How to avoid falling in love with the wrong man


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I recieve lots of letters from women who are left brokenhearted after love has ended. My first impression is that these women easily fall in love with the wrong type of men and become involved in the developing relationship on a very deep level. And fast! Why this kind of rush? I never understood why women need to fall in love, or in other words, why is there a need to have a relationship with a man. Although, I must admit that I too dream of my Prince from time to time, but not often enough.

Perhaps it’s the longing to have a family that moves women closer to men. The problem here is the high speed of the developing relationship. If you want to survive emotionally, you as a woman or as a man, need to hit the break pedals of your love vehicle. Hit the break pedals in the beginning of your love relationship to avoid blindly falling in love. The blindness of love is very dangerious and can kill you after some years if your relationship ends.

It is important to avoid having physical pleasures with your new partner very soon after you two meet. I know men want to become physical as soon as possible. Not that fast! Set your boundaries and do not jump into the intimate region of your relationship with high speed. Why? If you are a woman you most probably will fall in love with your new man. Your feelings will blossom up very fast and you will be unable to hit the break pedals of your love vehicle.

The most important advice I will give you is this: listen to the speach of your new partner. What does the man want from you? Is he telling you or writing to you that you make him horny even before you meet face to face? Then, this man of yours wants only pleasure. Stay away from this type of men. Some of these men are damaged and are unable to form stable relationships with women. They seek out partners for pleasure of the body, because their fear of relationships holds them back from falling in love.

Ask questions about your new partners past relationships and how and why they ended. If your partner starts talking about many romantic partners in the past, you should know that you won’t be the last one. Stay away from such people. If you cling on to such partner you will be exchanged for a new partner in some few years.

Generally there are different men:

some want to go physical for one time only

some want to try to fall in love (for a short time)

some are loyal and devoted

Seek out the loyal ones who can form long lasting relationships. Hit the break pedals of your love vehicle so you have time to observe your new partner and draw your conclusions while you are still sober from the pangs of love. Good luck!