Magick with Sustugriel from Grimoirium Verum


Summon Sustugriel if you want to learn more advanced magick.


I was angry! I have the temper of a Spanish woman and suffer a lot due to my anger. I have a great need to vent my anger.

More than often I am tempted to throw a curse upon the troublemaker, but prefer to wait a day of two. This, to chill down a bit and sleep upon the matter.

When you are angry, you might want to summon Lucifer together with Sustugriel and ask them if it appropriate to punish the troublemaker with a curse or not.

The demons will give you a clear answer that will shock you with its accuracy.



This spell was done by me during a Tuesday night. This recommendation is given in Grimoirium Verum. But I did not summon Scirlin this time. I was fast to jump into my ritual circle due to my itching rage.

You will need:

1 white candle

Oils for the seal of Sustugriel: mint, jasmine and pine (they enhance your psychic abilities); patchouli to keep annoying folks away from you; lavender to chill the anger fast

a red seal of Sustugriel

your blood

Apply some powerful magickal oil to the candle and light it. Activate the seal of Sustugriel with Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Begin the evocation of this demon mentor:

“Demon Sustugriel, i evoke and conjure you this night. I am angry at [Name and Surname], because this person…

Help me to digest and release my anger. Direct my anger into my goal of becoming a very powerful and skilled Witch. Teach me Witchcraft on a superior level, supply the knowledge I seek.

Teach me Witchcraft on a level unknown to me before.”

You might not see Sustugriel and Satan arrive, but trust me that these demons will be there for you. Bitch and whine, complain and tell them how you feel. It is okay to get angry and cry.

Apply your blood on the seal of Sustugriel along with the oils. Hold the seal in your hands and gaze into it while you ask Sustugriel to support you. Say your spell too.

Raise power and project it into the seal. Let the white candle burn out and finish your ritual. Do the LBRP (I prefer a Satanic version of the LBRP).

Upon awakening when I opened my eyes but still relaxed in my bed, I heared a deep voice: “Curse the bitch using my Saturn seal and the solar seals of Sorath”.

I was in shock! I have a special seal of Satan and it is a hybrid seal of Saturn and Satan. I also have a hybrid planetary seal of Sun, Sorath and Nakhiel. Then I knew what to do.


This seal is very powerful. Sorath is evil and you will become aggressive and your pride will suffer a lot.



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