Business today: how to make your client addicted to you?








There is a chemistry between the client and the businessman.


Business today is a group of publications for people in business. This post is for people in small and medium sized businesses. I will write about the common problems: the clientele.

I have clients who run small and medium sized businesses. Some people in business complain: “I am only attracting poor clients to me and I don’t know how to change things to the better.”

Business people also want to increase their income. We live during very turbulent times and almost everyone has some problems within the business.

In this post I want to write about how you can begin to attract a better type of client to you. This is a gradual process and takes several years.

You must also work hard to keep your clients with you for the coming years. You must have a clear vision of your clientele: you want your clients to become your regular clients.




Business today:

do you have many competitors?


My clients complain: “The competition is huge and I feel lost. I need to become special and the best in my professional field.” Yes, this is correct.

When the competition is huge, you need to become very special and differ from all other businesses. You need to have regular customers who keep on coming back to you again and again.

You need to work on your inner self too and become very clear about whom you consider to be your perfect client. It is helpful to write down the qualities of your perfect client:

my client is a kind person

my client is generous

my client appreciates me and my services

my client is a thankful person

my client is not a stingy person

my client is a businessman

my client is a professional

my client is smart

my client is humorous

You need to write this list with the qualities of your perfect client on a sheet of paper with a thick marker pen. Place this list in a location, where you can read and reread the list several times per day.

You also need to write down your future inner qualities: the type of business person you want to become in the future. You can write down something like this:

I am a kind person

I am a generous business person

I care about the well being of my client

I am a thankful person

I am not a stingy person

I am a good businessman

I am a professional and I am the best

I am smart

I am humorous

You need to turn these statements into regular affirmations and use these affirmations on a daily basis. You need to build up your self confidence and convince yourself that you truly deserve the best client.

When you have very good self esteem and you love yourself very much, you will begin too see the true difference between good and bad clients.

Bad clients are stingy and rude people. Good clients are generous and kind people. The same can be said about business people:

bad business people don’t care about their clients

good business people care a lot about their clients

Your clients will become addicted to you when they realise how much you care about their well being.

Give your clients the best possible service and check upon them from time to time (if the client is having big problems). You can also offer your help free of charge to support the client.

Gradually you will end up with regular and good clients. The process of attracting the right type of client to you can take several years, but do not become discouraged.

Focus all your emotional attention on the good clients and the joy of serving your clients. Do not focus all your emotional attention on the bad experiences with bad types of clients.

With time, you will have less and less bad clients. With time you will also have more and more good clients, who make you feel very special and proud of yourself.




Business today:

what regular clients want


Now I have mostly regular clients. I have been together with my regular clients during 2 or 3 years. I know their private problems and the lack of time in everyday life.

Regular clients can run out of money too, even if they have well paying jobs or if they had a prosperous business. You need to trust a regular client if the client tells you something like this:

“I have this type of problem in my life and I need your services. Can I pay you after 2 weeks?” You can answer: “Sure, no problems. You are my regular client and we have been together for such a long time.”

But my clients are very good people and it never happened that my client was late with the payment for my services. This is because I have very good clients.

A regular client wants to feel appreciated. Moreover, the client helps you to stay prosperous. I always tell the demons: “This man or this woman is helping me. Therefore, I ask you to help my client and do your job properly.”

Regular clients want good services. They also want bonus information that will help them to improve the quality of their life. My regular clients often frequent my websites, because I blog for them.

As I had mentioned, I lost almost all my clients from USA. Most of my former clients from USA can no longer afford my services.

But I also had several wealthy male clients from USA and we are still together. I also have several wealthy clients from Sweden, England, South Africa and Europe.

So, these people are my regular clients. From time to time new clients also discover my websites. Nowadays I know that my client is a businessman or a person in a certain kind of profession.

I know that my client is looking for some very special services like a pact with Lucifer and Marax for obtaining higher level certification or a pact with Lucifer and Belial for promotions at work.

One client came to me for a travel spell to remove all those boring Covid obstacles in the journey. The client also wanted to be well protected.

So, regular clients want special services that only you offer, because they know that you can fix their problem.

In short, acquiring regular and good clients is a gradual process. I have mostly male clients and there is a special kind of chemistry with male clients.

I experience that male clients are very special. They can make a woman feel like a small girl from the first contact. But once they become my regular clients I feel very comfortable in our relationship.




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