Demon Raum from Goetia and how he can help you


The seal of Raum from Goetia.




Demon Raum: Goetia


Raum is the fortieth Spirit. He is a Great Earl and appears at first in the form of a Crow, but after the command of the Exorcist he putts on Human Shape.

His office is to steal Treasures out [of] King’s Houses, and to carry it whither he is commanded, and to destroy Cities and Dignities of Men, and to tell all things, Past, and what Is, and what Will Be;

And to cause Love between Friends and Foes. He was of the Order of Thrones. He governs 30 Legions of Spirits; and his seal is this, which wear you as aforesaid.”

Source: Goetia



Demon Raum: his powers


Power 1: theft of secret information and it’s release into social media platforms

Power 2: divination and estimation of the future

Power 3: helps you to change your business plans and strategy



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