The 1st pentacle of Jupiter from the Key of Solomon



The 1st pentacle of Jupiter from the Key of Solomon.


I make my own versions of the pentacles from the Key of Solomon. The pentacles from this book work if you are able to understand the Hebrew text.

Because Hebrew is not my native language, I need to have a visual sigil of the entity I will summon during my ritual.

I prefer to draw out the seals of the entities I will be summoning during my ritual. How? I use the Hebrew letter wheel found the the book Golden Dawn (Israel Regardie).

My version of the first pentacle of Jupiter looks like this:


The 1st pentacle of Jupiter (Clavicula Salomonis).


This drawing consists of 5 parts:

the central disc with the characters of Jupiter

the seal of Parasiel

the seal of Netoniel

the seal of Tzedeqiah

the seal of Devachiah

I summon all four spirits during my ritual. Parasiel is the Lord of riches and he is a very good spirit. But of course, such money spells have to be done often if you want to reach your financial goals.



How to spell the names?


English: Parasiel

Hebrew: פּרסיאל


The seal of Parasiel.

English: Netoniel

Hebrew: נתוניאל


The seal of Netoniel.

English: Tzedeqiah

Hebrew: צדקיה


The seal of Tzedeqiah.

English: Devachiah

Hebrew: דוחיה


The seal of Devachiah.


I add the central disc to these four seals and combine everything into one drawing.


The 1st pentacle of Jupiter (central part).



The final version


The 1st pentacle of Jupiter from Clavicula Salomonis.


This model is very practical to use in spells, because I can look at the seals and summon the spirits. After the ritual, I fold the square with the first pentacle of Jupiter, and carry it in my purse.

The paper is thin and does not deform my purse, because I print out this pentacle on ordinary A4 format office paper.



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