Necromantic and demonic magick: pacts and marriages with demons and the dead









Necromantic and demonic magick can be combined and pacts can be extended into marriages.



Necromantic and demonic magick can be combined in limitless ways and different types of pacts can be extended into spiritual marriages.

One of my followers asked me: “I want to marry a demon. Is this possible?” I told her that I am already in a marriage pact with an archdemon and such pacts of marriages are very serious.

Some people are of the opinion that it is not possible to marry a demon. Of course, its impossible to marry a demon officially, but you can marry a demon in the privacy of your ritual circle.

Marriages with demons can complicate your life in the long run if you suddenly meet a man  or another spirit whom you like. This is because of the bond between you and the chosen demon for a marriage pact.

The bond between you and your chosen demon exists on the astral plane and it is as real as a bond between a husband and a wife. When two humans want to go separate, a divorce is needed. This may take time to fix.





A pact of marriage: why?




Demon Belial is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



The demon will protect you from all sorts of dangers. Even if this demon cannot protect you from physical danger, he will warn you about the incoming danger via your dreams.

When the day comes and you are standing face to face with the danger, you will suddenly discover that the demon has arranged an escape plan for you (for example: a staircase in a burning building).

You can marry a demon for financial support too. This does not mean that the demon will make you rich at once, but soon you will discover that you are doing much better than others (financially).




The demons are smart



Lucifer and his demons are way too smart and they know the future: who is going to die and when. You might not even need to earn the money for your future home.

The demons will help you to be in the right place, at the right time and with the right person. A home may just become yours, just because you were loved.

Some people cannot afford to pay double rents for huge homes. A home may become your gift from a relative just because you became a member of a family clan when you were young.




A marriage pact

is a business deal



There will be no kissing and sex with the demon, because demons do not have physical bodies. A demonic partner cannot silence the longing after a real partner.

If you want to make a pact of marriage with a demon, you might want to be sure that you are happy on your own and can live your life without a physical partner.

There is no point in making a pact of marriage with a demon, if you plan to date physical partners. This will only create complications in your relationships.

Be sure to choose a high ranking entity for your spiritual marriage. Such an archdemon can send you other demons to solve your everyday problems.

Its a clever thing to know: why do you want to marry a demon in the first hand. Is it because you do not want to be part of dysfunctional (troublesome) relationships and want to focus on your career?

If yes, such a marriage with a demon of a high rank will protect you from heartbreak and from relationships that drain your working capacity.

Generally speaking, you can make marriage pacts with demons and also with the dead (of very high ranks, powers, abilities or positions).

Such pacts will grant you:

protection from physical dangers

protections of other types

a very strong financial support

a very high working capacity

support in life (life will become easy)

knowledge of magick

But as I said, if you are in spiritual marriages with demons, other parts of your life may become empty. If you love solitude and can live without a partner, such pacts will bring lots of benefits to you.


Which spirit is best for you?



Your main demon or your patron demon is your best choice. It is very important to know the demon during many years before making a pact of spiritual marriage.

Some good choices of entities are:

Lucifer (financial support)

Lucifuge Rofocale (financial support)

Belial (status and money)

A dead military of a very high rank (for high working capacity & protection from enemies). This is because an army of soldiers will help you with your work tasks, plan your business strategies for you and keep you alert while you work almost during your sleep.

Such an entity is good for you, if you have competitors who want to destroy you physically and also your wealth.

a dead banker (for money and bank loans)


The conditions of a marriage



Great care must be taken when you formulate the conditions of your marriage pact with a demon. I do not think that it is a good idea to negotiate or start a bargain with a demon of a high rank.

Just ask the demon of a high rank to protect you from dysfunctional relationships and partners who do not fit your standards. You can add that you want financial support and that you have ambitions to earn [the sum of money of your choice].

Ask for help and state that the conditions of marriage are such:

you will be a loyal worshipper of your chosen demon

you have the right to make pacts with the dead and demons (of high ranks and unique abilities)

as long as you are happy with your financial situation, you will be in the marriage pact with the high ranking demon

if you are unhappy with the financial support, you may dissolve the pact and marry another high ranking entity

no sex with the demon (demons can have sex with you while you sleep)

Why no sex? There is a danger in such acts: you will become a pool of energy for the demon. Your astral bodies will be used up in various ways: the demon will feed on you (its a thought form).

This may lead to problems with health and a shorter life in the long run. To have sex with a demon on rare occasions is perfectly okay and will not harm your astral body.




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