Medusa, the demon of the Algol stars, and how she can help you









Medusa, the demon of the Algol stars, the head of Algol, or the head of Medusa is described in the Three books of Occult philosophy (H. C Agrippa).



Medusa, the demon of the Algol stars, the head of Algol, or the head of Medusa is described in the Three books of Occult philosophy (H. C Agrippa). The fixed Algol stars are considered unfortunate by most people, but the seal you see above is one of the best protective talismans.

The Algol talisman will protect you from curses and manipulative spells and the malice will be reflected back to the sender. The Algol stars are three in number and it is one of them that is the head of Medusa.




The ethics of magick


It is best to ask Algol to protect you from those who are unbalanced and unwise, are known for always starting fights with people, who seek approval and want to dominate, and end up cursing people.

It is not a good idea to curse people by asking Algol to assist you in evil spells, because such malicious spells can backfire. Even if we think that we have lots of protection and a lot of experience, curses can affect the smooth run of our lives.

But of course, if somebody has wronged you and this has impacted your life in a huge way, then you have the right to ask Algol to help you to restore justice.




Medusa: she steps in to protect you


I was afraid to do magick with Medusa, because I had heard terrible things about her. But at last I dared to summon Medusa and asked her in a very polite way:

“Mother Medusa, would you agree to protect me? I strongly suspect that I am under a manipulative spell cast on me by one person. I need you to open my eyes, so I can liberate myself from the evil bewitchment.”

After a couple of days, Medusa opened my eyes to the fact that I was actually under a manipulative spell. The bewitchment was broken and I took real life action by chopping of all contacts.




Barzabel, Algol and my magick



Demon Barzabel teaches protection magick and empowers women and men. If Mars is fortunate in your natal chart, you can do magick with the planetary talisman of Mars without turning into an aggressive person.

How to know if Mars is fortunate? You will find this and other very useful information in my post about Barzabel. It was Barzabel who taught me astrological stuff and helped me to know which talisman is good for me and which is bad. He also led me to Algol and encouraged me to summon Medusa.



My regular rituals with Barzabel. I love this demon, because he grants masculine power to females.



Algol is known as Beta Persei (β Persei). It is also known as the “Demon Star”‘ or “Gorgona”. The Algol star system consists of three stars that are almost 93 light years away from us.

The Algol stars are in the constellation of Perseus and they shine with beautiful blueish and orange light. Algol, or the head of Medusa, is located 26 degrees of Taurus. Read more about the Algol stars here.

Magick with Medusa should be done when the star is visible or bright. Avoid doing magick with Medusa during the eclipses. The eclipses of Algol last 20 minutes each.

You can do magick before or after the eclipses, but if you do magick when Algol is waxing, that is, before the eclipse, it is very good. You will attune yourself to the head of Algol if you do magick before the eclipse. If you do magick after the eclipse, you will attune yourself to the tail of Algol. Aim for the rising Algol if you can.

The moon should not be in an opposing position to Taurus. It should be very near to Taurus (in conjunction).

People who do magick with the Algol talisman complain about problems with the internet. I too started to have such problems after magick with the Algol talisman.

These problems are connected to the eclipses of the Algol stars. Also, during the night and after I summoned Medusa for protection, I was dreaming of the Algol stars. The main Algol star (the head of Algol) was very brightly lit and was flying or orbiting the 2 other Algol stars.

The Algol talisman opened my eyes to the fact that an enemy had done magick on me and the magick was active. But because I have very strong protection from Sabnock, I could understand what is going on and took action.

Although I am not an astrologer, I dared to create a blue paper talisman of Algol and summoned Medusa. I was afraid that the protection spell will cause me trouble.

Medusa is good for protection and you should dare to summon her from time to time. Even if you order a metal Medusa talisman, it is meant for regular recharging with protection spells. If you do not recharge your Medusa talisman, I doubt that you will have strong protection in the long run.




Medusa: the ritual


You will need:

a black candle (coat with olive oil, crushed bay leaf and sage)

Algol is connected to Jupiter and to Saturn (use the colours of Jupiter or Saturn)

a blue seal of the head of Algol


This is the head of Algol (the head of Medusa).


oils for protection: patchouli, bergamot and pine (the oils are applied to the seal of Algol and to your pendant)

a pendant

Ask Algol to protect you from curses and manipulative spells. Place your pendant on the seal of Algol and apply the oils both to the seal of Algol and to your pendant.

Raise power and place your palms on the seal and on your pendant. Wear the pendant all the time and do regular spells with Algol.




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