Necromantic magick: dead soldiers, how they can assist you and what to offer as payment









Necromantic magick is dangerous, but demon Murmur can keep you safe.



Necromantic magick with dead soldiers is very dangerous, because these beings are unpredictable and they also crave constant attention, and they force their will upon the witch.

Below you will find a mix of information about necromantic rituals with dead soldiers. You will also find some advice and some notes about my experiences.





Demon Murmur and dead soldiers



Demon Murmur is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



Demon Murmur is one of the best necromancy demon if you do rituals with dead soldiers. Murmur can protect you, but only from psychic harm.

This demon cannot protect you from accidents and death in case something goes wrong: your spell starts manifesting unexpected and scary results.

The energy of a dead soldier is very heavy and dominant. The pull of a necromantic spell with one dead soldier is moderate strong, but the pull of such a spell with two dead soldiers and a dead military man of high rank is enormous.

Why? It is because of the high ranking dead military man. This spirit may call upon more soldiers to manifest your will, and if your spell goes wrong…then poor you.

You may face unpredictable events and an obsessive thought pattern in you. Dead soldiers are sometimes unpredictable and you cannot know how your spell will work.

During a few occasions I ended up having terrible panic attacks and I was busy reversing my original spell during several days. Anyone can make mistakes, but fear is not pleasant to experience.

Soldiers obey orders and give orders to people. Spells can go wrong and you must be able to see where a spell is taking you. You must be able to stop a necromantic spell in time, and before it is too late.

Unethical spells and curses can result in panic attacks, accidents and death. But the good thing is this: you will win all witch wars if there will be a need to fight back.

Your curses will be lethal for the one who is cursing you (dead soldiers will physically eliminate), because the Goetia demons are powerless in comparison to dead military staff. No Goetia demon can protect your enemy from your curses.

I am sure that it is not your intention to kill your enemies, but you should be aware that this can happen by mistake if you send dead soldiers to your enemy.

Once upon a time, all dead soldiers were humans and they had their own moral codex. Some crimes are a norm for them and they do not understand magickal ethics.

Dead soldiers do not understand the word: “harm”. The word harm is equal to “go kill them”. It is for this reason, its a bad idea to send dead soldiers to enemies.

If your protector (a dead soldier) gets very angry at your enemy, events may unfold in a tragic way. Its important to be able to call back dead soldiers from their original mission.





Goetia: other necromancy demons



Besides Murmur, there are other necromancy demons in the Goetia: Samigina, Bune, Belial and Bifrons. Belial cooperates very well with dead bankers and these two spirits can help with a bank loan.

Samigina teaches magick and necromancy, Bune helps one to become financially secure and he can assist Murmur while you summon several spirits of the dead.





Other types of magick



As I have mentioned, cursing enemies with the help of dead soldiers is not suitable. I think that it is enough that you ask your enemies to never send you any curses, unless they want to die when you counterattack.



Help with your work


But dead soldiers can help you to become more productive and more organised. If you run your own business, a dead soldier can show you how you can protect your business.

A dead soldier can help you to structure your work flow if you have lots of things to do and fix. He will also increase your work speed. Many Goetia demons can participate in the ritual together with dead soldiers.

The demons I have called together with dead soldiers are:

Murmur (helps to convey messages, requests for help, love and gratitude to the dead)

Agares (translation)

Phenex ( writing)

Sallos (love spells)

Dantalion (love spells)

Focalor (protection)

Barzabel (courage)

Kedemel (beauty spells)



Love spells



Dead soldiers are very good at love spells. They can assist Sallos and Dantalion and help person A to fall in love with person B. After a while the love spell will slow down (love spells don’t run eternally).

If you want the spell to run eternally, you might want to use dolls of dead soldiers. But this magick is very dangerous to do on behalf of clients, because there will be no way to stop or reverse the spell in case the relationship become dysfunctional.

