The money God Mammon: a simple money spell









The money God Mammon can help you manifest money. Have this seal in your wallet.



The money God Mammon is very helpful and you can call upon Mammon when you do money spells. Mammon is a demon, but actually he is an old pagan money God.




This is the seal of Lucifer (in Europe) from Grimorium Verum.



Now about the nature of Lucifer. He is considered to be a fallen Angel. Some people say that he is the Light Bringer, some say he does not exist, and some say that he is indeed the Devil.

I myself am of the opinion that Lucifer is the Latin name of a being who rebelled against God. Then he was expelled from paradise.

Moloch and Satan are two Gods who rule the highest Qlipha of Thamiel on the Tree of Death. It is believed that the name Satan originates from the Hebrew word Shaitan (most probably means adversary of God).

This being (Satan) is also mentioned in the Quran. In Arabic the name of Satan is Iblis, and Iblis is believed to be a jinn or an angel.

Now you know a little bit about the nature of demons, but todays post is about money magick with the demon Mammon. People call Mammon a demon, but Mammon is a Pagan God.

Do this spell when the moon is waxing and also during full moon.





You will need:



a white candle

money oil


Make money oil like this:



Pour in 2 or 3 tablespoons of dried and crushed mint into a large mug with olive oil. Add a magnet and 3 coins that stick to the magnet.

You have to do some experimentation with coins. Choose such coins that become attracted to the magnet. Say your spell over the oil 3 times. Its done.

Use this oil in your money magick, because mint attracts money powerfully. You can also add some cinnamon sticks and a whole nutmeg to this oil.

Store the oil in a cool dark place. No need to boil the oil, because olive oil will not smell bad after a while.







mint oil

the seal of Mammon

a blade (to cut your wrist)

money powder (cinnamon + nutmeg + parsley + basil)

paper money and coins




24 hours prior to the spell:



Place a layer of paper money on the table, cover with the seal of Mammon. Place your pentacle on the seal for charging and cover all this with another layer of paper money. Place the rest of the paper money and coins into the money powder too.





The ritual:



Apply the money oil to the candle and rub it with the money powder. Light the candle. Gaze at the seal of Mammon for a minute and begin calling forth the demon.

Continue calling out to Mammon. When the demon is there for you, give him your instructions. Place some drops of your blood and mint oil on the seal.

Place back your pentacle on the seal and pour out the money powder on the seal of Mammon. Raise power and give license to depart. Finish your ritual.

Go spread the money powder on all the carpets and rugs in your home. Don’t forget to pour some of the money powder into your shoes and bags. Fold the seal and store it in your wallet. Wear your pentacle every day and every night.





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