Amprodias and Set’s tunnel 11: a dream spell that warns about danger









Amprodias is a spirit who inhabits Set’s tunnel 11.


Amprodias is a spirit who lives in Set’s tunnel 11. This tunnel joins Thaumiel and Chaigidel. If you know the Tree of Life, well, then this is tunnel 11 that joins Kether and Chokmah.




Amprodias: Set’s tunnel 11



“This spirit grants precognitive dreams and knowledge of things secret. Amprodias holds the secret of the Qlippoth realm and its magic. This spirit grants the power of manifestation and amplification of magick.

This spirit is connected to issues of immortality. Amprodias helps with divination to see outcomes and has the capacity to manipulate thoughts, memories and the mind.

Amprodias can help with the power of suggestion, power over the mind and consciousness, remote viewing and to see anything in existence.

This spirit is good at the task of transporting energies from one place to another, distorting perception and reality. Symbolic messages are found here, in this tunnel.

Amprodias can help to reverse spells and situations, and to bring imbalance to anything. This spirit can aid you in sucking energy or knowledge from others, and also in wind magick.”

Source: Occult Research




Set’s tunnel 11: the correspondences


I took the correspondences for Set’s tunnel 11 from the book of Donald Kraig. The correspondences for path 11 that joins Kether and Chokmah can be used in magick with Amprodias.



This is the Tree of Life.
Path 11 joins Kether to Chokmah. Path 11 also joins Thaumiel to Chaigidel.



But I do not follow the correspondences strictly, because the ritual ingredients (correspondences for path 11) are almost impossible to obtain in Sweden.

According to Kraig, the correspondences for path 11 are:

Letter: א

Value: 1

Tarot: the Fool

King Scale colour: bright Pale Yellow

Animal: eagle

Plant: aspen

Gems: topaz and chalcedony

Scent: galbanum

I had none of these ritual ingredients. I used herbs and oils in my dream spell. After finishing the ritual, I placed the seal of Amprodias and the herbs into a dish.

The same seal and the same herbs can be used many times if you wish to repeat the spell everyday. This spell brings dreams that warn about eventual physical dangers.

This spell also exposes people with criminal mentality and their thoughts (Amprodias will deliver news). You will have to word the spell accordingly.


The importance of meditation



It is also very important to meditate at least 2 or 3 times per week. Meditation calms the mind and you will start to dream often.

If you have pets or infants who cry during nights, do some sleep spells to make them sleep like dead during nights. Demon Huictigaaras can help.

I have a phobic Rose breasted cockatoo and this bird is worse than an infant. I used to run to his room all nights long to cuddle him. Spells with Huictiigaras made my bird sleep.



This is the seal of demon Huictiigaras from Grimoirium Verum.


During some days I experience an immediate need to meditate. As soon as I sink into my meditation, I see my astral body rise by itself and walk all around my home.

My astral body sits on the sofa and gazes at the burning candles. As soon as I realise that my astral body has left my physical body without my permission, I call it back.

Meditation as a practice, develops your intuition and calms your mind. You will see visions during meditations and your sleep will become very peaceful and deep.




Amprodias: spell ingredients


So, you will need:

a tea candle (use rose oil on the tea candle)

the seal of Amprodias

oils for the seal: cinnamon, lavender, jasmine, mint and rose (dreams, psychic abilities)

herbs: Valerian, chamomile, lavender, rosemary, thyme, wormwood, yarrow, cinnamon sticks, anise and mint



The herbs are poured out on the seal of Amprodias.
The herbs are poured out on the seal of Amprodias.




My exploration of tunnel 11



I went into a deep meditation when I was doing the ritual and I fell asleep. My “journey” through the tunnel was very unpleasant.

I found myself sitting on a huge rock on a side of a highway tunnel. It was dark and wet inside. I was all alone among scary aliens and I saw huge green turtles crawl before me.

Amprodias is an Octopus and this spirit can crawl on hard surfaces with the help of the tentacles. I received no audible messages.




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