Halphas, the demon of warfare: a protection spell with ghosts









Necromantic magick and demon Halphas: a protection spell. I use graveyard dirt from a relative. I also summoned a dead German soldier from WW2.



Necromantic magick has endless variations and endless potential. Demon Sagatana from Grimoirium Verum teaches how to combine necromantic magick with demonic magick to create automatic protection devices.

This post will help you to create a Witch’s bottle with the seal of demon Halphas from Goetia. It was Sagatana who pointed out to me that Halphas is capable of commanding over the spirits of dead soldiers.

Sagatana has also revealed to me that demon Vepar from Goetia is a demon of protection. Vepar can help to direct dead Navy staff into a battle with your enemies.





Demon Halphas is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



Demon Halphas: Goetia


Halphas is the 38th spirit and he is ranked as an Earl. This spirit appears in the form of a Stock- Dove. His duty is to build up towers and to furnish them with ammunition and weapons, and to send men of war to appointed places.

He commands 26 legions of spirits.

Source: Goetia




Halphas: Pseudomonarchia Daemonum


Halphas is an Earl and he speaks with a hoarse voice. He builds up towns full of ammunition and weapons. He also sends men of war to appointed places.

Halphas rules 26 legions of spirits.


Source: Johann Weyer, Pseudomonarchia Daemonum




Halphas: your demon of protection



Demon Halphas is a commander and he can command armies of demons and armies of dead soldiers.



Demon Halphas is a demon of protection and he will build a fortress around your astral bodies. As soon as Halphas detects a curse that has been sent your way, he will direct his demons to your enemy.

Of course, you have to instruct Halphas to attack the one who sends you a curse. I also summon dead German war criminals from WW2 and instruct them to obey demon Halphas and follow his orders.

In particular, I trust one dead German soldier and he is very helpful. I am the lucky owner of his helmet and I summon this dead man very often for various tasks.

I heard him speak to me in different languages. He is capable of revealing the thoughts of other people. As a payment for his patronage, I sleep with the dead mans helmet (in my bed).

The spirit insisted that his helmet must be in my bed during nights and I agreed to this condition. I feel safe too, because I realise that I am sleeping with the remnants of a real soldier (the helmet was in the soldier’s grave).




Demon Murmur: Goetia



Demon Murmur is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



Murmur is the 54th spirit. He is a great duke and also an earl. He appears in the form of a warrior riding upon a Gryphon and he wears a ducal crown upon his head.

Murmur has company of his ministers. This spirit can teach you philosophy perfectly and he constrains the souls of the dead to appear before you to answer your questions.

Murmur rules over 30 legions of spirits.

Source: Goetia



During my rituals with Halphas and the dead German war criminals I also summon demon Murmur. Murmur helps to fetch these beings towards the ritual circle.




Demon Murmur: Pseudomonarchia Daemonum



Demon Murmur is even described in the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum. This is the seal of Murmur.



Murmur is a great duke and also an earl. He appears in the shape of a soldier riding upon a vulture. He wears a dukes crown on his head. He has company of his two ministers.

This spirit teaches philosophy and he also constrains the souls of the dead to come before the exorcist to answer questions. Murmur rules over 30 legions of spirits.

Source: Johann Weyer, Pseudomonarchia Daemonum




Demon Halphas: ritual timing



This is the Tree of Life.
This is the Tree of Life. The Earls of Goetia come from the area of Geburah (from the shell of Geburah, that is, from Golab).



Halphas is an Earl (comes from Golab). Murmur is both a Duke (comes from Harab- Serapel) and Earl (comes from Golab). This means that Murmur can be summoned together with Halphas during a Tuesday for a protection spell.

I use the correspondences of Geburah even for Golab (the shell of Geburah):

Ruling planet: Mars

Day: Tuesday

Astrological hour: Mars

Altar cloth colour: red

Candles: red, black or white (use white candles if you cannot obtain red or black candles)

Number in magick: 5 (5 candles for example)

Metal: iron (use a hammer or steel coins, because steel contains iron)

Herb/plant: tobacco

The best day to summon the Earls of Goetia is Tuesday. You can fine tune your magick by doing it during the astrological hour of Mars.

Summon Murmur and Halphas together during a Tuesday for a protection spell (if you plan to summon the dead). Use the correspondences of Geburah (Mars).




Demon Halphas: the spell ingredients


So, you will need:

a white or a black candle (paint with necromancy oil and roll in crushed garlic)

a red seal of Halphas

the seal of Murmur (I used a white seal)

a paper doll (it will represent you)

your blood

graveyard dirt from your relative

graveyard dirt from criminals or from dead soldiers

or war helmets and war badges

lots of salt, 7 metal nails, cloves, black peppers, garlic, black thread, tape

snake skin from a python (10 cm)

the spell (written on a sheet of paper)

aluminium foil

a glass jar with a screw lid




Demon Halphas: the ritual…do this…



A necromantic ritual with demons Murmur and Halphas from Goetia.
This is a necromantic ritual with demons Murmur and Halphas from Goetia.



Summon Lucifer, Murmur and Halphas. Summon the dead too. Explain what needs to be done: that Halphas is expected to protect you and also direct the spirits of the dead to the one who curses you (once the demon detects a curse on you).

Activate your doll and tell the doll that it is a mini representation of you. Pack the doll into the seal of Halphas. Secure this bundle with tape.

Spread the aluminium foil on your altar. Place a tablespoon of graveyard dirt on the surface of the aluminium foil. Place the seal of Halphas and your paper doll on the graveyard dirt.

Instruct Halphas and the dead that as soon as a curse hits you, Halphas should direct the dead soldiers and his demons to the sender of the curse.

Instruct the dead soldiers regarding their duties once they arrive to the sender of the curse. You can make a pact with the dead soldiers if you want.

Add the snake skin and pack the bundle. Pour in salt into the glass jar. Drop the aluminium package into the jar. Add the herbs and the nails.

Read your spell over the jar 3 time. Fold the paper scroll (with the written spell) and secure it with black thread. Drop this into the jar.

Pour in the rest of the salt into the jar to fill the jar to the brim. Cap the jar and never ever open it. Secure the lid to the jar with tape. Keep the jar in a safe place.




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