Pacts with Lucifer and a dead Queen: the most powerful and dangerous pact








Demon Lucifer is described in the Grimorium Verum and this is his seal.
Demon Lucifer is described in the Grimorium Verum and this is his seal.


Pacts with Lucifer and a dead Queen or a dead King can land very powerful results that will shock. The involvement of the spirit of a dead Queen or a dead King adds a lot of power to financial pacts.

Such pacts are good for people in business, because the spirit of the dead Queen or a dead King will be thinking inside the head. But it is important to be able to handle such a power as a dead Queen or a dead King.

If you cannot handle the powers of a dead Queen or a dead King, then it is better to never summon such spirits. Such spirits are very dominant and once they are given the rulership over the subconscious mind, they will never leave.

After several years of a relationship with such a spirit, you will not understand who is who inside your mind. The spirit will not depart and it will crave that you summon it often for spells. The obstinate spirit will insist that you:

regard the spirit as a ruler (even a mother if the Queen was heartbroken after she bore dead children)

give it some important parts of your business to rule

summon the spirit often and entertain it

These spirits will give you very correct information about the different sections of the society. They will also help you to adjust the prices for your services and products.

I am together in a magickal relationship with a spirit of a dead woman who was very interested in the Occult. This spirit became very interested in me from our first ritual together.

It craved to meet me for obtaining a leading role in my spells, but I was afraid of the spirit, because this dead woman was known for her dominant powers to rule a whole country. The poor spirit begged me to summon it again and again.

At last I understood how happy spirits can become when they are given a chance to live again through a human being. This spirit was bored during 500 years, forgotten by everybody and very sad.

This first contact with such dormant spirits can be compared to the awakening of a mummy. Can you banish such a spirit? No, you have no powers to banish such powerful spirits from your subconscious.

But not all spirits want to cooperate. I had made a number of attempts to summon some spirits of dead people. For unknown reasons these spirits showed no interest in me.





Pacts with Lucifer:

why a dead Queen?


Summon a dead Queen and allow this spirit to live through you if:

you want to become very rich

you want to become very brave

you fear depending for money on a man

you will never accept poverty as your reality

you want to be in full control of your life





Pacts with Lucifer:

doll magick with

the dead


The involvement of dolls as the holders of the spirits of dead people is a dangerous form of magick, especially if you program the spirit to think certain thoughts.

Spirits enjoy participating in spells and this means that a spirit will be thinking instead of you. The spirit will switch off your thinking apparatus and think instead of you.

If you also add a doll of yourself and program the doll to think certain thoughts, the pact becomes even more dangerous. If you add Lucifer and his demons to this pact, the pact will become very powerful.

The spirit of the dead King or the dead Queen will be thinking inside your head and it will create a very scary situation for you by taking you straight forward to very rich people.

The pact will land shocking results for you. The results will be good (but very scary for the psyche to handle).





Pacts with Lucifer:

combinations of the



If your business is in a crisis, you can use several dolls as holders for the spirits of the dead. Each doll can be programmed with certain thoughts. The spirits of the dead will be on a mission to help you:

improve your business revenue

guide you and support you

protect you

There are some good combinations of the spirits of dead people:

a dead banker

a dead soldier

a dead King

But because the inflation is so high right now, fast results should not be expected. I also suggest experimenting with magick and asking the spirit of a dead banker to help you.

A dead banker will be a very useful spirit for people in these businesses:

real estate

finance and banks


marketing agencies





Pacts with Lucifer:

the truth


The dead are not dangerous spirits. But it is very important to have a good taste for spirits and give them joy. The dead do not suck the life force of living people.

The dead take charge of the subconscious mind and can guide a business in the right direction of survival. If you want your business to recover and survive, you can summon a dead person who knew:

all about business

all about taxes

all about different types of markets

But a word of caution here: if you are a male, do not summon female spirits. If you are a female, do not summon male spirits. All the spirits I have been dealing with want different things from me:

the dead Queen has almost “adopted” me

the dead soldier regards me as his girlfriend

the dead banker thinks I am his employee

All the spirits I deal with have been very kind to me. I would like to suggest that you form life long friendships with the spirits of dead people. Such relationships will continue even after your death.

Begin by inviting the dead and asking them if they want to have fun together with you. Present yourself and ask:

“Do you want to participate in my spells?”

The spirits will not answer right away. I have been given very good signs from the spirits. These signs confirmed that the spirits are sad and bored, and long after my love and fun together with me.





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