Necromantic magick for obtaining a bank loan









Necromantic magick is very powerful and it can help you to obtain a bank loan.
Necromantic magick is very powerful and it can help you to obtain a bank loan.


Necromantic magick is so powerful! My client from USA asked me do a spell for her. The bank had refused her the loan and she was very sad.

I did not want to promise anything to my client. I told her: “I will make a pact on your behalf.” I went to the cemetery late in the evening (around midnight) to pray and to give offerings to the spirits of the dead.

When I was back home, it was time to summon the demons and the spirits of the dead. I literally attacked the bank and sent them a “dozen” of dead spirits along with three demons.






My client obtained the loan after two weeks. Read her testimonial below:

“I finally did closings today! I’m overjoyed right now, no words, no money of this world can describe my happiness that I’m experiencing now.

Many, many thanks to you and your spirits Bonnie, your spirits can do what nobody can do. Again thank you Bonnie, your rituals that you have done for me are very helpful.

Au revoir Bonnie!”

Anonymous from USA

My client wants to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, because if she exposes her true identity, she may get into trouble. I may also get into trouble for attacking the bank, although nobody will be able to prove anything.

Besides this, I feel safe, because I live abroad. My clients also feel safe, because we are separated by the ocean. And I am smart, my communications are encrypted and guarded by Swiss privacy law.



Necromantic magick: is there a price to pay?



Necromantic magick is so powerful! And the results manifest quickly.
Necromantic magick is so powerful! And the results manifest quickly.


Necromantic magick is very powerful! But there is a price to pay. The spirits want to be remembered, and they are around the Witch all the time.

A Witch forms  personal relationships with the spirits of the dead. The spirits become the closest friends of the Witch. The spirits want the life force and for this reason, necromancy and necromantic magick degrades the body (slowly).

This is observed as weight loss in the early stages of interaction with dead. The other scary thing is frequent injuries inflicted by the spirits of the dead, because they want to feed on the blood.


My orgies with the spirits of the dead



Necromantic magick involves the interaction between the Witch and the spirits of the dead.
Necromantic magick involves the interaction between the Witch and the spirits of the dead.


It is possible to see the astral dimension in lucid dreams. I see the dead very often when I am out of body. The dead have no understanding of time, and for this reason they look very young.

The dead men are actually very sexy and attractive, well dressed and smell nice. This is true of the graves I interact with. I have even been seduced into flirting and kissing the dead men.

My astral flights are very lucid in character and I do not even know that I am asleep during my dreams. Everything is so real during my out of body experiences just like in real life. Sometimes I fly a very short distance: just to the next room and the dead are there waiting for me.

It is very important to know the sort of dead we interact with, because we could pick up psychic garbage from the dead. You do not want to kiss an alcoholic during your astral flights and then feel the urge to taste alcohol.

The only unpleasant experience is the “landing” back into the physical body. This is so unpleasant, because of the sleep paralysis.

Last time I woke up from my astral flight, I was sleeping with a dead man in his grave, and a rat was eating my shoe. I woke up with a scream.




Necromantic magick: you will need



Demon Belial is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.


The address of the bank

Loan number

The address of the property you want to purchase

grave dirt from several graves (lawyer, family graves)

grave dirt from a bankers grave

Describe the problem on a small peace of paper: “The bank is not giving me a loan to purchase the house with the following address.”

the seals of Lucifer, Belial and Surgat

oils for the seals: cinnamon and mint


Demon Surgat is described in the Grimoirium Verum and this is his seal.


Read also my post about the necromantic bleach jar spell with Belial and Surgat!

a jar with screw lid



a powder to loosen the purse and confusion or commanding powder

a tea candle

paper money

The ritual is done almost in the morning and after you have been to the cemetery with the offerings for the spirits. Summon the spirits of the dead and the demons.

Place the money on a small piece of paper. This piece of paper should contain the name and address of the bank. Powder this piece of paper with grave dirt, confusing powders and with powders that loosen the purse.

Light the small tea candle and place atop of all this to heat up the situation. Chop the paper with the description of the situation and drop into the glass jar. Pour in bleach. It is done.

Give all the spirits licence to go. Follow your pact and promises to the spirits. They will want their payment or they might turn against you, and refuse to help you the next time.



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