How to mend a broken heart after your relationship is over


Demon Sallos helps to mend difficult relationships.


There are certainly things you can do for yourself when your partner has left you with a broken heart. I know how it felt once upon time, but that was long ago.

Manipulative love spells are unethical and evil, because they do not take into account the free will of the individual.

In lucky cases, they help you to pull back your lover to you. The effect of the spell is temporary though. After a while you must cast such a spell once more to keep things going the way you want them to go.



How to heal the emotional pain?


Demon Marbas can heal a broken heart.


Be egoistic! Yes, you must be egoistic and think only about your own well being. Love yourself enough to stop the pain and agony at once.

Easy said than done! I will describe a method you can use at home to start the healing process (read about how demon Buer can heal a depression here). You must be willing to heal your broken heart.

This ritual is best done on the day of full moon. The day of the week is not important at all. But for best results try to do this ritual on a Tuesday or on a Saturday to  begin the healing process.

You will need:

2 black candles

1 black ribbon (1 meter)


1 lemon

a small paper

a black marker pen

Arrange your ritual circle. Open the four energy portals and call forth the powers from four directions. Then call upon your chosen archetypes.

Activate each candle. You can do this with the help of the four Elements on your altar: Air (smoke), Fire (a candle), Water (water in a bowl) and Earth (salt).

Pass the candle through the smoke and say:

I blow life into you with smoke and Air,

Smoke that rises beautifully into the air.

Pass the candle through the fire on your altar and say:

With Fire you are blessed by me,

To make this spell come true for me.

Sprinkle the candle with water and say:

With Holy Waters you are washed by me,

To make this spell come true for me. 

Apply some salt to the candle and say:

I powder you with salt that  was once worth gold,

My spell will come true and my words it will hold.


These words can be used to baptize a Voodoo doll (if you do this, you should also give instructions to the doll).

Do the same with the second candle. Decide which candle will represent you. Then the second candle will represent your lover whom you want to forget.

Place the candles on your altar, but far away from each other. Cut the lemon into 2 equal pieces. Rub the candles with the lemon juice.

Tie one end of the black ribbon to one candle. The other end of the ribbon should be tied to the second candle.

Light the candles. Say:

My pain shall quickly turn sour,

Starting from this powerful hour.

As candles burn,

Pain will be gone.


Write the word EMOTIONAL PAIN with the black marker pen on the piece of paper. Cut the paper into 2 pieces with the scissors.

Say with a firm voice 3 times:

Today I put an end to my pain,

I am not a slave bound by a chain.

I set myself free from bewitchment,

From today I am free and independent.


Cut the black ribbon with the scissors. Pack the 2 paper pieces into the lemon.

When the candles burn out, you should attach the two lemon halves to each other and secure them in place with the aid of the black ribbons (from the candles).

When you are finished with the ritual go out and bury the lemon and the remaining wax. As the lemon rots away, so shall your pain depart.


Affirmations and magick


The pattern to attract poor relationships originates from the childhood. When relationships in a person’s life don’t work, I often ask about their childhood.

In some cases, the only way to change the situation is therapy. But what if therapy is not an option?

Then do daily meditations and use affirmations to empower yourself. But the use of affirmations may cause a lot of painful suffering.

But this is the only way to change your mode of attracting poor relationships. Use affirmations during every spell and also on a daily basis.

It may take up to 4 years to heal the depression with the help of meditations and affirmations. It’s worth trying. You will stop attracting relationships that drain you of your power.

Besides the self-help work, you can do healing spells with demon Buer to lift up your depression. Demon Marbas from Goetia (read about a healing spell with Marbas here) can also heal depressions.

Here are some of my affirmations I use on a daily basis:




The Olympic spirit Hagith will make you very desirable and attractive.




Make these statementS your daily mantras and you will not need lovers to make you feel good about yourself.



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