Demon Belial: how to summon him and Huictiigaras to curse with insomnia


The seal of Huictiigaras from Grimoirium Verum can be used in curses. Huictiigaras can heal your own sleeping problems too.


It is seldom I will attack anybody, because I am very tolerant and kind. But there is a sort of people I dislike: those who assume that I am a doormat and a slave for cheap labour.

Such people treat others like shit while they try to navigate their way towards the position of a boss.

After being together at my work for 6 months I was teased to a condition of rage and I said to myself: “No way, I will serve you my curses one after another, because I have seen how you have treated others (like shit), and they quit because of you, and now you are making my days horrible. I will ruin your life and you will reap what you deserve!”

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If you have to deal with difficult people, you might want to summon Belial to protect you. During the same spell you can curse the troublemaker with insomnia, which will trigger mental health problems in the long run.

One line describes Huictiigaras in Grimoirium Verum: “HUICTIIGARAS causes sleep in the case of some, and insomnia in others”. This spirit is assigned to the sphere of Mars on the Tree of Death (Golab).

No, curses don’t backfire if you are innocent and you are doing your best in life: living and working, and trying hard to please others. The curse will hit the troublemaker.





This spell can be done during the full moon or when the moon is waning. Huictiigaras is summoned during Tuesdays, but he can be summoned during a Sunday along with Belial (just choose the hour of Mars instead of the hour of Sun).




Demon Belial: Goetia



The seal of Belial from Goetia. Belial is a solar spirit and should be summoned during a Sunday.


Belial distributes Presentations and Senatorships, and he also gives good familiars. This demon grants favours of friends and enemies.

Demon Belial must have offerings and gifts from the practitioner. If offerings and gifts are not given to Belial, he will not give true answers and deceive the practitioner.

Source: Goetia




Demon Belial: Pseudomonarchia Daemonum


It is said that King Belial was created after Lucifer. Belial was cast down to Earth first and he was of the worthier sort.

Belial is constrained by the name of God, and when he is given offerings and sacrifices, he does speak the truth. But he will deceive and tell lies if he is not constrained by Divine power.

He appears in the form of a beautiful angel sitting in a flaming chariot. If asked, he distributes high titles of senatorship, and grants favours of friends and enemies.

Upon request, Belial gives very good Familiar spirits. Belial rules 80 legions of spirits.

Source: Johann Weyer, Pseudomonarchia Daemonum








Demon Belial: when to summon him?



Belial comes from the area near or in the sphere of Tagaririm. His seal should be yellow or made of gold.


I use the correspondences of Tiphareth in my spells with solar spirits of Goetia:

Ruling planet: Sun

Day: Sunday

Astrological hour: Sun

Paper seal colour: yellow

Metal seal: gold

Candle colour: yellow (gold)

Number: 6

Plant: Sunflower (use seeds)

Gem: Topaz



You will need:


1 black candle (use olive oil and crushed garlic as the coating)

a yellow seal of Belial/patchouli and pine oil for the seal as well (offer Belial food, tobacco, and alcoholic beverage)

a doll of the troublemaker (during the ritual pierce the targets solar chakra with a security pin to rob him/ her of the power over you)

powders, cotton dipping, paper strips and seals for the doll’s head cavity:

1 tea spoon of powdered coffee, chopped pine needles (to induce headaches), 1 tea spoon of Wormwood (it is toxic in high concentrations and causes spasms, convulsions, vomiting and dizziness).

1/2 tea spoon of graveyard dirt

the seal of Huictiigaras

write on the backside of Huictiigaras seal: ” I am so tired and I should take a sick leave. I cannot sleep at all.”

dip the head cavity cotton into vinegar and Tabasco sauce to cause illness and panicking thoughts.

You will also need:

black thread to tie the doll (to restrict the evil troublemaker)

your own urine and War Water to pour out on the doll

a mixture of graveyard dirt, cayenne pepper and black pepper



The ritual


Activate the seals of Belial and Huictiigaras. Summon Belial: ” I evoke and conjure you Belial, the great king of Thagirion. I call you forth in the name and by the authority of my Master Satan. Please be willing to protect me from a troublemaker who is bossy and dominating.”

Explain in all detail what is going on in your life, who the troublemaker is, etc. Read aloud the address, phone number and other important information to Belial. Ask the demon to punish the troublemaker, because Belial can help you to curse evildoers too.

Summon Huictiigaras in the same manner and explain to him what you want him to do. Also tell him that you will reward him. You name the reward (beware you will be forced to keep your promise! Promise realistic rewarding!).

Activate the doll and give it instructions to go insane due to insomnia. Pour in the powders into the head cavity of the doll and stuff in the seal of Huictiigaras too.

Bind the doll with black thread, stitch the mouth and strangle the doll with the rest of the thread. Pour out your urine and the War Water on the doll. Tell the doll firmly how much you hate the target:” I hate you! Stay away from me”

I was driven to a condition called RAGE by the target. In my visualisations, I chopped the targets body into pieces with a heavy axe. I smashed the evil target with such force that the brains began pouring out through the nostrils. I am free to kill in my visualisations.

Powder the doll with the peppers and graveyard dirt.

Such spells will affect the target on a very deep level: they will start avoiding you due to an instinctive feeling that you dislike them.

Place your blood on the seal of Belial and apply also a drop of pine and patchouli oil. Ask Belial to protect you and to keep the troublemaker away from you.

Throw away the doll into garbage after the ritual. Carry the seal of Belial with you everyday. And both Huictiigaras and Belial will help you. You will be kept safe.

After 1, 5 months there was chaos in the life of my target. She was late to show up at work almost everyday, because she had sleeping problems.

Moreover, there seemed to be problems of a private nature in her life. She was so busy solving her problems, that she left me alone at last.



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