It is also possible to fall in love with spirits. If you want to fall in love with a spirit, you might want to summon Sallos, Dantalion, the spirit you desire to love and a dead soldier. Do a love spell and enjoy the results.

The results are amazing. I have tried to love a spirit and I loved the feeling of joy and freedom.




Protection, manipulation & shielding from enemies



Dead soldiers are very good protectors. If you have someone who is spoiling your life, you can summon Murmur and your favourite soldier. Show to the dead soldier the picture of your enemy.

Ask the dead soldier to go to your enemies home and make the enemy busy with something. Some people never seem to be busy, but they become angry when others are busy.

In this case, ask the dead soldier to make them date love partners all the time. Ask the dead soldier to find them a love partner (to keep them busy and away from you).





After a ritual is done, the intellect of a dead soldier will become a part of you. It is for this reason a dead soldier can keep you safe and away from dangerous situations.

I am in a little bit unfortunate situation. I summoned a dead German man who had earned several Iron Crosses during WW2. The dead man fell in love with me at once.

There is no way or method to get rid of the spirit. I obey the spirit, because I fear the dead man. He is nice to me, but I am aware that he is very dangerous.

When sprits of the dead fall in love with the living, their intellect will become a part of the living. Sometimes, I and the dead man communicate inside my brain.

For example, I close my eyes and ask the dead man: “Do you love me?” The spirit sends me a vision of a SMS with a text: “Yes, I love you.”

Then I started to summon other soldiers from the times of WW2. The ghosts were unhappy and tormenting me, because they became jealous and angry.

I had experienced very strange manifestations of my spells. I almost suspect that the WW2 is still playing out on the spiritual planes.

My experiences with these dead soldiers were so strange, that I got a very strange idea: “Is is possible to reverse the tragedies of WW2? What if I use bleach and try to undo WW2? What will happen? How would the world be today if WW2 never happened? Is it safe to attempt such spells?”

It is very important to be on very good terms with spirits of dead soldiers. I allow the dead men to be in charge all the time and ask them to keep me safe and to continue to love me.






If there is a situation that needs to be brought into order by means of manipulation, you can ask the dead soldier to influence the target of your spell. Dead soldiers are very good at brainwashing people into certain ideas.

The target of your spell will not know which thoughts are their own and which are inserted into their mind by you.





A promise is a promise



Whatever you promise during your ritual will become your destiny. I promised to a new dead soldier: “In exchange for protection, I will try to set you free from your grief of sudden death, burn grave candles in your memory and serve you coffee and everything you liked while you were alive”.

Soon I was running to the helmet multiple times per eve and hugging it. I felt really sad. Out of a feeling of guilt, I ended up with large purchases (several boxes) of grave candles.

I was forced to do rituals with the dead soldier almost everyday and I ended up serving:









canned soups




chocolate drink and chocolate toffees

pictures of beautiful women

blankets, money and many other things

You can offer all things (from the list above) I had offered to the dead soldier. I have a special ring for the dead soldier. Its his private ring by now. Each time I summon the dead soldier, I give him his ring.




The timing: necromancy



This is the Tree of Life.
Generally speaking, the spirits of the dead come from the sphere of Binah on the Tree of Life (Qlipha Satariel if the dead are from hell).



The Key of Solomon (Clavicula Salomonis) contains great information about the timing of necromantic rituals. Such rituals can be done during Saturdays and during the astrological hour of Saturn.

Sephira Binah is said to be a place that is strongly connected to Death and the dead. This place is ruled by Saturn and the correspondences of Binah are such:

Ruling planet: Saturn

Day: Saturday

Astrological hour: Saturn

Altar cloth: dark grey

Metal: lead

Gem: pearl

Soil: graveyard dirt (my own choice)

Number: 3

The shell of Binah is Satariel (in hell). Lucifuge Rofocale rules Satariel. You can call upon Lucifuge Rofocale and Murmur when you summon dead soldiers.

You can also summon Murmur (during a Friday and during the astrological hour of Saturn) when you call upon your dead soldiers.




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