The best patron demons who grant Familiar Spirits


Lucifer is my main patron and also my Familiar spirit.


I have a special relationship with Lucifer and this relationship is life long. Lucifer is my life partner, adviser, main patron and also my Familiar Spirit.

Yes, Gods can become your private Familiar Spirits. They will offer their services to you if you love them passionately.

You define the relationship you want to have with a God who wants to become your Familiar Spirit. Demons feed on the life force contained in blood and also on your personal energy.

This is the danger when a demon wants a close relationship with you: you might stay single for the rest of your life, because the demon will not allow a physical partner into your life (you will loose interest in dating and focus on work).

Lucifer grants Familiar Spirits and he may also want to serve you as your Familiar Spirit. It is Lucifer who taught me magick. He sent me his demon Sustugriel to teach me the magick of Arbatel.






Demon Paimon from Goetia grants Familiar Spirits.


Paimon from Goetia rules over 200 legions of Spirits. He also grants very good Familiar Spirits that can teach all arts and sciences.







Buer gives good Familiar Spirits.


Demon Buer from Goetia heals addictions and gives good Familiars. This demon heals depressions in animals and also in humans.







Demon Purson gives good Familiars.


Purson is the 20th Spirit of Goetia. He gives very good Familiars. Purson is mainly the Demon of divination, but he can also help you to discover a source of income.



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This is the seal of Marax from Goetia.


Demon Marax gives good Familiar Spirits. Marax will make you very knowing in astronomy and can teach you everything you desire to learn.







This is the seal of Ronove from Goetia.


Demon Ronove teaches foreign languages and rhetoric. He gives good Familiar Spirits.







Malphas is a very clever Demon.


Demon Malphas will help you to know who recently cursed you and what type of spell the enemy did on you. Malphas gives good Familiars.







Demon Sabnock is my patron too.


Sabnock is my number 2 patron after Lucifer, who is ranked as number 1. Sabnock will protect you and shield you from magickal attacks.

Anyone who attacks you will become ill at once and remain ill until they cancel out the attack. Sabnock gives very good Familiars who will protect you.







This is the seal of Alloces from Goetia.


Alloces gives good Familiars upon your request. He teaches astronomy and all sciences.







This is the seal of Amy from Goetia.


Demon Amy gives good Familiars. This Spirit teaches astrology and all sciences.







This is the seal of Belial from Goetia.


Demon Belial knows what justice is and his duties are all about politics, laws, justice, social status, success and popularity, and good reputation. Belial gives very good Familiars.







This is the seal of Amdusias from Goetia.


Amdusias gives good Familiar spirits. He can help you to banish troublemakers and can be asked to aid you in cursings.




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