Necromantic magick: things to know and ritual offerings for dead soldiers


Necromantic magick is dangerous, but demon Murmur can keep you safe during your rituals with dead soldiers.



Necromantic magick with dead soldiers is very dangerous, because these beings are unpredictable and they also crave constant attention, and they force their will upon the practitioner of magick.

Below you will find a mix of information about necromantic rituals with dead soldiers. You will also find some advice and some notes about my experiences.




Demon Murmur: Goetia



Demon Murmur is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



Demon Murmur is your best necromancy demon if you do magick with dead soldiers. The energy of a dead soldier is very heavy and dominant.

The pull of a necromantic spell with one dead soldier is moderate strong, but the pull of such a spell with two dead soldiers and a dead military of high rank is enormous.

Why? It is because of the high ranking dead military man. This entity will call upon a whole army of dead soldiers to manifest your will, and if your spell goes wrong…then poor you.

You may face unpredictable events and an obsessive thought pattern in you. You must have a very strong will, determination and a powerful demon who can help you.

Remember, that soldiers obey orders and give orders to people. Spells can go wrong and you must be able to see where a spell is taking you.

You must be able to stop a necromantic spell in time, and before it is too late. Also take into account that spells with dead soldiers, if they are formulated in a wrong way, may cause unpredictable results and obsession.

Besides Murmur, there are other necromancy demons in the Goetia: Samigina, Bune, Belial and Bifrons. Belial cooperates very well with dead bankers and these two spirits can help with a bank loan.

Samigina teaches magick and necromancy, Bune helps one to become financially secure and he can assist Murmur while you summon several spirits of the dead.



Murmur is best



Murmur is a Duke and he rules 30 legions of Spirits. He can teach you philosophy and necromancy. Murmur can prevent the Spirits of the dead from inflicting harm upon the practitioner.

Source: Goetia & Daemonolatry Goetia by S. Connolly




Immediate manifestations



The dead soldiers will begin showing you their present time contacts and will try to reprogram your ways of thinking. Have a strong will and mentally say: “No, I will not think like you think!”

Great care must be taken during necromantic rituals with dead soldiers. You should be aware of the type of soldiers you are interacting with, because these beings will run to real military places and other virtual places, and begin fetching military staff for you.

You will end up seeing frequent posts about soldiers on social media. Some information will be the type of information the dead soldier (soldiers) liked when they were alive.

Just say mentally and also during your rituals: “No, do not force me to think like you do! I need only protection from you and I will pay you for your loyalty with my love, money, food and offerings.”







Whatever you promise during your ritual will become your destiny. I promised to a new dead soldier: “In exchange for protection, I will try to set you free from your grief of sudden death, burn grave candles in your memory and serve you coffee and everything you liked while you were alive”.

Soon I was running to the helmet multiple times per eve and hugging it. I felt really sad. Out of a feeling of guilt, I ended up with large purchases (several boxes) of grave candles.

I was forced to do rituals with the dead soldier almost everyday and I ended up serving:









canned soups




chocolate drink and chocolate toffees

pictures of beautiful women

blankets, money and many other things






You will end up with loyal military staff at your disposal. If there will be a need to fight off an enemy, you can summon the dead soldiers and send them to do duties for you.

Not only this. If there is a situation that needs to be ruled by strength, you can force your will and the soldier will give orders to the target of your spell.

Why go to such troubles and do rituals with dead soldiers almost everyday? If you are a single woman and have no man who can protect you, then the dead soldiers will protect you.

You can do rituals and ask the soldiers to become your bodyguards and protect you from physical harm. You will have invisible bodyguards who will keep you safe from physical harm.




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The timing: necromancy



This is the Tree of Life.
Generally speaking, the spirits of the dead come from the sphere of Binah on the Tree of Life (Qlipha Satariel if the dead are from hell).



The Key of Solomon (Clavicula Salomonis) contains great information about the timing of necromantic rituals. Such rituals can be done during Saturdays and during the astrological hour of Saturn.

Sephira Binah is said to be a place that is strongly connected to Death and the dead. This place is ruled by Saturn and the correspondences of Binah are such:

Ruling planet: Saturn

Day: Saturday

Astrological hour: Saturn

Altar cloth: dark grey

Metal: lead

Gem: pearl

Soil: graveyard dirt (my own choice)

Number: 3

The shell of Binah is Satariel (in hell). Lucifuge Rofocale rules Satariel. You can call upon Lucifuge Rofocale and Murmur when you summon dead soldiers.

You can also summon Murmur (during a Friday and during the astrological hour of Saturn) when you call upon your dead soldiers.




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