will be protecting and helping you all the time.

You will move deeper and deeper into the Occult and it will feel as if you already know a lot from your past life. I repeat this spell often and have multiple seals of Lucifer wrapped around my doll.



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I imagine the demonic shells right behind the Sephiroth. It is easier for me to understand the Qabalah and its magick if I allow myself to imagine my own models.


When I plan out my spells, I take into account several factors. The primary factor is of course the moon and its phases.

I also consider the Qabalistic correspondences for each Sephira or Qlipha, but for casual spells with demons I look into the Goetia to determine the nature of the demon. There are a couple of pages in Goetia and there you will find information about metals for seals.

Then I know for example that the seals of Haures and Bune have to be made from copper. Copper is the metal matched to Netzach.


I love working with Duke Bune. This demon is so wise!


Having this information is enough, because then we will know that Haures and Bune are summoned during Fridays, and their paper seals can be green, etc.

We will also be wise if we summon these two demons during the astrological hour of Venus. But that is not enough, because the moon may be off its path in the sky.

There are 14 mansions (areas in the sky map) and the moon travels through these 14 mansions during its 28 day cycle.

When the moon travels from one mansion into the next, it can be off its path just for a certain period of time. This period can be as short as one hour and as long as several hours.

If we do our spells during these “unbeneficial” hours when the moon is in a negative mode of movement, we may obtain zero results or the spells may backfire on us. The results of such spells may look like a cosmic joke.

To be on the safe side I always consult the Lunarium. You will have to change the settings of the Lunarium to obtain the exact intervall of the moon’s “void period” displayed for your city.

I hope that this information was helpful.



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